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The Starry Tuskaninny's Wish
By Anjie

Celestial, the stars do gleam,
Like beacons in the night.
Casting sheen so luminous,
Such pallid, gentle light.

Beneath a million tiny lights,
Within a pool serene.
Floating on a lily pad,
She'll watch the vibrant scene.

A shooting star draws subtle gasp,
Surprised doth tail swish.
Eyes are closed, she draws a breath,
And makes a sacred wish.

To be as fair as starry sky,
To shine like evening's light.
To have all others envy her,
When form is glowing bright.

The zodiac doth twinkle down
And lights the waters dark.
Slowly starlight trails soft,
Where once was cold and stark.

The silver trail leads to her,
The water bathes her form.
Scintillating, gentle sheen,
And slowly, she'll transform.

No longer just a creature green,
But fair as starry sky.
Smile lingers as she rests,
And watches night drift by.

A Camouflaged Tuskaninny
By Brilliance109p

Gentle waves caress the shore
Of summer's passing days.
The bright and shameless sun above
Casts sparkles as we gaze.

The sea is almost sapphire blue,
The waves aquamarine,
The Mystery Island ocean is
A mottled, peaceful sheen.

But look, what stirs upon the rock
With long and slender tail?
With graceful flick it slips away
Beneath the rippled veil.

Beyond the surface of the sea
A Tuskaninny bathes,
Blue camouflage upon its back,
Blends within the waves.

His heartbeats perfectly in time,
He's at home where he belongs,
O, Tuskaninny, camouflage,
You and the sea are one.

Gentle waves caress the shore
Of summer's passing days.
A Tuskaninny basks in the sun,
Sparkling as we gaze.

Tuskaninny and Its Name
By Christmas_ice

The Tuskaninny, I'm sure you know,
Has a rather unusual name.
First a "tusk" and then a "ninny"
Makes it seem more like a joke.

Oh Ninny dear, don't you whine --
You have tusks made of iron!
The schoolyard children laugh and point,
And occasionally even poke.

The poor Tuskaninny has a loss for words,
And therefore he can't speak.
If only Neopia knew of their great
Loyalty and sweetness!

Take for example, the Tuskaninny's room:
It's the cleanest in the Neohome!
Trophies, brass weapons, and some pictures
All add up to extreme neatness.

I bid you well, Tuskaninny,
Of your species' title, have no shame!
I respect you for yourself,
And do not judge because of a name.

It was intended by nature,
Not by Sloth or Neopia.
I salute you well, Tuskaninny,
Happy for you to be part of this game!

By Jayo289

Atop a land that's covered in snow.
Everyone is under his spell.

Very brave to climb again.
Rocking on a cliff for all to see.

A most courageous Tuskaninny.
Eventually he will touch the sky.

Verges of the cliff are certainly icy.
Right now he could use a cup of tea.

And gravity he does defy.
Extra special sliding display.

Vowels and a consonant, now and then.
Rolling off the edge, with a wheeeee!

The Tuskaninny's Tale
By Ktkdk

I was sitting with some seafaring men,
Tuskaninnies, roughly hewn by the sea.
Each one told fantastic stories to me
Of the amazing places they had been.

One told a tale of Faerieland
Where Tuskaninnies have wings,
And after him two began to sing
Of a great ambush they planned.

There was one yarn I remember quite well.
It was much stranger than all of the rest.
The old sailor told of his travels west.
He had sailed until off the world he fell.

He sailed through the air for twenty-one nights
Until he finally hit foreign ground,
And when the Tuskaninny looked around
He was confused and amazed by the sight.

In the wondrous waters before him,
There seemed to be a young female,
But instead of legs, she had a strong tail.
Intrigued, closer to his ship she did swim.

It was then that he saw her bright green hair,
Which crowned a head with white-flecked skin,
And her arms, up close, looked more like fins.
At last he realised that she was not so rare.

She was a mere Tuskaninny child
Who had been painted with a Speckled Paint Brush,
And her long green hair that was so lush
Was simply a seaweed wig she had styled!

The Sketched Tuskaninny
By Lopop_1_1_1

Within the shallow depths of the sea,
The Tuskaninny swims,
Unaware of all around her,
Serene and undisturbed.

She swims, as if in a trance,
Though she is dreaming,
Dreaming of a world she hasn't seen,
A world she'll never touch.

Intrigued and disturbed by this thought,
The little Tuskaninny scans the landscape,
The coast is clear,
Her big escape pending.

She gives a little whinny,
And, mustering up her strength,
She pushes backward on her fins,
And, with surge of energy, is on the water's edge.

The view of the beach is beautiful,
With the palm trees rocking,
The coconuts falling,
And the soft pearl-white sand.

With her great escape successful,
She settles down to rest,
She lays her back on the soft sand
And looks up into the sunset.

For the first time in her life,
The little Tuskaninny sees the stars,
Glittering and shining,
Lighting up the treacherous night.

Those same stars led her to sleep,
The golden glare finally softening,
The lights of the universe,
Being switched off.

Tuskaninny Bedtime Story
By Penskii

Once upon a starless night,
A pet awoke with such a fright.
It pulled him from his comfy bed,
The nightmares that swirled inside of his head.
He tried to settled down again,
To go back into dreamless zen.
Yet he tossed and turned in tangled sheets,
Even thinking of games, toys, and treats.
His eyes opened and looked around,
Seeing a book upon the ground.
Up he sat, with book in his lap.
Stories would ease him back into his nap.
Tuskaninny Bedtime Stories the title read.
Ah, yes, this would help his head.
The first tale told of a simple game,
Played with cards, Cheat's the name.
And how a young pet so small,
Played the game and beat them all.
Tuskaninny goes by Little Timmy.
At the card table he didn't shimmy.
No, no tremor or shake would he,
When he held his cards for all to see.
Now he plays with the very best,
Takes out the amateurs and befriends the rest.
The whole story is very inspiring,
But our sleepless pet just isn't tiring.
The next story tells of the month of Collecting.
Many Islanders sat unsuspecting,
When in Year Five upon the shore
Washed a Tuskaninny not seen before.
Coloured in paint that looked like flame.
The fire in the sea, not known by name.
What followed was Tuskaninnies being painted fire.
A good tale, but our pet did not tire.
The next tale was a popular one,
Set in the heat of Sakhmet's sun.
Senator Palpus, known for decisions wise,
But was he a poisoner hidden in disguise?
Within the pages his charges were cleared.
Though his proposals ignored, his morals revered.
A yawn escaped the pet's lips,
As the page turned past his fingertips.
Princess Tuskaninny on faerie quest,
Tico Tems trying to play his best.
Each story with a piece of history,
Written out for pet to see.
By the end of the book he settled in bed,
Dreams of Tuskaninnies swam in his head.

Oh, Brave Simon the Tuskaninny!
By Soaringeagle25

The great Snowager's snore
Echoes like a thunderous roar.
Shaking the frigid Ice Caves air,
A warning to thieves -- "Beware!"

Snoozing on a pile of plushies,
Filled up with Terror Mountain slushies.
The Snowager, ignorant of who's passing by,
Neither cocks his head nor opens his eye.

It is Simon, the plushie Tuskaninny,
He is inching his way forward blindly.
With bated breath he pads silently,
For he doesn't want this to end violently.

Simon wants the last Negg for his collection,
But it's under the Snowager's protection.
Reaching out for the treasure pile,
He searches with a nervous smile.

But lo! The Snowager wakes with a start!
Simon jumps with a pounding heart
To a pile of plushies, here he could easily hide --
Simon quickly wriggles his way inside.

The Snowager sniffs for the one who creeps,
Finding nothing he soon falls back to sleep,
His icy breath creating cloudy billows,
As he snuggles on a plushie Tuskaninny pillow.

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