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March 3rd
By Jokerhahaazzz

A million things may happen
Upon a given day;
A hero may save Meridell
And a faerie may turn grey.

It may be April Fool's Day,
Pranks and tricks galore;
Or it may be happy Day of Giving
With winter at the door.

A king may lose his kingdom,
A villain be destroyed,
A great war may be started,
And army troops deployed.

New lands may be discovered:
Lost Desert, Meridell --
Maraqua, Brightvale, Kreludor,
Tyrannia as well.

It may be a day of sadness,
Surprise, regret, or joy;
There are almost always many things
For Neopians to enjoy.

Yes, all these things may happen --
All these things and more!
For in our dear Neopia
Almost no day is a bore.

A million things may happen
Upon a given day;
But March 3, saddest of all sad things,
Was cancelled...
Due to lack of interest.

This Poem is Cancelled
By Rosabellk

This poem is cancelled. Don't bother to read it:
There's nothing worthwhile to see.
It isn't good either, I have to concede it.
If you saw it, I'm sure you'd agree.
The lines are all awkward, the metre is wrong,
And the rhymes are quite frequently forced.
Its imagery isn't especially strong;
Its form and its content divorced.
There's no symbolism and hardly a theme.
No style, no rhythm, no grace.
Its strange punctuation is truly obscene.
This poem is fit to erase.
It's cancelled, I tell you, so stop reading on!
Just drop it, the issue is dead.
Why are you still here? You ought to be gone.
You're obviously off in the head.
This poem is awful! That's why it was cancelled!
Stop reading it! Put it away!
It should never have been made, let alone pencilled;
That's why it is here on this day.
Because, you see, March 3rd is for all the things
That oughtn't to even exist.
The whole day is cancelled. No catches, no strings.
This poem is right in its midst.
And so, in conclusion, I feel I must say
In regard to this poem of mine,
If anyone asks you to read it today,
Please heed my advice and decline.

March 3rd
By Confiserie

Ah! The news should be out any minute.
Could it bring new clothes?
A new game?
A new competition
to bring me fame?

Or maybe there are new items
to put in my Neohome.
It's quite nice if you'd like to visit
the gardens and just roam.

It's 6 o'clock, 30-after,
oh, where could it be?
I wait for the news every day
with glee.

Come on, TNT!
I know you have it in you --
Look, it's out!
But it's short, doesn't it seem?

"March 3rd has been cancelled
due to lack of interest."

Now that was just mean.

Sonnet 3/3
By Precious_katuch14

Did you know that they have cancelled March 3?
Why have they done such a thing? Tell me why!
Business goes on as always, don't you see?
The walkers still walk, the flyers still fly!

They've cancelled it. Why? Lack of interest!
Nothing much happens on the third of March.
Perhaps it's something like a day of rest
That we can spend slacking off on the couch.

Are we deceived by a conspiracy
Formed by a villain, or someone quite bored?
For years, as we see the dawn of March 3
The mystery has all of us quite floored.

Maybe someday we'll know what's going on,
Maybe it's just our imagination.

March 3
By Larkspurlane

This is the holiday for the lazy,
For the idle, for the sleepy,
For those of us who procrastinate
And those of us who enjoy
Nothing more than lying back and thinking
"Today has been cancelled. Yay."
The third day of the month of Running
Beats the Faerie Festival with all of its glitter,
Beats Fyora Day, Jhudora Day,
Beats the Annual Gormball Championships flat,
The Chocolate Ball and Grey Day --
And Day of Giving ain't got nothing
On a day that celebrates... nothing.
A day to relax, share some Neocola
And quality time with your mates,
Stress-free, happy, and maybe plotting
To cancel more days more often
Due to lack of interest.

-Deleted- (Due to Lack of Interest)
By Soaringeagle25

This poem has been deleted,
But I can assure you it was divine,
Though I'm feeling rather cheated
Because this poem was mine.

They said no one had interest
In its rhyme, shape, or subject.
Perhaps it wasn't better than the rest,
But I feel I must still object...

It spoke of wonderful things,
Which I can no longer mention,
Because the public gave it bad ratings:
"Too boring to deserve attention."

It's a sad thing when no one cares,
And now the tragic end result --
A whole day has now gotten cancelled:
It's all the lack of interest's fault!

March Third? Don't Ask!
By Anjie

The month of Running, dashing in,
So much doth lie ahead.
Days of celebration, grand,
Across these weeks do spread.
Gadgadsbogen, Uni Day,
Illusen Day, no doubt!
One day, though, is rather odd,
It strangely does stand out.

Not the second, not the first,
But as the days move fast.
The third of March seems rather weird,
And slowly trickles past.
Why does this day seem so ignored?
What could it represent?
Horrors cast back years ago?
This question doth torment!

Ask around, you'll find closed doors,
For none wish to reveal.
"Third of March? Don't know of that!"
These answers, strange, surreal.
It's better that you never know,
What March third seems to mask.
So wonder to yourself, for sure,
But, friend, just never ask!

Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest
By Foozay_squirlz

The day that was cancelled due to lack of interest
Is quite interesting, you see.
It makes me wonder what it used to be,
Which really puzzles me.

So I went to the old New Features,
And searched every March third I could find.
Y6 said March third would not be happening,
Which I didn't think was kind.

If March third had feelings,
I'm sure they would be hurt.
It would make March third feel like nothing,
make March third feel like dirt.

And if March third was cancelled,
what about Half-Price day and saving cash?
But then I read their explanation
And found my reactions very rash.

March third being cancelled
Was just one day of skipped daily content.
It was just a way of catching up,
Not a day of bad intent.
The day cancelled due to lack of interest
Is quite interesting, you see.
Now I know what it used to be,
It no longer puzzles me.

Cancelled March Third
By Concertogreat_8

I'm writing this poem, I'm writing this letter,
I'm writing a query, and sending it in better;
I cannot sleep, though it is quite late,
I really must complain about the deplorable state;
I can't understand why you think it's all right,
I mean, really, who ever saw such a sight,
How could you cancel March 3rd?

It's all good for the Unis, they have their day;
They are vain and (pardon) always get their way.
The Gelerts, also, along comes their time,
They'll wag their tails and get in line,
To receive all their special day treats.

Gadgadsbogen runs all month long,
With marching and dancing and a fruity song.
I stand here, mashed pulp-splattered,
I stand here, annoyed and quite battered,
I toil away, grimacing deep down inside,
I must let go, my feelings will no longer hide.

I understand, dear creators, it's really your choice,
I understand you hesitate to give us a voice;
The common Neopian might be quite slow,
And think about things that are definitely low.
But I must complain, it's simply not right,
You cannot cancel this one little night.

It hurts my artistic soul and fills me with doubt,
When I see that one day has been simply cut out,
Vanished into the nether regions of Neopia,
I fear the start of an attempted utopia.

So in this last line, I beg thee on my knees,
To listen and hear, understand my pleas!
I'd hate to seem vain and selfish, whatnot,
I'm not a fool, I'm just a poor sot,
And I wish that you wouldn't cancel this day.

Cancelling This Day
By _Razcalz_

Shocking was the statement that the
Aisha princess said:
"Running month and its third day?
Eh, I'll sleep instead."
News did spread of how she lacked
Interest in the day.
"Dainty princess hates this day,
Yes, cancel it, I say!"

Swiftly were corrections made to
All calendars and mail.
Rewritten were the day's schedules,
Every meal and sale.
Nothing was left by the end,
It was the cancelled day.
Decided was that every
Year, the day was pushed away.

Sunlight beams across the hall,
Arise, a figure does.
Rather shocked to see the change,
Erased, this day now was.
None other than the royal one
Intrudes, imperious.
"Day is cancelled?" Aisha asks.
"You know, I wasn't serious..."

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