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Neopets Poems

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The Pranksters' Plea
By Precious_katuch14

Look out, there's a Meepit behind you!
Aha, made you look, that wasn't true.
Oh, did you just step on a dung pile?
I bet you thought I was right for a while!

Flowers squirting water into your face,
Fake creepy-crawlies tossed into your food.
We have no use for politeness and grace.
And I bet you think we're more than a little rude.

But won't you let us slide for just one day?
Let us have our fun this first of April.
A day when pranks and gags are here to stay
We'll stop on the second, we promise we will.

You won a million Neopoints! Congratulations!
Now here comes the Tax Beast to take it all away!
We're kind of sorry to burst your bubble of elation,
After all, today is April Fools' Day!

We push open a door, you think no one's there,
And we laugh as we watch you run away screaming!
It's only us pranksters giving you a little scare,
Yes, it's April Fools', you're definitely not dreaming.

But won't you let us slide for just one day?
Let us have our fun this first of April.
A day when pranks and gags are here to stay
We'll stop on the second, we promise we will.

Then again, we're having too much fun to stop.
We'll be tricking and joking until we drop!

Illusen Muses on April Fools'
By Larkspurlane

There was a time, Jhudora,
When I would gladly play you
A harmless trick or two.
April Fools' has rolled around again,
And you are away from home today --
Shall I pull a little prank?

Shall I replace the miasmic vapours
Of your billowing Jhudora's Cloud
With the smell of spring flowers?
Swap its dark tendrils of fog with
Curls of ivy and green?

Shall I grow a forest there,
Summon a green woodland grove?
Shall I conjure a place where peace itself
Seems to have taken its quiet abode,
And caressed with its hand
New-sprung avenues of stately trees,
And cool sheltering shades?

Shall I give you this gift
Amidst rustling leaves and still water
Of peaceful solitude?

Farewell, Bug Eye McGee
By Rosabellk

Last April, I took a walk down to the shops,
Just looking to buy some hot tea.
But suddenly, he appeared with a loud "pop!":
None other than Bug Eye McGee.
"Avast, there!" he shouted while waving his arms,
"Let me clear this up, so it's not muddy.
Ye'd best be gettin' used to me piratey charms,
Because I'm your new NeoBuddy!"
"What's this?" I cried out in confusion and dread,
"I don't want to be followed around!"
"No matter!" he answered. "I don't care a shred.
You can't just drop me off at the Pound.
I'm permanent, ye see? You're stuck with me now.
You'll always be followed by me.
Now, don't try and struggle, for this I avow:
You'll grow to love Bug Eye McGee!"
So I went on my way and continued my day,
And, sure enough, we grew quite close.
And though it may seem just a little cliche,
We became best of friends, I suppose.
He was always there, with a "Yar!" and "Ahoy!"
And his crazy eye now seemed quite cute.
As the day wore on, I now began to enjoy
His constantly tireless pursuit.
But just as we started to head back on home,
He vanished again in a trice!
"Bug Eye!" I cried out. "Don't leave me alone!
What we had was so lovely and nice!"
It was then that I realised just what day it was,
And my ignorant bubble was burst:
My Bug Eye had vanished, quite simply, because
That day had been April the first.

A Prank on Balthazar
By Anjie

Within the grasp of eerie woods,
Down lonely path, way back.
Dilapidated, stands a hut,
A crumbling, ancient shack.

The shelves within are thick with grime,
Jars in a line do rust.
The lids on tight, they glow so strange,
Bright gleam within the dust.

This, the home of Balthazar,
A nasty beast, they say.
This story, friends, I tell to you,
Is of one April day!

A merry Slorg that found the shack,
In April, on the first,
Longed to play a tricky prank,
For laughter did he thirst.

He slunk into the ancient shack,
And opened every jar.
Faeries burst from tiny traps,
Each one a vibrant star.

Out the window they would fly,
Into the chilling night.
Leaving just the cackling Slorg,
And shack, devoid of light.

That moment did bring Balthazar,
Back to his open door.
One glance around did let him know,
His captives were no more!

As for the Slorg, his timely fate,
Was not good, I fear!
Shows fooling beasts with sharpened teeth
Is not a good idea.

Bug Eye, Will You Be My Friend?
By Lily2b18

Bug Eye, will you be my friend?
I promise our fun never shall end.
To you, this offer I will extend;
Bug Eye McGee, can we be friends?
Bug Eye, comrades we shall be,
You with I and I with thee,
Why, we can add in another and make it three!
If only companions we could be.
Bug Eye, for real, you just said yes!
Thank goodness I'm out from under that stress.
I'm just glad that I can admit success,
Because you conceded and to me you said yes.
Bug Eye, your eyes... they're terribly red...
Bug Eye McGee, what's wrong with your head?!
Bug Eye... I'll stay, you go ahead,
It's scaring me that your eyes are so red.
Bug Eye, will you please leave me alone?
Can't even breathe without hearing you moan.
Can't click a page without hearing me groan,
So Bug Eye! PLEASE! Leave me alone!
...Oh Bug Eye, I'm sorry! Please come back!
I didn't mean to make you under attack.
Maybe this April Fools' they'll pick up the slack...
Bug Eye McGee, come back!

Bad News
By Concertogreat_8

Oh, I've been sent to tell you,
As the bearer of bad news,
I'm sorry to say these things, it's true,

Shoyru Day's been slashed,
Don't even bother getting up;
Tomorrow's just been hashed,
They've decided already, pup.

Chombies were recalled,
I think you know why,
Happy feelings got mauled,
Someone was a sour pie.

Draiks are now free for all!
Krawks, too, of course,
Oh, what a ball,
All the owners' remorse.

Lutaris can be Pounded,
The Shop Wizard's gone on strike;
Eyries are all grounded,
Darigans are forbidden to have a spike.

Meridell is being merged,
It and Brightvale are now one;
King Skarl's being purged,
King Hagan gets all the fun.

They've done away with Daily Dare,
There's no Altador Cup this year;
If this makes you rip out your hair,
Well, also, no more plots here!

Have you heard Fyora's sick?
Jhudora's burnt her home,
Illusen's new name is Rick,
The Zafara Rogue has joined the DoN.

And last of all, but certainly not least --

Soup Faerie's April Fools'
By _Razcalz_

First day of the year's fourth month,
(We call it April Fools'.)
Pranks are pulled, the pets tricked,
Restrictions none, nor rules.
Yet few Neopians did guess
That kind souls, too, take part:
Standing by a cauldron black,
Soup Faerie, of warm heart.

Stirring soup with wooden spoon,
Recipe in her hand.
Dotted headscarf, blue apron,
Hair of auburn strands.
Musing as she tastes her soup,
What joke can faeries play?
Inspiration waves at her,
At last she sees a way.

As dawn breaks, the pets file in,
Requesting bowls of soup.
Smiling faerie does oblige,
Ladling scoop by scoop.
Puzzled are the hungry pets,
"There is no soup," they say.
Soup Faerie pretends to hear not,
Serving the bowls on trays.

Famished pets grow impatient,
Each one asking, "Where?"
Some dip their paws into the bowls,
And the mistake lies there.
Steaming hot is unseen stew,
These pets have just been duped!
For April Fools', the faerie kind
Has made invisible soup!

TNT and April Fools'
By 321bliss

TNT likes to play
on the funniest holiday,
Doing jokes far and wide --
what will be this year's surprise?

Last year was the NeoBuddy,
Oh, what a pain!
TNT was having fun,
that year all the game!
In 2007, what a shame,
the Battledome was closed --
every pet who wanted to fight
had to start making clothes!
2006, we started taxes,
for every page refreshed,
and if we didn't pay up quick,
well, that was a mess!

Now we ponder, think, and wonder
what will be this year,
we can only hope that TNT
will not make us lose our ears!!!

April Fools' Day
By Sumomu

The month of Running's coming to an end,
And April Fools' Day time approaches soon,
Each Neopet's conversing with their friend,
About who next will be made a buffoon.
Some rumours say that Coltzan's Shrine will close
To leave us without stats or desert food;
The NC Mall might give away fake clothes,
Or Virtupets may quickly be unglued!
What's worse -- the Daily Dare may be prolonged,
To squash what little's left of our "Spifftastic,"
With such a nasty act, we would be wronged,
600 in Dar-BLAT!!! would be too drastic!
But we would all be more afraid to see,
The fearful gaze of that Bug Eye McGee!

April Fools' Day Trickery
By Pansyparkinson14

The favourite day of Neopian tricksters
Is no doubt April first,
Where silly jokes and tricks are played:
Fun ploys that are tolerable at worst.
What sort of things are done this day?
Every trickster has his own way.

Hissi wait behind the trees
To spook with their fearsome smile,
While Ixi prefer to surprise
With their limitless guile.
Grarrl pranks often involve food;
Offers of cake should thus be eschewed.

Fun-loving Pteris love to squawk and tease
At every passerby who chances on their way,
And Acaras prefer the joys of splashing:
Getting soaked is guaranteed this day.
Other tricks, you ask? You want to hear some more?
Sit tight and listen as the Lennies take the floor.

Clever Lennies find it amusing
To trick with their acute words
Anyone who speaks to them this day,
'Cause their wit's as sharp as swords.
Gelerts instead dig frequent holes,
To trip up those unsuspecting souls.

These are just a few examples
Of pranks played on April Fools' Day:
Just be creative and witty,
And you'll find a joke to play.
Don't forget, however, that the point is to have fun:
The pain a mean joke brings cannot be undone.

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