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Neopets Poems

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To an Illusen's Cream Cookie
By Rosabellk

Illusen's Cream Cookie, how wondrous thou art,
So perfectly splendid and fine.
How lovely in taste: so fresh and so tart,
And in texture and form how divine.
Your base is so lovingly crafted from dough,
Your icing so deftly applied.
Your sprinkles so daintily scattered, like snow.
Thy beauty cannot be denied.
When I place thee with utmost delight on my tongue
And you slowly begin to dissolve,
All other confections taste like so much dung.
Around thee my world does revolve.
Illusen, my muse, how didst thou bake this treat
That baffles my taste buds with glee?
Its flavor so potent, so rich and so sweet,
That it totally overwhelms me.
If I had to choose 'tween these cookies I love
And anything else in the world,
'Twould be no competition, for when I think thereof,
It's like a new life is unfurled.
So hear me, dear cookie, as to thee I sing
And praise thee with each bite I chew.
I adore thee more than the first sigh of spring,
And I whisper three words: "I love you."

Illusen's Invitation
By Larkspurlane

Come to my glade in the morning
When the sun blazes like a great fire-jewel
And the sky is of a blue too intense
To be looked at.

Come to my glade at high noon,
When summer's heat
Makes the air quiver
As though it were itself panting.

Come to my glade in the evening,
When the star-bright sky above
Is mirrored in the fireflies that flit
Amidst my grove's dusky shades
In small glories of gold and green --
Stars fleeter and thrice warmer
Than the cold constellations wheeling on high.

Come to my glade to shelter
From summer's heat -- or from its rains.
Come when drops patter musically
On every leaf, and each splash invents
Ten thousand fresh new scents,
Come to my glade to join me
And dream dreams of quiet
And of green.

Illusen's Glade
By Soaringeagle25

Dewdrops herald the mist of morn,
Green grass soft as spring's balmy breeze.
Butterflies flitter cheerfully airborne,
Bordering the forest of lush emerald trees.

Illusen's Glade of leaf and flowers,
Woodland faerie's choice of home,
Where the blossoms meet the tree towers,
Bumblebees busy making honeycomb.

Illusen swathed in woodland finery
Rests within her Queendom glade,
While questers come from all over the country
To gain her items of power she hath made.

Her place within Meridell's fine land,
A quiet corner within the wood's reach,
Produces rare artefacts so grand --
Her secrets she doth not teach.

Where the buttercups meet the azure sky,
And silver willows solemnly weep,
Illusen's enchanted glade rests by
The entangling ivy creeps.

To an Earth Faerie
By Mamasimios

What close kinship with creation
Illusen, faerie enchanting,
The green gift of life at your fingertips,
Guardian of all the plantings.

In your dominion are the blooms,
The first burstings of spring.
Bejewelled carpetings of tender buds,
So like the emeralds streaking
Within your own auburn locks
And on your lips and in your eyes.
Leafy wings upon your back
Camouflaged but not disguised.

As perched within your cloudless Glade,
Face tipped toward the sun aloft,
So like a flower do you track its course,
Rays warm your skin so fair and soft.

Still as a lily, roots fixed fast,
Among the leaves, beauty unsurpassed.
I wonder if what is in those leaves' veins is the same
As in your veins, if you
Drink the sun, soak up the rains.
I wonder what this kinship means
To an earth faerie and her surroundings.

Who is Illusen?
By Burnzoneblazin

The month of Running is here,
I heard that special day is near,
The calendar is marked, the third week in,
The 17th encircled -- the day of Illusen!

Now, what could this possibly mean?
And why is everything brown and green?
Who is this Illusen and what does she do?
Why is she special, if only I knew!

To find some answers, I asked around,
I went to every place in town,
Inquiring about this mysterious lass,
I even asked the evil Kass!

I gathered from what I had been told,
That in town Illusen items are sold,
Green and brown beds, cookies, and snowglobes,
Not to mention chairs, rugs and wardrobes!

However, I needed to know more,
These items did not explain Illusen's lore,
What does she do and where could I find her?
I just had to know why she's admired!

Frustrated, I went to the well to think,
Nearby a Chia was having a drink,
In desperation I asked him about this dame,
One last attempt to understand her fame.

I said, "Please, good Chia, you must help me!
This mysterious Illusen, I wish to see!
Do you happen to know where I can find her?
If so, please tell me, I'm under the wire!"

Here, at the old Wishing Well,
The informative Chia began to tell:
"The story of how Illusen's fame was made,
Can be uncovered at Illusen's Glade!"

I thanked the Chia, and off I went,
There wasn't anymore time to be spent,
The day had almost turned to night,
I ran and, finally, the glade came into sight!

As I approached, a faerie I saw,
She was so beautiful that I was in awe!
She had the kindest smile and the warmest eyes,
She even looked at me, what a surprise!

I asked her who she was and why she was here,
She replied, "I'm Illusen, do not fear,
I'm the earth faerie who will aid your pets,
If you complete one of my quests!"

I gave her a nod because I now understood,
That she is a faerie who is just and good,
She is kind to all who come her way,
That is why we celebrate Illusen Day!

The Potion of Illusen
By Anjie

Moonlit beams dance far above,
The glade inhales, soft.
Emerald boughs sway idle dance,
Proud branches cast aloft.
In the midst of silken jade,
A faerie, dreamy-eyed.
She stirs a pot of golden mist,
With magic as her guide.

Whisper, leaves do softly say,
Such secrets told as boughs all sway.

Illusen, daydreams in her mind,
Within her haven green.
Over a cauldron doth she stand,
Its fumes form molten sheen.
Scents, aromas, soft and sweet,
Drift from Illusen's brew.
Tiny droplets drizzle down,
Like golden hints of dew.

Whisper, leaves do softly say,
Some magic's born, this very day.

Petite, the faerie spreads her wings,
Each sheath so frail, light.
In concentration do they shift,
And not in hope of flight.
A ladle lifted to her lips,
A taste of what she's made.
A Honey Potion, brewed that eve,
Within the emerald glade.

Illusen, Why the Rivalry?
By _Razcalz_

Faerie of the forest glade,
Illusen is her name.
Russet hair, emerald wings,
For kindness, she is famed.
Yet on her day, the seventeenth,
She's still somewhat wary...
Because of her old rivalry
With Jhudora, dark faerie.

Why, Illusen, do you fight?
Are you not both the same?
Known for handing quests to all,
Rewards for which we aim.
Collected items put to use
For purposes unknown.
(And both of you seem to be fond
Of things with a green tone?)

But wait, the list may just end here,
For I see other facts...
One of you lives on a cloud,
The other near the forest tracks.
Illusen's wings are leaves of green,
Jhudora's? Huge and dark.
Dark faerie's gaze is narrowed, shrewd,
While Illusen's eyes do spark.

To be honest, I may add
That Jhudora is grumpy.
Snapping at those who have failed,
Making us all jumpy.
Although you two are quite different,
You could make peace instead.
All the same, enjoy your day!
(Don't tell Jhudora what I said.)

Winter in Illusen's Glade
By Symbolism

White and green have never been
better friends when it comes to
changing a land where the sun always
stops to graze in the fresh morning dew,
where the moon flaunts its stages
right above the trees in their applause.

There is a sky with blanched fists
and pallid, pallid skin,
there is frost dozing in every elderly bloom,
but she who lives here knows the cold
came in peace.

There is a smell of nothingness in the air,
just gales that escaped the ocean tides
and decided to go for a ride
in the side of Neopia where not everything
is changing, churning liquid.

White and green shiver and stumble
up to the faerie who dwells here,
they offer a good deed
and receive a nod and smouldering smile
in return.

Green then lies down as silent earth,
snuggling in the soil and tucking
the sleepy seedlings into bed.
White approaches her with clammy hands,
the presence of Illusen looming above.
They laugh and melt the verdant land
until two new colours step forth, hand in hand,
ready to make the air warm, the sky bright.

And green will still be sleeping
as they put fragrance and freshness
in her hair.
And white will be floating above the trees,
giving the moon a place to hide
when no humble faerie or breeze
is out to applaud.

Illusen of Meridell
By Precious_katuch14

Kind earth faerie
In her glade I see.
Illusen of Meridell
Is doing quite well
On her special day
Which is today.
Questers come, go
All in a line, a row
Don't they let her rest
During this great fest?
Illusen still works
Her loyalists seek perks
In exchange for things
Like books and rings.
Illusen doesn't mind
Seeing them lined
Up to her abode
With their precious load
Of toys and food
To trade for prizes good
Items infused with power,
Goodies sweet, not sour,
Sweet like her smile
(Unlike Jhudora's, so vile).
Not a trace of darkness
Welcomes you at the ingress
Of Illusen's peaceful Glade.
Of natural beauty that never fades,
She's doing quite well,
Illusen of Meridell.
In her glade I see
Kind earth faerie.

Hello There, Illusen.
By Lily2b18

Hello there, Illusen, dear,
It's your... "buddy", Jhudora.
So indeed, it is your day,
You've got your own little flora.
I just want to wish you happy day...
Yeah, I don't do nice too well,
But you! Oh yes, my friend, YOU do.
In fact, one could say you excel.
You're so sweet and it's disgusting
How you smile constantly.
Doesn't your face just freeze that way?
That's what mother told me.
I realise that it is YOUR day,
But I have a favour... so please,
Would you remove the cheery blossoms?
They've got me on my knees!

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