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A Note from the Poetry Judge: Due to popular demand, here's a special NeoQuest II-themed Poetry Gallery! Enjoy!

Lost in the Dark Cave
By Anjie

The memory of mother's hearth
Seemed bright in light of day.
Here within the dank and dim,
All joy is drained away.
Here where tunnels wind and weave,
I clutch my sword of steel.
Hearing voices in the dark
That shadows do conceal.

Cave Lupes spring without a sound
And battle to the end.
Here the lantern light grows dim,
And instinct is my friend.
Without a sound they pounce in rage,
To meet my swinging sword.
Keeping me from light of day,
That I must trek toward.

Skeletal, the laughing frames,
Of those from ages past.
Miners who should be mere dust
Are wicked, coming fast.
Spyders dangle from their webs
To trap me in this place.
No greater fear could hero have,
Than staying in dark space.

A final foe, a foreman waits,
A spirit, born of hate.
We fight a battle in the dark,
Determine final fate.
The phantom fades, the cave grows still,
All once again is right.
Sword is sheathed I take a breath,
And step into the light.

Living in Neoquest
By Icesmith

The computer fazes, uncontrollable spurts,
Energy untouched, yet it then converts,
And with a gaze, you believe you saw,
Meridell? Maraqua? Even Altador?

Of course it can't be, this station has been left,
All Virtupets tools untouched, not one single theft,
Yet just now you saw within a magical land,
Of power, melancholy, adventure so grand.

But what could it be? This simulator thing,
No sound, no movement, no beep, no ring,
Yet it fuzzes again, this time much clearer,
As, uncontrollably, it beckons you nearer.

A sense of excitement rushes your veins,
As you gaze on the new image of endless plains,
Of Bearogs and Lupes and wondrous knights,
A collection of beauty flickers in lights.

And with no more waiting, you flip the switch,
And a magical aroma entangles in a glitch,
And before you know it, your eyes open wide,
And now in Neoquest you truly reside.

Walking, Clicking
By Iloenchen

Walking, clicking, clicking, fighting,
Through the worlds of Neoquest II.
Five are there that you need to cross,
Different countries that you walk through.

Walking, clicking, clicking, fighting,
Have you walked past this tree before?
How do you know where you are now
In the world that you explore?

Walking, clicking, clicking, fighting,
Looks like you have gotten lost,
Don't know where you even came from,
If you turned right or left last.

Walking, clicking, clicking, fighting
In this endless Neoquest game.
If you ever make it through,
You will be showered with fame.

Walking, clicking, clicking, fighting,
You see a staircase ahead,
Looks like you finally made it
And can leave the maze of dread.

Happy Fun Non-Haunted Poem
By Imogenweasley

The Haunted Woods is no walk in the park;
Adrenaline is high, adventurers are on their toes.
Our heroes are aware of what they chose to embark.
No turning back, they must defeat their foes.

Then, something unexpected comes within sight,
A tree unlike others, wearing a bright smile.
The faces of our travellers cheer up with delight.
Suddenly, nothing around them is any more hostile.

The magical atmosphere makes them want to dance,
Surrounded by flowers, who could ever be sad?
They soon frolic, forgetting their battle stance.
In a beautiful place, how could they not be glad?

Talinia, Rohane, Velm, Mipsy, and even Balthazar,
All feel so happy, it makes their hearts swell.
Anyone who saw them would surely find it bizarre!
What they don't know is they're under a spell.

Four faeries cackle thinking victory is theirs,
No one to ruin their Happy Fun Non-Haunted place.
But Rohane hears and for a battle prepares,
The whole team has an encounter to face.

It's a bittersweet victory, good prevails again.
But the NeoQuest heroes won't soon forget
The smile from a tree that helped ease their pain,
And faded with the best place they'd been to yet.

Neoquesting Across Neopia
By Inkedupchick

Rohane! Run in the wilderness with your sword,
Over the plains and over the hills.
Hunt down and defeat the galloping horde,
And smite those Lupes with your fighting skills.
Never give up, never give in,
Evil will not triumph, good will win.

Meet our little heroine, Mipsy is her name,
In the Lost Desert is where we shall meet.
Players will rejoice when she joins our game,
She will not give up, never reach defeat.
You and I know she is headed for fame.

Terror Mountain snow, as cold as ice.
An archer named Talinia shelters in an inn,
Look! An archer for our team! How very nice!
Intrigued she says, "Let our fun begin!"
No enemy can withstand her Triple Nock,
Instinct takes over, her sights set on the win.
And if you are unlucky it will knock off your block!

Victory is near, with Rohane at the helm,
Enter our next hero, a Techo named Velm!
Leading us in battle with the power to heal,
Many battles won, Neopia's fate they shall seal.

White River
By Jayo289

"Welcome to White River,"
Jeltharo says, devoid of a smile. "The bridge had disappeared. Everyone is aghast."
His expression asks you to stay for quite a while,
"A wizard attacked, a spell he did cast."

He seems very wise, a real trustworthy Ixi,
Agreeing to help has him laugh with excitement.
"Thank goodness for that," he announces with glee.
"Nobody has ever been quite so gallant."

After hours of searching you find that magician,
High up in a tower with a magical property.
He proudly announces that he won't be beaten,
"But now you must face my ultimate fury."

He is named Zombom, but don't ever laugh,
His name does no justice to the power he has.
"I will destroy you all on behalf
Of that White River, with all my pizzazz."

But his power does not quite compare
To the sword of a hero on a mission of aid.
He falls to the ground but manages to declare:
"I never... should have... Adelan... I betrayed."

Back to White River, the bridge has returned,
Jeltharo assures that there will be great fame.
"I'm glad that you're back; I was so concerned,
But nevertheless I'm so glad that you came."

The Miner Ghost
By Kattrish

Deep below the abandoned mine,
past the tracks that cease to shine,
he searches for the fabled gold,
his forsaken tale never told.

Miner Ghost, forever there,
his spirit restless, in deep despair,
dreams to be free from the endless cave,
to flee from shackles that enslaved.

Time goes on, ticking past,
and Miner's hope dwindled fast.

He sought to run from Foreman's gaze
to the outside world's gentle rays,
yet all is but a merry dream
in realm where Foreman reigns supreme.

Time goes on, ticking past,
and Miner's hope dwindled fast.

Then one day, he heard a sound,
a different shaking of the ground,
as a light from darkness, he came
Rohane with courage set aflame.

Miner Ghost then stepped away
to let hero pass, for him to slay
tyrant Foreman's tormented heart
that kept him and freedom far apart.

Time goes on, ticking past,
and Miner's soul was free at last.

Righteous Fury
By Kittengriffin

Righteous fury roars through the sky.
With deep red hands and golden eyes,
Robes woven of blue and silver cloth,
A healer isn't someone you want wroth.

Righteous fury roars through the air.
It blasts toward a Draik, giving a scare,
To that lord, that king who is falling,
To the might of a peasant lordling.

Righteous fury roars through the body.
A healer's tasks in battle are so many,
Patching the body of his friends so they
May rise to fight again another day.

Righteous fury roars through the staff,
Created from an ancient healer's wrath,
Held safe until the healer Velm came
To end a mighty Draik's tyrannical reign.

Righteous fury roars through the world.
A Draik kind comes down and is hurled
Into a wall made of magic and stone,
Built eons ago, its style stands alone.

Righteous fury roars through the group.
Gathered around the fallen king in coup,
A yellow Blumaroo raises sword high,
And lets it fall -- no more will Terask fly.

Righteous fury roars no more.
Its task is done, as is the war.

By Larkspurlane

The lost city of Phorofor --
Walls of compressed dust
Mapped into a series of
Concentric squares, engraved here and there
With the etching of glyphs
Whose meanings have long faded,
Failed meanings, failed myths.

There lingers a ghost amidst
Phorofor's crumbling walls,
Who guards the entrance to its gates
With sandstone, with fear --
The Withered Ghost, a vision
Frightening enough to set the pulse racing,
Stubborn enough to frustrate:
"None shall enter who know not the key"
Has been his refrain for twice eternity.

And against those unable to find
The implement the ghostly lock requires,
The Withered Ghost guards the place --
Guards it until the day
The city of Phorofor is washed by lightning,
Until the heavens ring with thunder
And the dust turns to clay
And his sandblocks wash away --
He guards it until his withered tongue
In his desiccated, ghostly head,
Has its first taste of cleansing rain.

His Father's Sword
By Lily2b18

It is
Sharp, it
Is long, it
Is pointy
And it can
Do much
Harm. Do
Not go by
When you
Can hear the
Crash of war,
As that yellow
Along with
His father's
Blade will slice down the enemy. Don't be afraid,
However. That Blumaroo fights with honour
And he fights for the
Good guys. So when
You hear the sounds of
Battle, you know that
The Blumaroo will
Make good.

Terask's Darkest Hour
By Precious_katuch14

You've fled from them once,
You've survived the fight.
How long can you last
Against the foursome's might?

Terask, ambitious king,
Usurped the Faerieland throne,
Imprisoned Queen Fyora,
Made the crown your own.

With unpleasant hordes
At your command,
How long can you hold
Beautiful Faerieland?

Do you fear them, Terask?
Fear the adventurers four
Who boldly march up
And knock on your door?

Forces of goodwill find you.
You shall bow to the blade.
For vanquishing evil
Rohane's sword was made.

Talinia fires her bow,
Her arrows fly true.
She and they seek
To rid Faerieland of you.

Mipsy and Velm together,
Their magics burn bright
To aid their comrades,
To end Faerieland's plight.

Your armies have fallen,
No longer do they stand.
They won't protect you
Or your fortress grand.

Terask, you face them alone,
This is your darkest hour.
Now you will regret the day
You underestimated their power.

Weaklings they are not,
Heroes and heroines they are.
Friends travelling together,
They have come from afar.

Your reign shall come to an end,
Terask, you have lost the war.
You have risen; now you will fall
For this is truly your darkest hour.

Ramtor's Spellbook
By Rosabellk

Ramtor's Spellbook sits before me
on a pedestal.
I walk up to it warily,
and take a closer look.
Its blue and yellow cover gleams,
merciless and cruel.
I reach a hand out, hesitant,
and touch the cursed book
That once was held in Ramtor's hand,
evil tyrant Bruce.
I shudder as I feel the power
that it holds within.
My throat is tight, as if it were
entangled by a noose
And suddenly I feel the goosebumps
prickling my skin.
I draw back, shaken by the feeling
something is amiss;
But then I contemplate the power
that will soon be mine
And put my hand back; now I've fallen
into the abyss.
I feel the Spellbook's dark influence
to my very spine.
I open up the sinister,
manipulative tome
And read aloud an incantation,
cryptic and arcane.
The ancient power flows to me,
my body its new home;
Iniquity and wickedness now
permeate my brain.
I laugh aloud and quickly start
to read another spell.
It's almost like my body is
no longer quite my own.
A sliver of me knows within
that this cannot end well,
But far too late; the book now has me
to the very bone.
And so another Ramtor rises,
eviler than the first.
All that I considered dear,
devoured by the morning.
So now I am the tyrant, by the
evil Spellbook cursed;
To those who read it, take this poem
as a dire warning.

Rohane's Sword
By Sariphe

The glittering blade of burning light shines,
In the hands of a hero who sets forth.
The hilt in his hands is strong and so fine.
Finding company and travelling north,
But hidden deep within his sword there lies
The mem'ry of he who wielded it once.
Raging monsters this memory defies,
Watching the enemies his son confronts,
The father lies waiting in metal tomb,
For the final battle his son will fight,
When he appears in the fray and consumes.
Having fought fiercely he'll vanish from sight,
Yet his memory lingers, the mighty lord,
Grey-eyed and metal-skinned in Rohane's sword.

A Mother's Worry
By Tanyawebber

My dearest son: so close to me, yet so far.
Always, I wonder whom you're with, where you are.
Mother's worry is a blinding, sorrowful case,
It starves me day by day, forgetting your face.

Have you forgotten me? Why don't you write?
The images of you, standing brave in a fight
Fill my mind like a bowl, overflowing with grief,
Just a sign of existence would give some relief.

Remnants of the fateful day we were forced apart
Lay broken on the floor of my longing heart.
I miss you, my darling: come back home one day,
Still in one piece, smiling a casual 'hey.'

When you enter our home with your childlike grace,
We'll wipe away tears and form a loving embrace.
I'll forgive you for leaving, my silly young child,
Since you will be here with me, caring yet wild.

We'll be reunited, and dance under the moon.
Rohane, take care now: I'll meet you again soon.

Awakening Potion
By Yoyote

Several times on their arduous quest,
Our Neoquest II heroes are put to the test.
When demonic Grarrls attack and smash,
And Mipsy falters with a last wand-flash.
When within the snow-filled, brutal caves,
The adventurers fight past frozen graves.
When atop the lustrous, vicious cliff,
Talinia's ranger's hand grows stiff.
When across the burning desert sands,
Our heroes encounter foes in bands.
When inside the age-old, dusty tomb,
Velm's staff falls down with a ringing boom.
When within the Haunted Woods so deep,
A mesmerising spell traps Rohane in sleep.
When among the slimy growths of the swamp,
Treacherous creatures creep and stomp.
When upon a gleaming Faerieland cloud,
The adventurers chase the Faerie Thief proud.
When faced with the great usurper at last,
Our heroes hold on to their convictions fast.
But whenever, wherever danger hits,
The group stays strong and keeps its wits.
And the Awakening Potion is always there
To rouse a fallen hero from despair.
One drop, two drops, three drops, four,
And Mipsy will bravely rise once more.

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