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Neopets Poems

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The Danger of the Deep
By Dragonstorm_75

Restless in the murky grottos,
Eyes agleam with fire,
Hidden in the deepest burrows,
Is a Neopet most dire!

Koi, Tyrannian in colour,
With scales like shining glass.
Though they are as sharp as briar,
They reflect like polished brass.

Their eyes do shine the deepest red,
And teeth are so pearly white.
Yellow horns upon their head,
My, they are quite a sight!

So beware when you do come here,
To this prehistoric world.
It's not that it is very queer,
With its sharpest vines unfurled.

The Koi awaits its meal.
'Tis a danger much too real.

Dark Koi
By Concertogreat_8

Soft shadows line the inside,
Like cotton they creep slowly,
Dark and sweet, across the walls they slide.

Deep underneath Maraquan waves,
In the quiet stillness of deep ocean,
Where lie the failed attempts of saves.

Coolness seeps inside the limestone,
Pebbles and shale gleam dully,
Shards like sun-bleached bone.

A dark shape swims near;
How often forgotten, deep underneath,
Villains, too, live here.

When up turns the fin,
The tail swishes, glides forward,
Cutting smoothly, turn hairpin.

This Koi's scales are dull,
Fatigue and planning have worn thin,
The waves work to falsely lull.

In the strange aquatic deep,
Hooded eyes have no lids,
The better to go without sleep.

Now, silence without a sound,
The cave is occupied once more,
Down to the floor sinks the sea hound.

Karpoh's Chase
By Icesmith

The streamlined waves of Maraqua deep,
He slips through, violent, driven by greed.
No distinct sound,
No being around,
His thirst for gold he does feed.

Karpoh's fins strike the sand below,
And in the uproar of dust he sees
A shimmer of gold.
He watches unfold
The sparkling gem he sees in his dreams.

Clenching it tightly, with all his might,
He lurches the hidden treasure from sand,
But what was that sound?
The Koi swiftly turns 'round,
To face teeth neatly lined, shining grand.

Yelping in fear and with newfound gold,
The Koi lunges away under Jetsam chase,
Each swift corner turn,
No freedom does he earn,
From the Jetsam following, little grace.

Teeth bite down harsh, narrow they miss,
Karpoh swims for his life to the shore.
The Jetsam is near,
And engulfed in fear,
The Koi does not scream anymore.

The pirates, his friends, seem unaware of pain,
And they peacefully wait for his return,
But as Karpoh arises,
With a bundle of surprises,
The following Jetsam brings them some concern!

Haunted (To a Ghost Koi)
By Larkspurlane

The dead water
laid still and dark as ever
on that night when we saw him.
First it was the ripples from an
invisible disturbance that danced
across the lake and lapsed into black.
Shadows mingled with darker shadows
under the surface, a fin split the water,
and softly, with a silver dripping, he
broke away from the lake -- a Koi,
a ghost Koi, swimming in rhythm
above his liquid home, floating,
pulsing his fins in a long
cadence while water
dripped in white circles and
disturbed the lake's mirror-stillness:
A splendidly finned spectre of a bygone
era, destined to haunt his watery home.

In Search of the Warrior Koi
By Animageous

Noxious gas and foul goo
seep from porous rocks and creep toward you --
the wreckage of this citadel
lays 'cross the floor like broken shell.

Recalling tales of loots and raids
the watery shadows shift, you grow afraid,
but now's not the time to lose your nerve,
so through the jagged cracks you swerve.
And all around these visions rise,
spectral Koi with glowing eyes,
urging you to leave this place,
but stubbornly will you swim (with haste!)

Past a crumbled tower's steps you glance,
a rush, a steely glint, perchance --
is this the one you came to find?
the warrior of your heart and mind?

Oh joy! That flash of orange fin!
You've found him, now you start to grin...
but does this mean you'll have to fight
this soldier of renowned might?

You never should have come this way,
you twist your tail and turn away.
You flip to the left, you scurry right,
you could ne'er withstand his might!

Then -- what's that shadow? Is that a claw?
Why, it is the fearsome Warrior Koi!
A sterner gaze you've never met,
he could never be a tamed pet!

With iron fists and armoured chest,
the strength of this great Koi would best
anyone who wished to seek
the treasures of Old Maraqua's deeps.

He chases you to the city's edge
and vanishes behind a ledge,
leaving you to turn and stare
in awe of what is lurking there.

And as you head back to land,
it seems you've yet to understand
what makes that Koi such a fierce protector
of that ruined city-spectre.

Guarding what? Or, guarding whom?
Methinks he keeps his secret well,
don't you?

A Festival of Koi
By Anjie

Fast the moment did approach,
The time has come, they say.
The grandest festival is here,
To celebrate Koi Day!

A thousand Koi will line the streets,
Maraqua will shut down.
Word will spread in ocean blue,
That festival's in town!

Gourmet treats shall soon be served,
A feast all shall enjoy.
Stacked upon a table high,
A cake shaped like a Koi!

Realms of water shall rejoice,
In every pool or lake.
Music shall find everyone,
And how those fins will shake!

A great parade beneath the waves,
And how we'll all rejoice!
An ode to Koi folk everywhere,
We'll sing in one strong voice.

In a line the Koi will dance,
And all can soon join in.
Throw your caution to the wind,
And find the Koi within!

Come Out, Koi!
By Rosabellk

Koi, Koi, why so coy?
There's so much that you could enjoy.
In fact, you're starting to annoy.
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, why so grim?
Come have fun; come take a swim.
Indulge yourself, your every whim.
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, why so sad?
If you leave your reef, then you'll be glad.
Enjoy the day; it's not that bad.
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, why so glum?
Don't stay inside, silent and mum.
Sing a song! Or at least hum!
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, there you go!
Come out the door; don't take it slow.
Join the parade! Go with the flow!
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, excellent!
I assure you, now you'll be content.
Take pride in this unique event.
Come out! Enjoy Koi Day!

Koi, Koi, you've now come out!
Come on, cry out now! Give a shout!
This is what it's all about.
You've ventured out! Now enjoy Koi Day!

Pearl of the Depths
By _Razcalz_

Widened eyes do scan the depths,
Fins guiding this Koi on.
Sparkling are the tiny scales,
Above, the rays of dawn.
Wavering kelp and shifting sand,
Serenity, the sea.
Energetic, darting Koi,
Beneath the ripples, free.

Sprightly Koi of azure scales,
Swishing her soft tail.

Decisive motion, Koi dives down,
Toward the ocean floor.
Lodged between a crevice wide
Is what she's searching for.
Oval shell, emerald hue,
Concealing pearl she craves...
Intricate, rough patterns swirl,
Mark of the passing waves.

Tiny sphere of lustrous sheen,
Encased by shell of green.

Firmly clamped, the brightest shell,
Dares playful Koi to try...
To pry apart the stubborn shield,
To take the treasure shy.
Alas, the blue Koi cannot claim
The pearl that within dwells:
No prod nor jab, nor prying fins,
Can coax the tight-shut shell.

As though locked, the rigid shell
Does serve its duty well.

Frustrated, the diving Koi
Now feels impatience swell.
She has no choice but to give up,
Takes long look at the shell.
"It's likely empty, anyway,"
she decides in mutter grim.
Poking shell one final time,
Jealously, off she swims.

Koi Day
By Sariphe

Sunlight glistens on the sea's rushing tide,
Fading slowly as the Koi dives deeper,
Wavery colours flow fast at her side,
Moving faster now, she swims much steeper,
Passing by the wrecks of a thousand ships,
The troves of treasure, ever glittering,
The weeds of the sea wave and dancing, dip,
See the creatures of the deep as they sing,
The Koi basks in blissful quiet ocean,
Seeing nothing but the light as it dims,
The whole of the sea in constant motion,
All the glistening of scales as Koi swim,
Boundless beauty in the shimmering deep,
Koi, wonderful secret the ocean keeps.

The Fancy of Koi
By Sheep_416

Parting sparkles and ribbons of deep azure waves,
Undistracted by water's harsh rushing brays,
Alert is his manner, intent is his gaze;
Such is the fancy of Koi.

Wave-tops bear proudly his delicate sails,
The sprinkling of sea-foam adorning his scales,
Ripples long-linger to tell of his trails;
Such is the fancy of Koi.

Pearlescent armour flaunts fantastic hues,
And, like shattered rainbows, embellish the blue.
Yet should the sun set? Oh! The moon would illume;
Such is the Fancy of Koi.

A beautiful sight! A wondrous accord
Of nature and creature inspiring such awe!
Should you be blessed so to witness, be sure,
Such is the fancy of Koi.

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