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The Cybunnies Have Arrived!
By Anjie

The clock is watched most anxiously,
The crowds seem eager too.
Whispering, the rumours out,
The news is breaking through.
"Are they coming? Is it real?"
The hopeful voices chime.
Then suddenly chaos breaks lose,
As someone screams... "It's time!"
To the Pound the owners rush,
Their eyes with frenzied glow.
Eager to take home a pet,
As soon as numbers grow.

Cybunnies do seem the cause
Of madness on this day.
When shops are silent, games are still,
No one is there to play.
Instead everyone waits and watches
The boards with eager eye.
Until one moment someone posts,
"They're here, now run and try!"
In seconds merry owners grin
With Cybunnies of their own,
While those who missed must sit and wait
With loud, disgruntled groans.

It's not to say that other pets
Can't cause such frenzied glee.
But something seems to drive us mad
When Cybunnies are for free.
It might be ears that tumble forth
And hide the tiny nose.
It might be feet so long and lean,
But really? No one knows.
So sit back on this merry day,
And keep the boards in sight.
For when the signal is called out,
My friend, you take to flight!

The Cybunny Declares
By _Razcalz_

Lazy breezes, field of green,
Lone figure on the grass.
Cybunny shouting angrily,
His loudness unsurpassed.
Long ears twitching, stomping paws,
Fluffy tail does jerk.
You wander closer, listening,
To see what caused this quirk.

"I'm tired of the faulty facts!"
Small white pet shouts out loud.
"Cybunnies don't just eat carrots!
Stop list'ning to the crowd."
You arch your eyebrows, frowning now,
Restraining urge to yawn.
Ridiculous, the poor pet looks,
But you listen on.

"What is with these items? Hmm?
Cybunny Carrot Hat?
Some of us don't LIKE carrots,
What do you say to that?"
You wonder if he's done at last,
Alas, there're more to come.
"Surely we like onions, too,
Sauteed with garlic? Yum!"

Wordlessly, you stare at him,
Unsure of what to say.
This Cybunny's nuts, of course,
And just a tad cliche.
Unfortunately, he seems to
Have one last line for you.
"And now, if you will excuse me,
I'm off to have some carrot stew..."

Karina, with Fur Fair
By Penskii

Who has the fairest fur in the land?
Fire Cybunny or faerie grand?
In competition, both line up,
Awaiting their chance to claim the cup.
Next to them rests Cybunny blue,
A pet whose name nobody knew.
She stood proud next to the rest,
Wanting fun, not to be the best.
The other Cybunnies glanced her way,
Glares replaced words too bad to say.
'What's she doing here?' faerie thought.
'Does she think herself better? She's not.'
Fire Cybunny thought a bit too,
Why should such a prize go to Cybunny blue?
What was so special about this Cybunny?
If this was a joke, it just wasn't funny.
Meanwhile the girl remained tall and proud,
Even teased, she smiled at the crowd.
Blue Cybunny was just enjoying the fair,
It was all fun and games, that's why she was there.
Suddenly, to the shock of the rest,
The blue Cybunny was announced the best.
And then the crowd rose from their chairs,
And applauded the Cybunny with the prettiest hair.
Faerie and fire believed it to be lies.
How could such a plain girl win that prize?
But no, no, it was true.
There was nothing fire or faerie could do.
Next time, instead of a sour disposition,
They'll have some fun and enjoy the competition!

The White Cybunny
By Larkspurlane

She is invisible, almost,
In the high-piled snowdrifts,
Save for her tell-tale ear tips
And the delicate pink ruff.

Light hops take her from drift to new snowdrift,
A river of white cloud to play upon.
Some think winter the bare boned-season,
But she knows otherwise:
Winter is the story of white,
Of silence, the hush,
Of leafless trees slowly forgetting
The loud rustle of summer.

Winter is the story of snow,
The generous element that lets
Her small hopping steps pass
And fills the footprints up behind her
To leave the world exactly as it was.

A Lucky Encounter
By Pansyparkinson14

Venturing forth to Terror Mountain,
You boldly pursue what you seek:
An elusive, pristine Cybunny,
Who are sometimes rather meek.

They're rare creatures, you've heard,
But their grace and beauty call:
Your desire to find one has
You climbing up an icy wall.

Terror Mountain is harsh,
And the cruel winds bite at your nose,
You fear you'll never meet one,
Which adds greatly to your woes.

Your will to find that rare Neopet,
Is greater than your physical might:
You stumble, stagger, and then fall,
With no one around to see your plight.

You nurse your sprained ankle woefully,
Your body sprawled on that freezing glade,
When you hear a rustle -- a hopeful noise:
Has someone finally come to your aid?
A pair of long ears and friendly eyes appear;
A kind paw is offered to help you to your feet,
And your frown quickly changes into a broad smile:
It's a Cybunny you've been lucky enough to meet!

Lucie, Darling
By Tanyawebber

Lucie, darling: we're going away,
On vacation, what a surprise!
Just one condition: don't bring your toys,
Oh, wipe those teary eyes!

Lucie, darling: how many times?
Do I need to ask once more?
Please put your Usukis back in the box,
Instead of scattering them on the floor.

Lucie, darling: don't get upset,
You'll have joyous fun abound!
There are friends to meet, things to do,
Your toys'll be safe and sound.

Lucie, darling: put that down,
That's a Disco Aisha Plushie!
Do you realise how much that cost?
You're one pushy little Cybunny!

Lucie, darling: don't be silly,
There's no need to be so hateful.
Don't rip your dolls or throw them,
Just be a little grateful.

Lucie, darling: when will you see
There's more to life than dolls?
Your obsession with toys and plushies
Is being to take its toll.

Lucie, darling: it's time to go,
Stop playing with your toys!
You'll have more fun on holiday,
So let's leave now, and enjoy.

A Cybunny's Ode to the Carrot Cake
By Zuziafruzia

Crunchy, creamy carrot cake,
Oh, how I love you as much as a Cybunny can!
I've dreamt of you ever since daybreak.
No Cybunny can be a greater fan.

Your vegetabley goodness,
Your sweet, velvety filling,
Which has ever the right amount of moistness,
Has given me the most happiest of feelings!

Your presence gives me solace
From the harsh winter months I've seen.
You've enchanted me with some hocus pocus,
A sort of magic uncommon to an April scene.

My fluffy ears, my thick white fur,
They need some ample nourishment.
You'd serve, not as food, but ambrosia, for sure.
But I am met with a sort of ailment.

If I eat you, my strength will return.
I'll be able to leap and hop for a while.
You, on the other hand, will hear your last nocturne.
And my love for you won't permit an act so vile.

But an even worse fate will beset you
If you are left out in the Cybunny Carnival's sun.
So, I must bid you a most heartfelt adieu,
I must consume you, my only carroty one.

Erick the Wise and Powerful (and Mad)
By Mamasimios

Trapped within the Temple of Roo,
An aging wizard, powerful and wise,
Awaits the help of a questing hero --
But like the clouded gem, madness dims his eyes.

Daft and batty, loony, mad,
No matter how it's stated,
Erick mutters, acts quite nutters,
While the hero is awaited.

You enter the temple from the desert
And negotiate the maze,
Run into the frenzied Cybunny --
Right off you note he's crazed.

He speaks of carved oaken staffs
And the lost Jewels of Power.
He requests an ancient artefact
To aid in his departure.

You give to him your clouded gem,
The only jewel in your possession,
With a wave of his hand and a muttered chant,
It converts to the object of his obsession.
And so you leave with the Coruscating Gem
To continue your adventure
With a wish that the wise Cybunny wizard
Will soon be released from his dementia.

Sasha the Dancer
By Precious_katuch14

Once upon a time in a village small
Lived a Cybunny, Sasha is her name.
With her tambourine, dancing with her all,
Dancing not for gold, or riches, or fame.

Howling tempests came and destroyed the town
Before its great festival could begin.
But despite everything getting knocked down,
No storm could wipe away young Sasha's grin.

She shared her talents and made children smile
Despite devastation wrought by the storm.
Nothing stops her, not even for a while --
Sasha's always in perfect dancing form!

The Dancer's tale continues to inspire
And teach us to always kindle hope's fire.

Cybunny Rogue
By Concertogreat_8

On the mountain, faintest of sighs,
And the whisper of wind,
Frozen, abandoned lies.

Fur downy, snow-white,
Bright pink albino eyes,
Goggles to keep out the light.

The Cybunny Rogue,
How often they deplore,
She makes thievery the vogue.

Wasted village and bitter winds,
Flutt'ring flags, ruined homes,
Crumpled shacks like crushed tins.

Up cold white slopes,
Pristine and hard-packed,
Across the Cybunny lopes.

Snowflakes flutter down,
Her nose twitches;
Leading on to the town.
Strips of metal, replacement parts,
Strung about her waist,
Across her ski-mask crawl tiny hearts.

A determined breath,
A frown settles on her face,
The Cybunny Rogue in the frozen steppe.

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