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Neopets Poems

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The Lone Lupe
By Dianacat777

Twilight casts a dark shadow,
Clouds veil the moon's wan silver light.
The air is still and somber here,
Another lonesome, quiet night.

Green eyes cut through long shadows,
Paws pad through the grass and dew.
Cloaked in fur of dark abyss
Stands still a shadow Lupe.

He raises his head and howls long,
Lupe's song, a cry to all,
A plea for a response, a friend.
Only wind answers his call.

He glances to the cloudy moon,
Shaded paws take silent flight,
And a single Lupe, unfaltering,
Dashes through the lonely night.

Ice Lupes on the Move
By Larkspurlane

The aurora borealis beckons
And the winter wind guides
The ice Lupe pack on its grand trek
Through a landscape of white.

They catch the low sun with their
Twelve translucent bodies
As its dying rays
Gleam their valiant last,
Every movement a burst into shine.

Light shimmers on all surfaces --
Ice pelt to ice paw,
Ice tail to ice maw
-- and rests nowhere.

A vision of white-blue gleaming,
A vision fit for dreaming --
A soliloquy of light twisted into song
With the beat of their run,
Under a cloud-piled sky,
Twelve fragments of sun.

The Luperus
By Mamasimios

Luperus, beastly three-headed fiend,
Three gnashing jaws with fangs agleam,
Six savage eyes with vision keen,
The bane of Chia children.

Chia parents warn their broods
That if they don't improve their moods
Or persist in contrary attitudes,
The Luperus will get them.

Naughty children go to bed
With ghoulish visions in their heads.
To fall asleep fills them with dread,
For in dreams Luperus prowls.

Stalking soft on silent paws,
Glinting flash of toothsome jaws,
From deep within three monstrous maws,
Rumble low and loathsome growls.

The Chia children try to flee
On frozen legs within their dreams.
Slow-motion movements, silent screams,
Only awakening is their saviour.

Does Luperus exist in the Haunted Woods,
Beyond the dreams of childhood?
Long have Chia parents understood
His effect on their children's behaviour.

No matter if the Luperus
Exists outside of fabled myth,
For to a child nothing is more concrete
Than that which hunts them while they sleep.

Robin Lupe
By Chirigami

My group of Neopets moving fast,
Every one strong from first to last.
Eager to taste the sweet victory,
That comes at the end of each story.

And look at you, staring at me;
What in Neopia would you would like to see?
Tales of heroes, destinies untold,
Watching as their talents unfold.

Onward we march, seeking great joys,
Hoping to take back our long-lost toys,
Our laughter, our courage, Neopoints galore,
and as we move forward, hear my mighty roar.

For I am Robin Lupe, the bravest in the land,
Just ask any in my merry band.
If you define greed, then I would watch my back,
Because as soon as you don't, I will surely attack.

Just Another Poem About Jeran
By Precious_katuch14

This is just another poem about Jeran
Made by just another over-eager fan
Who hangs posters of him on her wall
And about this Lupe knight knows all.

She knows that other poets long ago
Have written verses about this hero,
Meridell's great protector and legend --
To evil forces he will never bend.

Lost child turned squire for the king
And trained to excel in fighting.
Before Jeran, countless foes fall
As he saves the weak and the small.

Upon them Darigan waged war,
A citadel floating high and far.
But Jeran, ever brave and loyal,
Answered Meridell's distress call.

But his greatest victory would be
The day he once again did see
His sister, and they were reunited,
He and Lisha, relieved and elated.

The second war began against Lord Kass,
Who hypnotised Skarl with a dancing lass
And vowed to take Meridell once and for all,
Ready to break down each castle wall.

Sir Jeran dueled this villainous Eyrie
Atop the Citadel for everyone to see.
When our hero plummeted through the sky,
To the rescue, air faerie Psellia did fly.

Relieved were young Lisha and Meridell
For Jeran was all right, alive and well.
He would live to fight through storm and fire
As bards sing his tales with flute and lyre.

This is just another poem about Jeran
Made by just another over-eager fan
Who never tires of hearing his story
Of perseverance, courage, and glory.

Lost Desert Lupe
By Adragonlover5

The ebony mask conceals the features
Of the mysterious Lost Desert Lupe
Whose eyes of yellow seem to hold
Treasure troves of knowledge old.

His orange-tinted fur glistens with sweat
As he lopes east 'cross the desert expanse
While the silk cloth of his headdress
Flaps behind, flinging dust toward the west.

Heaven's golden eye of fire
Throws light onto his shining decoration.
His bands and necklaces sparkle and glint
As does his cloth-of-gold skirt, fit for a prince.

He stops running, tired, panting
In the sharp dry heat. He looks up,
Finds himself at an oasis, cool and calm
With perfect clear water and many a date palm.

Our young Lupe takes a drink, resting for now,
Until his strong, lithe limbs regain their energy.
And then, once again, he will sprint toward the east
Knowing not where he's headed, not in the least.

Rejuvenated by the pool's sweet liquid,
The Lost Desert Lupe pauses a moment in thought.
The sun sets on the horizon, bathing him in shadows.
What will become of him now? Well, who knows?

By Iloenchen

The Lupe sits and rests for a while,
Exhausted from the longest climb
She has ever done in her life
To get on top of a mountain in time.

Waves crash in the abyss below her,
White foam dances on top of waves.
A game of nature that takes place there
The pets are only the power's slaves.

"Let's go," says the Lupe and stands up,
She does not wait for her Techo friend;
Instead she takes her board and jumps,
Down in the ravine she does descend.

Waves roar like thunder as they roll,
Yet Cassile is not afraid,
She laughs as water sprays on her,
Easily glides down the cascade.

Like a goddess she might look
To a spectator watching her,
Left and right and then a jump,
And then she disappears in a blur.

Water is her favourite element,
Only few can match her skills
When she stands on her surfboard
And rushes down Shenkuu's hills.

We Have a Loser!
By Lily2b18

I come by your stand, time and time again,
Just to see if I'll toss the Mootix the right way.
I don't, and alas, I shall never know when,
Will come that fun, happy day.

That day will bring riches and spoils to delight,
It will bring fame, not the often misery,
That overwhelms every day and all night,
With that gold star, you haunt me.

It's not nice, not at all, it's quite up in the air,
Those six little stars I never shall claim,
For in your little stand in the little old fair,
Everyone has horrible aim.

Or is it just luck, as others would say?
"Your day will come, just not yet"?
Is it you, dear old Harker, who's leading the way
To the star, for us to get?

We shall never know, and we shall never win,
Not even one single Neopets user,
For every try just leads to your grin
As you proclaim, "We have a loser!"

By Rosabellk

Reginald, Reginald, erudite Lupe,
You're always eclipsed by your siblings.
It seems like you're always just out of the loop;
No one pays heed to your scribblings.
A voracious reader, and writer as well,
You always are left in the dust.
And when your town fell under Krawley's spell,
Further out of the light you were thrust.
Ask any Neopian, "Name Gilly's friends,"
And they'll reply, "Easy enough.
There's Bruno and Sophie." That's where it ends.
Reginald's brushed off the cuff.
But don't worry, Reginald, I'll sing your praises;
You'll get the spotlight you deserve.
Your story is epic; in fact, it amazes.
You had the guts and the nerve
To make Sophie hidden, kept safe with Ilere.
You were the key to her life.
You could have turned tail, been stricken with fear.
Instead, you stood up to the strife.
And then, once your brother had been chased away,
And the townsfolk had all gone insane,
You served as a leader, kept tempers at bay;
Their madness you tried to constrain.
So stand tall, dear Reginald! Show off some pride!
Don't be left out of the heroes' group!
You did your part; you took it in stride.
You're truly an outstanding Lupe.

Luna the Lupe
By Anjie

"I don't believe in faerie folk,"
Was Luna's standard cry,
"Or Jelly World, or Meepit gangs,
Or Skeiths able to fly."
Her friends would laugh away the claim,
But Luna did stand clear.
"I don't believe they fly along,
Grant wishes, disappear."

One evening windy did she walk,
A loyal friend at side.
Serene the woods with autumn tones,
As summer did subside.
The Lupes did speak of many things,
As walking through the mist,
Of faerie folk and other things,
That surely don't exist.

A molten glow caught Luna's gaze,
Amongst the emerald green.
She wandered over, eyes so bright,
A bottle could be seen.
Within the silk of Luna's paw,
The bottle bright was wrapped.
Within, the cause of golden sheen,
A light faerie was trapped!

No longer could she not believe,
The proof before her eyes.
Uncorked the glass, the faerie free
Into the air did rise.
Few know how faerie paid them back,
What magic she did weave.
But from that day, the Lupe would say,
"In faeries, I believe!"

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