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Remember Tyrannia
By Precious_katuch14

How many years ago has it been?
How many fights has Tyrannia seen?
In my Furry Arm Chair I recline
And recall less peaceful times.

Monoceraptor, such a beastly thing!
Terrorised everyone, destroyed everything.
With my family I hid away;
In a faraway cave we stayed.

But we could not hide for long,
And it was time to sing a war song.
I took up my sword and shield
My fate as a soldier was sealed.

I bade my children goodbye
Reassured them, "I won't die."
Forces of evil I faced down
Chased them everywhere 'round.

Our hard work eventually paid off;
In victory we waved our blades aloft.
We endured losses, pain, and more,
(Amidst celebration, our joints were sore.)

How many years ago has it been?
How many fights has Tyrannia seen?
Children, take not freedom for granted,
For it was something we truly wanted.

Much has been lost for the greater good
For a safer, quieter neighbourhood.
Remember the Tyrannian Victory Day,
Remember the Tyrannia of yesterday.

Tyrannia's Tuneful Triumph!
By Tanyawebber

The victorious day has approached again fast,
Tyrannia's glory is celebrated at last.
The ticket booth has sold out once more,
The concert is ready: head on through the doors!

We've assembled for you a special delight,
A melodic wonder that's just for tonight.
One group of musicians that'll play and sing,
Pure entertainment galore -- forget everything!

Twisted Roses are here, rocking on their guitars,
Their screeching vocals reach above to the stars.
Jazzmosis are humming to their own blues beat,
Clicking their fingers and tapping their feet.

Yes Boy Ice Cream clap their way onto the stage,
Flashing rainbow lights in an almost rampage.
And who could forget those Sticks 'n' Stones?
Their rocking aura shudders down to my bones!

Gruundo and M*YNCI and more join them too,
Gather on one stage to commence singing to you.
Gasping that last breath and opening their eyes,
Their lullaby begins -- together, they harmonise:

"Oh Tyrannia, Tyrannia! How you comfort me!
Your rocky exterior simply fills me with glee!
Concerts are lively, yet games are so dull!
But that tasty omelette leaves me feeling so full!

Our celebrations are ending; the evening is nigh!
But we'll be back again next year to satisfy!
We'll resume the festivities in this joyous crowd!
Oh Tyrannia, again, how you've done us proud!"

Tyrannian Victory
By Concertogreat_8

Tales are told, they have spoken;
Yonder, recalls my grandmother, the drums,
Ringing out fearlessly, brash and loud.
Annihilate us not! The shouts and cries;
Never will we back away, or stand down,
Never will we give up, we are Tyrannians!
In us thrives the beat of Sticks 'n' Stones,
Apoplectic leaders urge us on,
Nothing will stand in our way; Tyrannia!

Victory is ours on this day of fate;
In our stories, we shall always recall,
Children will always be taught,
Tyrannia is home to victorious pets,
Orange, yellow, brown, our colours,
Red, dusty, on the cracking ground,
Yield not, march on, we are Tyrannians!

Tyrannian Victory... Omelette?
By Lily2b18

Today is a day of victory,
The day when Tyrannians all rejoice.
But it doesn't quite identify with me...
I celebrate it, but don't have a choice.
You see, I live on the big plateau,
And see rock concerts every day.
But still, I have yet to learn and know
What makes this day a great display.
I know the Elders like it greatly,
And I know that Plesio cracks a smile,
But all I really know is that lately,
The Omelette's been gone for quite a while.
So I head out and check to see what occurred,
And Sabre-X growled when I ventured near.
I snuck around back, not letting him deter
And soon discovered what I show you here.
It's large and it's yellow, but purple and green,
And red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, and brown,
It's black and it's white and all colours between,
Just a small portion of what's baking on the ground.
It's got icing and sprinkles and streamers all round,
It sparkles and shimmers, and smells oh so nice!
I'm sure that there will be more to be found,
Just don't let Sabre-X see you twice.

By _Blackmoons_

The sudden break of morning
Consumes the moonlit sky.
The stars fade to oblivion;
Kreludor passes by.
The sun peeks o'er the horizon,
And looks down to the plain,
Unaware that victory,
The end of one long tragedy,
The fighters' final destiny,
Is to be uncontained.


A battle cry is uttered,
Shattering morning peace.
Across the sand trumpeting sounds
Emerge from the brave fleet.
One stumbles to the ground
And staggers up once more,
With sunlight shining down on him,
Warming his cold fingers for him,
Encouraging and taunting him,
"Continue on to war!"


Then the warriors shout
Into the surprised ears
Of what had shoved the anger
Into their once-glad cheers.
They gladly merge on forward,
And remember why they fight,
For said the villagers, "Ugg!"
And they would reply, "Ugg!"
And they once more said, "Ugg!"
Into the near-gone night.


They battled strong and valiant,
Gave room for mercy none,
And swore to sweet Tyrannia,
The battle would be won.
They continued in mass numbers,
Too proud to close their eyes,
As that which had brought fear to them,
And that which had brought pain to them,
Had foolishly insulted them,
Was now amidst their cries!


And in the final hour,
The creature wasn't dead,
But too exhausted to go on,
Could barely lift its head.
So, tired of the weary fight,
While the soldiers went on,
With "Ugg!" for their nobility,
And "Ugg!" to show their bravery,
And "Ugg!" to last eternity,
The creature was then gone!


Rejoice was in the air that morn!
Tyrannia bathed in peace!
The warriors all danced a jig,
The villagers made a feast!
And though the names are forgotten,
When come the twelfth of May,
The "Ugg!" regains its victory,
The "Ugg!" born from eternity,
The "Ugg!" revives the memory,
On Tyrannian Victory Day!

Tyrannian Victory Day Anthem
By Unoffensive

It's the da-a-ay
When Tyrannians all cheer!
It's the da-a-ay
The most joyous time of year!
So break out the drums,
Bang bones on stretched skin,
Blow on the conch horn,
And ring the day in!
When festival comes
And no one's forlorn,
It's Tyrannian Victory Day!

It's the da-a-ay
When we won our greatest war!
It's the da-a-ay
Showed that mean 'Raptor what for!
Our heroes so brave
Put up a great fight.
On bone xylophone
Play an ode to their might!
Our heroes did save
us through courage alone,
It's Tyrannian Victory Day!

It's the da-a-ay,
Now we sit to feast!
It's the da-a-ay
On all manner of wild beast!
Eat with bare hands
And bare feet, maybe, too
Of Meat a la Twig
And Primordial Stew!
One day just demands
A banquet this big!
It's Tyrannian Victory Day!

It's the da-a-ay
When we throw on clothes of fur!
It's the da-a-ay
When we act like we once were!
Tie bones in our hair
And gnaw on raw meat
We grunt and we growl
Our chests we do beat!
For our old enemies
We silently prowl --
All foes now beware!
Now let out a howl
And cry 'Hip- hip- hooray!'
For Tyrannian Victory Day!

The Monoceraptor's Attack
By Jockylocky

My homeland is in trouble,
We need Defenders on the double.
A vicious beast has spawned here,
It's wrecking everything I once held dear.

The beast's black, his teeth sharp.
His voice is nothing like a harp.
His swishing tail, his angry roar,
Someone, quickly, lock the door.

His saliva's drooling down his chin,
Oh, someone please get him a napkin.
His feet are as large as my body,
And I just remembered I forgot about the laundry.

I black out for a moment, and then I am caught.
I'm in a chamber of thousands, I'm just a dot.
Insignificant, hopeless, and lost.
Yet I need to get out of here at all costs.

I hear a roar, my ears perk up.
And someone next to me just spilled their cup.
A Lupe had killed him, the Monoceraptor.
I am free from the beast who was once my captor.

My homeland is free!
I give thanks to thee.
Now I can get on my way,
And celebrate what is now Tyrannian Victory Day!

By Iloenchen

The Tyrannian Beast circles in the sky,
Beats its wings, dips up and down,
Watches as a shadow approaches,
Looks down at the empty town.

Pets have fled early this morning,
Stumbled, cried, left the town in a hurry,
Someone said the monster arrived now,
The information caused great worry.

Now the Monoceraptor is there,
A creature even larger than the Beast,
Which continues to circle in the sky,
Flies north and south and west and east.

It looks down as a single Lupe
Steps out from the shadow of a house,
Stands in front of the Monoceraptor,
Compared to it looks as small as a Miamouse.

The Beast's cry echoes over the plateau
The moment the Monoceraptor attacks;
The Lupe quickly jumps to the side,
Before he swings his giant battle axe.

The Beast is crying in the sky,
The Monoceraptor down on earth,
The battle axe soars through the air,
Fighting with all that it's worth.

The monster falls down to the ground,
The Beast is quiet in the sky,
Tyrannia has fought the invasion,
"Victory!" screams the Lupe's cry.

Tyrannia -- The Land of the Free!
By Looserphace

The dust has settled on the plateau above,
The jungle is once again quiet.
The enemies have fled, forfeited their ground.
The warriors stand tall, over is the riot.

The village is safe, though the land is scarred.
A toll has been taken, but we remain unbowed.
Our families are safe from those who cause harm,
Our future is secure, our forefathers proud.

Stand tall, noble champions, today is your day!
Let it be known, in dance and in song,
You shall be remembered for ages to come.
For it's you friends, who are strong.

Tyrannia -- The land of the free!
The beasts have not taken our pride,
Have not taken our land, our freedom, our sky.
In our hearts, independence is our guide.

For years to come, today is our day.
Monoceraptor did try, close he did come.
But there are some things that you can not take.
To your evil ways, never will Tyrannia succumb!

Kyruggi Remembers
By Anjie

The sun had burnt the plateau dry,
The wind had all but died.
The boulders cast a shadow long,
The grass was weak and dried.
Tyrannia was all but crushed,
We heard the mighty roar.
In terror were we called to arms,
Our realm was trapped in war.

For endless days and sleepless nights,
We battled side by side.
Foes on fields with weapons drawn,
In anger would collide.
Too much at stake to give it up,
Our ancient land could fall.
So to save Tyrannia,
We went and risked it all.

A beast born from a nightmare haze,
Lurched forward from the dark.
A monster born of pure wrath,
That final stage did spark.
Monoceraptor met defeat,
That beast we did abhor.
And I? I smiled, all was safe,
My realm at peace once more.

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