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By Iloenchen

Darkness surrounds him, by day and by night,
Somewhere in the maze of an old tomb;
Nobody is there to disturb his flight,
Nobody will watch him through passages zoom.

In Geraptiku, that's where he lives,
Where only few pets dare to explore,
Where darkness reigns forever and ever --
The darkness that he does adore.

Sometimes a lonely pet comes by
Carrying a torch of blinding light;
He usually watches them for a while
And then jumps out to give a fright.

Torches are dropped to the dusty floor,
Light flickers and then goes out.
The ghost Hissi smiles as he watches them
Leave his dark tomb with a shout.

He says he'll eat all those he sees,
Tells them he's been hungry for years,
But it really is just a small trick
He uses to raise the adventurers' fears.

Darkness is where he is at home,
Undisturbed by burning light;
The ghost Hissi lives in his tomb,
Lives there in eternal night.

Duet of the Mutant Hissi on Hissi Day
By Indulgences

We share one body, have two heads.
We welcome you to our duet.
We've spicy personalities.
Our hissing you won't soon forget.

Though one of us is left of fist
And right of body parts entwined,
The other has a mean right hook
And on her left is twin combined.

We long for craggy rocks and shores,
Grey skies that thunder evermore.
We snake along on scales so hard,
They safeguard us in times of war.

Our teeth are shiny, sharp to touch.
We've fists of steel and super strength.
We're winding, long and slithery.
We take advantage of our length.

This was our song, we mutant two
Who share one body, have two heads.
We have no fear of death or foe.
Our enemies are quick to dread!

The Hissi Thief
By Mamasimios

The Hissi thief does look quite stealth
With mask and gloves and rope and belt,
While beneath his camouflaging shirt
Muscles are coiled, aquiver, on the alert
For those who would espy him there,
Stalking his victims who are unaware
Of what dangers lurk within the shade
Or of the ice-cold blood in Hissi veins.

The Hissi thief moves without remorse,
No footprints to mark his cunning course.
No evidence will be left behind,
No fingerprints or clues of any kind,
But if he should be spotted there,
He'll unfold his wings and take to the air,
Adding his shadow to that of inky night,
Soundless shroud aloft in silent flight.

The Hissi thief dons his hood to hide
The luminosity of his emerald eyes,
But if you should happen to meet his stare
Don't mistake their light for friendship's flare.
He's cold and callous from fang to tail;
Your pleas for mercy are sure to fail.
No empathy is veiled 'neath the veneer
Of the Hissi's kit of thieving gear.

Slither on the Snow
By Anjie

Eerie winter, ice plateau,
Crystal glaze, sky blue.
Tiny droplets cast in stone,
Remains of frozen dew.
Coils firm in endless rings,
The serpent doth awake.
Slowly down the polar glaze,
Each tendril starts to snake.

Translucent coils coruscate,
Mere tinge of pallid hue.
Alabaster, crystal clear,
Contrasts with cobalt blue.
Azure gaze surveys the ice,
The glaciers surround.
Expanding 'til it levels out,
And snow doth grace the ground.

There the creature slithers forth,
Blends with the diamond ice.
Coils expand then retract,
Each motion so precise.
Serpent heads for level ground,
The form sways to and fro.
Seeking solace from the chill,
Beneath the powdered snow.

By Larkspurlane

They say there are two creatures
That live in that mute marshland
Near Neovia's village walls.
Two creatures identical, and always
Seen together, undulating through
The swamp's murk with their
Blunt-nosed reptilian heads
Barely above the surface,
Oozing in the murk amidst rotten reeds
And dead leaves, and swamp roots
That swell in the scum-paved pools
Bubbling lazily.

The marsh obscures truth as much
As its waters obscure vision -- for under
The bubbling whisper of the brooding swamp,
Those two reptilian heads are
Conjoined at the throat, and fuse
Into one powerful body,
Bound into one, never to be lonely,
As they blink fathomless eyes
And sink to the swamp's grim depths,
And contemplate whether two are one,
Or one are two,
Under the weight of marshy silence.

Mystical Hissi Knight
By Jayo289

Surrounded by a mystical glow,
It lights up the night's sky.
Is it magic, nobody is sure.
The wispy glow flies high.

Those eyes, they do pierce,
They can see through all.
Gleaming yellow like sun,
Intense as a fireball.

His green scales slither through
The grass here and there.
He hides in the foliage,
To avoid all despair.

The cape flutters quick,
Intertwining red and purple.
The wind pulls it back,
With an echoing yowl.

He comes, then he goes,
But why is he here?
His intentions are cloudy,
His motives are unclear.

But his armour is strong,
A win, he won't be denied.
With a will unmatched,
You'll want him on your side.

By _Razcalz_

Beneath the bed sits lonely box,
A cube of violet tone.
Firmly shut is square-shaped lid,
Its contents yet unknown.
Peeping from the box's front
Are yellow, narrowed eyes.
A shudder crawls as you stare back
At this ominous disguise.

Twitching now, the hinged lid,
With softest squeaking noise...
Apprehension never felt
With any other toys.
Another jerk, another thump,
Insistently, and firm.
Something wants to be let out...
The noises do confirm.

Dare you peek inside this box?
Who knows what you will find?
A zombie, ghost, a malformed blob?
Pets of the mutant kind?
But after all, it's just a toy,
That's what the label says, at least.
Face peering down, you flip the lid,
Thing within released...

You shout aloud as wide wings flare,
As out pops Hissi green,
Accompanied by loudest hiss,
Eyes glaring, fierce and mean.
Shakily, you close the lid,
Hissi dormant once more...
At least, you now know why this toy
Was left on shadowed floor.

Maraquan Hissi
By Pansyparkinson14

Behold, here comes a stunning sight:
A Maraquan Hissi while in flight,
Not through the sky but in the sea;
Graceful, flawless, and so free.

His movements are quite lithe and quick;
Darting faster than a clock can tick.
Thanks to his powerful, muscled fins,
In any race he surely wins.

While he swims, the sun imbues
His scales, which sparkle in such hues:
Blue, aqua, greenlike gems they flash,
Constantly changing with every splash.

To add to this beauty are frills that sway,
With any movement from twitch to flay.
Pink as coral, and pretty as one too,
To this feature compliments are due.

Finally are eyes that glow like yellow fire,
Constantly on the alert; they never tire,
To seek and avoid this Hissi's foes,
Which may try to cause him woes.

So relish well this lucky day,
A Maraquan Hissi you saw on his way.
As fast as an arrow shot from a bow:
Where is he headed? Who could know?

Cave Monster
By Concertogreat_8

Deep within a hidden lair
Sneaks a slithering serpent.
The hiss of air through the cave.

Dull scales shine blankly,
Roughened edges flicker,
In the dim candlelight.

The slightest hiss,
A flicking tongue, tasting,
The air whooshes through.

A damp silence descends,
Cold within the rocky bounds,
Stalactites dripping softly.

Footsteps resound dimly,
Tap-tapping in the silence,
What once stirred, quiet no longer.

Hooded, cold, and bright;
Red eyes gleam in the dark,
Polished rubies set in stone.
Oh, the monster that lives here,
The agonised cries, muffled,
Quenched in the shattered dark.

Hissi king, abandoned,
Slinking through the damp tunnel,
Brooding over what is lost.

The Two-Headed Hissi
By Lily2b18

They guard the den of the famed Ilere
One head there and one head here,
One says it's all good, no need to fear,
The other says run before shedding a tear.
One warns you of peril, with a face sincere,
One tells you of joy, face full of cheer.
The correct answer is never quite clear,
For both truth and lie in one package appear.

The heads spar and war to try to give you aid,
While not quite letting you into Ilere's glade.
They want to make sure that credit is paid
To the one who is lurking now in the shade.
The one head says on him the truth is displayed,
The other, confused, starts to feel betrayed.
You back away slowly, as it hasn't been made,
The effort to help you remain unafraid.

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