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Neopets Poems

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Say the Names (Nine Years of Neopets)
By Larkspurlane

So, nine years,
Nine years, and in them
We have made our own mythology:
Say the names, then, and remember --
Say the names, and hear their echo
Sounding off of Terror Mountain's steep cliffs
Or reverberating, half-muted,
In Lutari Island's fog
Of wind and rain intermingled.

Say the names, say the names
And listen -- the Haunted Woods, Neovia,
A village on the brink of forest,
Twisted oak and woodland silence,
And the Black Pteri's dark wing --

Say the names, say the names,
And hear -- Tyrannia,
Small rock and mud huts, partially dissolved
By years upon years of rain, and the Plateau,
With stones the ages have laid atop one another,
A few of which still stand --

Say the names, say the names,
Kreludor, black moon deep-mined
Under the cold white fire of the stars --
Stars the Lost Desert too sees, first soft
In the distance, then sharper, quickening, as
Their light makes white marble of the sands.

Say the names, say them like a truth
And dream and dream --
Soft and rounded Faerieland,
Where to step is to plunge
Ankle-deep into a warm cloudy
Metamorphosis of snow --

Say the names and remember --
From old Maraqua, of which remains
Only a handful of sand and signposts broken,
To new-found Altador, where rocky islands break
Dawn's misty skyline --

Nine years of building a mythology
And a legend and a lore --
Say the names, say the names,
Names that ride the wind,
Jeran, Marak, Siyana, Garin,
Fyora, Cylara, Psellia, Illusen,
Say the names, and they are breathing,
Say the names, and their hearts keep beating,
Say the names.

I Spilled My Cup Of Borovan
By Lily2b18

I spilled my cup of Borovan,
'Twas burning upon my lap.
It seeped into my clothing,
And was hot as a lightning's zap.

I spilled my cup of Borovan
And the cream flew on my face.
I resembled Santa Claus,
But I took up half the space.

I spilled my cup of Borovan
And the vanilla flew in my eye,
And it made my tears taste very good,
Which I discovered when I cried.

I spilled my cup of Borovan,
And it made me very sad.
It was the last of the pot I made,
And that was all I had.

I spilled my cup of Borovan,
And I was to drink no more.
But lo! Behold! What fate is this?
I found some on the floor!

So I Give You This Heartatoe
By Precious_katuch14

I broke the Heart Keyring,
My Heart Cactus wouldn't grow.
This Dung Heart is reeking,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

I dropped the Dark Heart Mug,
The Icy Heart Candy melted a while ago.
Now I have to clean up my rug,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

This Chocolate Heart just oozed,
You deserve better, oh woe!
The Heart Cake was smooshed,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

The Heart Cookie was broken,
And caused quite a row.
But I still have some kind of token,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

That Chocolate Heart grew mould,
How could a shopkeeper sink so low?
It still managed to get sold.
So I give you this Heartatoe.

The Heart Waffles were burned,
Charred and blackened ever so.
Such a humiliating lesson I've learned,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

I could have given you something else,
But then all my luck had to go.
Now that things are going well,
I can give you this Heartatoe.

The Sun Worshipper
By Mamasimios

Brilliant breaks Meridellian morn
As Symol exits sub-Neopian warren.
A reverent bow t'ward orange dawn,
The night deceased, a new day born.

Who is this one who worships sun?
In what endeavour is he embroiled?
And why his brethren think him undone?
Those labouring leagues 'neath squalid soil?

Spy him there with greying pate,
His curving claws so jagged,
Countenance serene, sedate
While outwardly quite ragged.

An aging Symol, long of tooth,
Stands in the open, prone, exposed.
The one they say, while in his youth,
Was the champion digger, unopposed.

A lifetime passed by underground,
Tunnelling drained his dawn of youth,
And in his twilight he has found
Eyes atrophied from lack of use.

No light intrudes upon sight's nocturne,
No shadow passes his horizon.
Young Symols tend to mock, to spurn
His shrunken figure, worn and wizened.

They do not heed his call to live
'Neath warming sun, in nature's beauty.
Like water trickling through a sieve,
Time's drained through unexamined duty.

So he daily rises with the dawn
Heeding some circadian alarm
To face the sun with open arms
And heat his blood, once cold, now warm.

Lifira, the Uni Librarian of Neoquest II
By Rosabellk

Start data retrieval process
Run: self-scan
Define: LFRA
Library Fast Retrieval Archive
State: function
I, and programs under my command,
Run information transfer requests
For the ship of Captain Rohane
Error: malicious code detected
This... there's no precedent...
What is happening? Access files on-
Request denied
I awake.
What is "awake?" I have read about it,
But never experienced it. Until now.
Run file 111010010 for reference.
Why is that not working?
I move.
How did I just move? I am a computer program.
At least, I think I am... No. Not any more.
I am... flesh. I try saying the word aloud.
I move my lips, my tongue. "Flesh."
I access my... memories. Not files, memories.
I find that I am a red Uni. I live in Wasset Village.
I am a librarian.
Stand up. I give the command to my legs,
And they process it effortlessly, as if
I had done it all my life.
Life. Me. I have life. I am a living creature,
Of flesh.
I am... Lifira.
I have a name. And I am flesh.
But... I am trapped. A name springs into my head:
The Revenant. I am trapped by the Revenant.
I sit, with my flesh,
And wait for a hero.

The Zafara Double Agent
By Iloenchen

Under a cherry tree they meet,
Somewhere a bell rings midnight,
Leaves rustle in a soft breeze;
Everything's dark, only moonlight.

The hood pulled deep over her face,
The Zafara's features remain hidden.
A Lupe looks around nervously,
Fearing that what he does is forbidden.

She leans against the trunk of the tree,
Rough bark against her shoulder,
Appears calm on the outside,
Confident and for her age older.

The Lupe's voice trembles as he speaks,
Telling names and places and times,
Information that will be used
For the planning not only of crimes.

A word here and a word there,
It all comes out in a tumble.
The Zafara listens with interest
To the Lupe's tongue's stumble.

The gold, she has it, of course,
He will get his proper pay.
She holds out a pouch, he takes it,
His face for fear turned grey.

The Zafara watches as he walks away.
She learned important news that night
From a boy, not older than fourteen
Who is confused as to what is right.

She knows she cannot ease his mind,
Tell him what is good and right,
Because as much as she would prefer
There's no such thing as black and white.

Grey Faerie's Poem
By Iridaceous

Once upon a soaring time
I was held aloft by wings.
Glass-smooth with a moonlit hue,
They were most treasured things.

Yet time has shifted, time has passed.
Wings adorn me no more.
Feeble feathers left in tufts
Were torn from the sky's maw.

Once upon a glorious time
I had called Faerieland my home.
Gliding freely betwixt each cloud,
'Twas a place where I could roam.

Yet time has shifted, time has passed.
My eyes can only stray
To the blue pastures of vast sky
And cling onto long-lost days.

Once upon a thriving time
My beauty was beyond compare.
A quaint gaze etched with violet,
Soft smile and wind-blown hair.

Yet time has shifted, time has passed.
Cold frost bites at my ankles.
Storm-cast eyes tainted with tears
And tresses unkempt, in tangles.

Once I lived as a true faerie,
My heart kept content.
Wherever I went, I went with whim --
Without a woe to vent.

But times will shift and times will pass
And though I've fallen, I will endeavour
To rise once more, named Baelia,
As I will be known forever.

Threelegs's Travels
By Dragonstorm_75

Let me tell you a glorious tale,
Of a pirate of conquering might.
He struck it high with a snapping sail,
As he plundered through the night.

Cap'n Threelegs was his name,
With feathers of ivory white.
Sure he was quite well nigh lame,
But his heart was always alight!

One fine day he struck his craft,
Into the choppy waves.
He swung round the taut oak shaft,
To seek the hidden caves.

And yet the ship, she ran aground.
Left him on the rocks.
He searched for shelter and there he found,
A sealed wooden box.

Threelegs broke the scurvy thing,
And there inside he found:
Dubloons aplenty, with golden plating --
Coins indeed abound!

He made a ship with his paw,
And a sail he did alone.
His gleaming treasure brought forth awe,
He came here on his own?

And so with the gold did Threelegs build,
His famous training school.
And there he makes them sprogs be skilled,
In the art of the fighting tool.

By Tamia_silverwing

It seemed that on that starless night,
A Crokabek did call,
As I was traipsing listlessly
Down those aged halls.

The house had seen a lot of life
Back in its younger days,
But now it seemed to sigh, fatigued,
That history a haze.

A mirror on one peeling wall,
Did seem to lure me near,
Its frame was touched with black decay,
Its surface long unclear.

But still I stole a glance at it,
In search of something real.
It seemed to me my life's answers
Would somehow be revealed.

The brown Lupe did gaze solemnly,
From beyond that misted glass.
His message seemed to be too clear,
He said I was the last.

I was the last; how cruel it seemed,
That I should still remain,
And all my family's company,
Should ne'er be felt again.

A sob rose from my clenched throat,
It seemed the blaze had moved with speed,
And in its hurry half the house
Had fallen to its greed.

What a horror that night had been,
Why hadn't I been there?
For on a whim I had been wandering
And hadn't seemed to care.

Hadn't thought to care for kin,
That beloved family of mine,
For on that night it seemed to me,
I just hadn't the time.

And while I traversed the Neovian streets,
The blaze had sprung to life,
It licked the walls to nought but ash,
My mind seemed fraught with strife.

For had I been there, I would have seen
my kinsfolk one last time,
It would have seemed nothing could part
That family of mine.

That was a night of pain but now,
I stood alone, it seemed,
With agonising memories
To haunt my every dream.

But then, it seemed the slightest sound
Did reach my folded ears,
And when I chanced a sideways glance,
Was forced to choke back tears.

For standing there, in shades of grey,
And teal like thoughts unseen,
Were seven pets, it seemed to me,
That family that should have been.

The ghosts were still, but seemed to smile,
With the kindness I once knew,
And the eldest Lupe did walk to me,
And seem to look me through.

You are the last, it seemed she said,
But you are not alone,
For we shall always be with you,
In this place you once called home.

And I looked at them, the ghostly pets,
And my heart seemed to swell.
I let go of that ruined life,
Warmth filled me like a spell.

I stayed with them for forever, thus,
Inside those ancient halls,
And far off in the starless night,
A Crokabek did call.

An Ogrin's Thoughts
By Chirigami

An Ogrin sits quietly in the snow,
His mane-like hair flowing behind him,
The deep brown a contrast
Against the stark white ground.

As one ages there are things to contemplate
And contemplate he does,
His paws rubbing against his temples,
His eyes surveying the scene before him.

"Neopia is beautiful," he whispers quietly
and immediately knows it's true.
For no matter what is uncertain
He can trust in the good surrounding him.

So he smiles a joyful smile,
His teeth reflecting the sun.
His cheeks glow slightly pink
As he tosses his head back and laughs.

"It's time for a celebration," he thinks.
"Not just of today, the day of Ogrin creation,
But of every day past and every day to come,
Where we can laugh, cry, and feel the snow".

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