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Lutari Island
By Larkspurlane

The grey fog lies low
Upon this floating island gem,
Dim obscurity presses hazy confusion
Into humid, oppressive heat.

Every winding path seems alive,
Twisting away into uncertain light,
Drawing the wanderer inland,
Where, upon ancient trees,
Leaves hang in damp bunches
Sodden by the mist.

If that wanderer looks sharp
And keeps his eyes open
And is not lulled to listlessness
By the slow-curling fog,
He may see on occasion
A very dim, shadowy shape
Leaping agilely away on the path ahead --
A shape faintly coloured
And vague in its outline,
Melting in and out
Between pale, uncertain trees.

The superstitious wanderer
Might yet think that elusive Lutari a ghost
From some other time long gone
As he fades into the quiet,
Mistily mingling
With light and shade.

Ode to the Lutari
By Alexmajor9

They're an exclusive, special pet
With a coat others all admire.
They come in eight amazing colours
And maybe soon in disco and in fire!
With a tail long and curled
They glide speedily through rivers.
They're renowned for being generous,
A true species full of givers!
You make them look terrific
In a brand-new diving suit;
You can make them look astounding
With a dress and hat with fruit!
Their island's always moving,
So it's hard to track them down,
But when you come across Lutaris,
You are sure to make a sound!
All Neopia is envious
Of owners blessed enough
To own a pet so beautiful
And yet a pet that can be tough!
So this Lutari Day
Make sure to give them praise, indeed!
For if you are quite lucky,
You could have your own to feed!

Oh, Mr. Chipper
By Tanyawebber

In the snowy depths of Happy Valley,
Serving ice cream in a dark alley,
Lurks a Lutari, who is blue and bold,
In the icy weather, the freezing cold.

Chocolate or vanilla? He serves them all!
Join Mr. Chipper, you'll have a ball!
Topped with tasty sprinkles and whipped cream,
All the different flavours, it's just like a dream.

Mr. Chipper will meet your every need,
He'll swim down lakes to help you feed,
Gathering ingredients, he'll mix a delight,
All the while, you'll be wanting a bite!

The Ice Cream Cart was indeed a surprise,
Mr. Chipper seemed cold, with his gazing eyes,
But with a warm smile and a hug, he began to scoop
A dessert for me, drizzled with strawberry goop.

Oh, Mr. Chipper, your pudding's a treat!
The lemon sherbet swept me off of my feet,
I have no more coupons, but Taelia will help,
I'll be back here in no time -- it's better than

The Lutari Doth Swim
By Kittengriffin

'Round the coral the Lutari doth swim,
With the Arkmite, the Goldy, and the Marafin.

Dancing through the swift-rushing currents,
Splashing in the waves with no need for assurance
That all will be well, that all will be free,
That nothing can hurt them in the deep blue sea.

'Round the trenches the Lutari doth swim,
With the Ghoti, the Gulper, and the sweet Delfin.

Diving through the cracked and riven stones,
Of the old Maraquan palace that once was home,
To life of all shapes and sorts, all loving the water,
That keeps them safe, that brings them shelter.

'Round the kelp the Lutari doth swim,
With the Primella, the Splime, and the Peophin.

Darting through the ever-shifting plants, they play,
Laughing and talking as they swim far away,
Into the unexplored depths of sea and world,
Spreading their wings, their hearts unfurled.

'Round the sparkling sea the Lutari doth swim,
With freedom abounding and nothing to bind him.

He dives and he dances through the ocean wide,
There's open water all around and nothing to hide,
For the sea is a creature with its own life and ways,
In which you can live and sing for all your days.

'Round the coral the Lutari doth swim,
With the Arkmite, the Goldy, and the Marafin.

Content with life, content with knowing,
That there's more to the ocean than it's showing,
Uncaring what the secret is or might possibly be,
But instead living freely in the deep blue sea.

Lutari Photography
By Mamasimios

I rest cozy within my Neohome
Reminiscing as I sit and look
Through the pages of my favourite tome,
My treasured
Lutari Photography book.

The first few pages here depict
Retailers from the NC Mall --
The Neohomes Addition Lutari looks slick;
The New Items Lutari stands with her stall.

Next come other Lutari vendors:
Mr. Chipper with his Ice Cream Cart
And the Altador Cup Souvenir dispenser
Poses with his wares in his seasonal mart.

Up next are the players in that Cup,
Lutari Yooyuball heroes in Altador,
Xana DiLanche, Rookie of the Year (Runner Up),
And Vignacio, now retired from Team Kreludor.

The Lutari Builder next is shown
Determinedly fixing a leaking dam.
"A Lutari's work is never done,"
He had said while building with mouth and hands.

The last few pages are devoted
To the Lutari of whom most have heard,
That daring adventurer, often quoted,
Roxton A. Colchester III.

And who am I to reminisce?
I'm the green Lutari on the cover
Of this book sold by the Neovian Press --
I'm the happy Lutari Photographer!

Mischievous Lutari
By _Razcalz_

Sunlight dances through the breeze,
Fine day on island dock.
Neopians and travellers,
They bustle 'round the clock.
While some decide to picnic here...
Therein lies their mistake!
Sudden splash of water cold
Drenches their tea and cakes!

"Who is this culprit?" they demand,
As droplets fade to naught.
Yet all they see is patterned tail
From only glance that's caught.
Curious merchants gather now,
(You'd think they would have learned!)
Water sprayed onto their goods
Is what comes in return!

Catching on, some clever pets
Lay plants on harbour's end.
Welcomed is the spray of blue,
When usual splash descends.
"We thank you," they cheerily say,
"For watering the soil!"
Playful prankster 'neath the waves
Has, sadly, been foiled!

Out at last pops grinning pet:
Lutari sleek, of course.
With laughter sparkle those blue eyes,
No hints of slight remorse.
He lifts his claws in teasing wave,
A final splash, he dares!
Then off he glides, tail swishing 'round,
To cause mischief elsewhere!

Can Xana Save The Day?
By Anjie

The game is at a frenzied pace,
The Yooyu moves like light.
Two teams locked in a battle long,
This field does host a fight.
A war to hold the cup aloft,
To hear the fans all roar.
Yet it could end in bitter flash,
If Shenkuu's foes can score.

Toward the goal at Shenkuu's end,
The Yooyu just might roll.
The guardian who saves the day?
Xana, guarding goal!
Tail quivers, just a bit,
Her nerves are holding strong.
She is the last line of defence,
And can't put one foot wrong.

Some claim Lutari is the best,
Some say work must be done.
Practice needed, must improve,
If games are to be won.
Squinting into sun above,
She tracks the ball's each spin.
Knowing she could miss the pass,
Denying team the win.

Breathless Xana tenses fast,
Then dodges to the right.
The Yooyu lands in padded gloves,
Then one more takes to flight.
Again it spirals back her way,
She lurches forth in fear.
Did she save her team the match?
The crowd stands, starts to cheer.

To a Pirate Lutari
By Precious_katuch14

Pirate Lutari,
Unfurl the sails, hoist anchor,
The sea is waiting.

Pirate Lutari,
They wave goodbye on the dock,
Friends and family.

Pirate Lutari,
The dock is farther, farther,
Journey has begun.

Pirate Lutari,
Loyal crew awaits orders,
Ready to swab deck.

Pirate Lutari,
You are captain of the ship,
Navigate wisely!

Pirate Lutari,
Treasure is quite hard to find,
So don't you give up!

Pirate Lutari,
The first mate shall take over
To give you a break.

Pirate Lutari,
Enjoy the view of the sea...
Just don't get seasick.

A Lutari Day Poem
By I_love_bori18

The Lutari is the oddest species you may ever meet:
Graceful, pretty, playful, funny
Is what Lutari are to me.
And oh, what a hullabaloo arises
As every islander socialises
In the cool and misty nighttime on Lutari Island.

Lutari come in few colours yet,
But they will make more soon I bet.
They don't let lack of colour options get them down,
They paint pretty designs on their fur
That could banish any frown.
They also make unique headdresses
With coloured feathers to place on their tresses.
They even have a lovely air faerie friend
To watch over them on their peaceful island.

I do not have much more to write,
So I will finish here:
Now, as my poem comes to its end,
I would just like to say:
On April 19th, I wish you, my friend,
A Happy Lutari Day!

The Blue Lutari of Terror Mountain
By Rosabellk

My heart races as I
Rush to his cart. I can almost taste the

Cold, soothing ice cream. I
Hold my coupon in my hand and look up
In anticipation. There he stands,
Perfectly dapper, and always
Prepared to serve me. "I see you're
Eager to try out my new flavour:
Raspberry!" he exclaims.

"I sure am!" I answer, the
Chilly air doing nothing to dampen my
Enthusiasm. I hand over the
Coupon and at long last
Receive what I've been waiting for.
Even though the weather is
Arctic, I still happily
Munch on the cold treat.

"So, how is it?" Mr. Chipper
Asks me. I slowly
Lower my spoon and look him in the
Eyes. A wide grin fills my face. As I
Smile, I say, "Delicious! In all
My life, I've never tasted ice cream this
Amazing. Mr Chipper,
No one does it better."

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