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Uni Parade
By Concertogreat_8

A bold glance, a prancing gait,
The Uni marches in looking straight.
Flowing mane, roses, red against white,
She glows with a brilliant inner light.

The whole parade is yet the same,
All in stride, not one should dare be lame.
Boldly tossed heads, jewelled eyes,
Hiding a thousand different types of lies.

Acknowledgements are made, cries ring out;
That they are all lovely, there's no doubt.
Their dappled flanks shine in striking hues,
A rainbow full of those destined to lose.

The laughter is cruel, the hooves sharp,
Beauty a mute tribute, a silenced harp.
Desire, greed worms its way through the heart,
Pierced by the poisoned dart.

The invisible tears flow, an endless rain,
They speak of how the others are too vain.
The beauty tarnishes, falls to ashes and dust,
The heart aches, compassion grows rust.

The Unis step up, all of one kind,
Not one dares be left behind.
The unspoken words, failure to comply,
Inside the flower wilts, all hearts must die.

Solarin's Vigil
By Niddyz

The skies breathe purple venom onto my wings:
this must be the place, the final showdown.
My mistress and her companion duel as one,
slicing and blasting like extended fireworks.

But what part do I play? I must wait for her,
stay here, stay safe. I am her contingency.
If things go wrong, I must fly her to safety,
no matter what she thinks her destiny is.

The Faerie's minions are weaker than she,
I know that. But what if she is alone,
without her companion, overwhelmed,
spells fizzling until her hero never comes?

I must go after her; but I cannot.
The best I can do is watch her spells sizzle,
erupt, kaleidoscopic, into the violet mist
like sparkling points of light in the snow.

But what is this? Who comes now?
More minions, set on a dark ambush?
You dare to sneak up on her from behind
and think I'll just stand here and watch?

You've got another thing coming: my horn!
And my hooves and my wings, too,
I'll body-slam you if I have to, I don't care;
you're not getting my mistress.

She's going to sneak into that castle,
defeat your mistress, and nothing,
much less you pathetic fools,
is going to interfere!

I know my mistress will never ask
how I fared out here. She cares,
but it doesn't mean it'll cross her mind
after she returns, victorious once again.

I know she won't realise the enemies are fewer,
swarming less often than they should. She'll forget
to throw glances over her shoulder, after a while,
but it won't matter because she won't need to.

That's what I can give you, Mistress Roberta.
You battle on, and I will hold this tiny balcony
on the edge of Faerieland, the fief you left for me.
I don't mind being your silent hero. Not at all.

Lifira, the Uni Librarian of Neoquest II
By Rosabellk

Start data retrieval process
Run: self-scan
Define: LFRA
Library Fast Retrieval Archive
State: function
I, and programs under my command,
Run information transfer requests
For the ship of Captain Rohane
Error: malicious code detected
This... there's no precedent...
What is happening? Access files on-
Request denied
I awake.
What is "awake?" I have read about it,
But never experienced it. Until now.
Run file 111010010 for reference.
Why is that not working?
I move.
How did I just move? I am a computer program.
At least, I think I am... No. Not any more.
I am... flesh. I try saying the word aloud.
I move my lips, my tongue. "Flesh."
I access my... memories. Not files, memories.
I find that I am a red Uni. I live in Wasset Village.
I am a librarian.
Stand up. I give the command to my legs,
And they process it effortlessly, as if
I had done it all my life.
Life. Me. I have life. I am a living creature,
Of flesh.
I am... Lifira.
I have a name. And I am flesh.
But... I am trapped. A name springs into my head:
The Revenant. I am trapped by the Revenant.
I sit, with my flesh,
And wait for a hero.

Flight (to a Faerie Uni)
By Larkspurlane

Unis are known for that
Touch of vanity endemic to
The whole of their kind --
What, then, of the faerie Uni,
Whose periwinkle-and-white beauty
Raises her, in her opinion,
Far above her poor unpainted brethren?

Watch her fly skyward, seeking her fill
Of sunlight, and of appreciative glances,
Not confined to the ground but borne upward
On wings of pink,
On wings of pride.

She flits, she whirls, a tumble of
White mane and white tail,
Higher and higher still,
As if to steal the light
From the high-shining sun.

She is serenity and self-satisfaction,
She is beauty and pride all in one
As, with, a flick of her tail
And a beat of those wafer-wings
She writes her name in the skies.

The Spotted Rocking Uni
By Anjie

Dappled sunlight dances down,
To smatter lambent sheen.
Tucked in the corner out of sight,
A Uni's form is seen.
Never shall she canter forth,
To pastures she shan't flock.
Merely settled on her slides,
To gently, slowly rock.

Joyful hours brought to all,
Who ride the Uni's back.
Wooden slates upon the ground,
As she rocks forth and back.
To and 'fro with rhythmic thump!
Chestnut is flowing mane.
When ride hath ended she shall be still,
Until she rocks again.

Bespeckled ivory her pelt,
Awash in dappled brown.
Alabaster tail flows,
Cascading, tumbles down.
Painted smile fixed in place,
A sheen to cobalt gaze.
She'll rock and gently swing along,
As long as someone plays.

A Message from a Modest Uni
By Mamasimios

Do not assume my flowing mane
And tail, groomed and luxurious,
Are proof that I am truly vain --
I find that label spurious.

My hooves may be rarely seen
Without a touch of polish,
But do not think their lustrous sheen
Leaves them powerless to demolish.

The golden horn upon my brow
May be ornate but is not ornamental.
Its gilded spear does me allow
To deliver blows bold and detrimental.

My angelic wings are staunch and strong,
Granting me the gift of flight.
You think them cute but you would be wrong,
To discount them in a fight.

The sinewy muscles in my sleek form
Cause me to step with a playful prance.
But a wicked kick is there forewarned,
By my Battledome fighting stance.

You accuse me of great vanity,
For I spend hours with my reflection,
But I submit it would be insanity
Not to get lost in such perfection.

A Strange Little Uni
By Ffamran

Yes, I know, I'm a strange little Uni.
I don't look as cute as the others, as you can see.
I do take pride in how I appear,
So I don't care if you think I'm weird.

My hooves are rough and scratched and scarred,
My horn is tough and blunt and hard.
I don't care if I'm supposed to keep my fur shiny.
Just mind your own business and stop being whiny.

I know my wings aren't soft as silk.
Calcium sure will help, but I won't drink that milk!
I can still fly, so what's the matter?
It's not like they're going to break and shatter!

I'm dirty and sticky from rolling in the mud.
I know you'll say "What happened to you, bud?"
And then you'll ask me to go clean my fur,
But I won't do it, not even for the world!

Don't dress me up in that princess dress.
I'll tear it up and make a mess.
I don't care if it cost you 14 million.
I wouldn't even care if it cost a gazillion!

Those other Unis like being girly, you say?
Well I don't care, I'll have it my way.
I'm a proud male Uni, from head to tail,
And I won't change my mind, even if you wail.

Dance of the Royalboy Uni
By Precious_katuch14

The wind plays with his cream mane
As he canters gracefully down the lane.
He surveys the landscape with eyes deep blue
Within his chest beats a heart so true.

Clad in only the finest Meridellian livery,
Brightest red, gold, and blue you'd ever see.
This masked Uni rides with such grace,
(Don't you wish you could see more of his face?)

He takes to the air; watch him soar
Like something out of mystical folklore.
I know I'd like to write a story someday
About him; I would have so much to say!

Blades of grass bow to his hooves
Passers-by stand aside as he moves,
Weaving his dance, rearing to touch the sky,
Aware of his audience, not at all shy.

He gallops to me, and bows his head.
"Greetings, my lady," is what he said.
I curtsied back, with a smile so bright;
In my eyes, he could see an excited light.

"You have talent," answered I,
"But why do you come to me, why?
"A lowly spectator with two left feet,
"The farthest thing from a dancer elite?"

"Alas, my lady, bad news I bring,
For I have seen where you are standing.
I looked down at your feet and saw that
You have stepped into a Kau pat."

The Uni's Ball
By Dragonstorm_75

Ebony hooves both buffed and polished,
Wheat-straw mane shined and smoothed
By a new comb quite highly treasured,
Until much like silk, 'twas soft and glitter'd.

A glossy blue coat, supple and cleaned,
Tail both washed and carefully preened.
A glowing golden horn, or so it seemed...
Surely today the young Uni gleamed!

She was ready to dance, something she dreamed,
Ever since she was small, how she beamed!
But oh do we wonder, softly we say,
What will happen if the Ball is not today?

Vain Uni
By Scenette

A coat so luscious; shimmering pink
Under the brightness of the sunshine,
Which caught the tip of the dazzling horn,
Mane gracefully carried by the breeze, and
A tail long and luxurious trailing behind.

From this Neopet, would you really think
That she was as vain as could be?
No Neopet could ever exceed her standards,
She was the best, the one and only;
It was how it has always been.

Gliding over the plains of the Neopia,
You could not help but stare
At the sheer beauty of this Uni
But talk? Well, if you dare --
Don't expect a response; you're not good enough.

Then came a day of misery for the vainest Uni.
It's true what they say; beauty comes from within.
This Uni had never experienced the truth,
Now she was left with a heart so cold,
Focused on her looks, not bothering with others.

Her beauty gone, she had nothing else --
No friends or relatives; she had driven them away
With her vanity, her obsession with herself,
It seemed there was nothing else to do,
but a kind faerie appeared from the clouds.

"Don't weep, dear Uni, for I have an answer;
Do as I tell you -- you will discover beauty within."
The Uni looked puzzled, this was something new --
She was willing to do anything to feel renewed.
This time around friendship will help her along.

She slowly walked, nervously
Toward a group of others.
They eyed her with curiosity; they recognised her.
Stammering, she tried to make her first impression.
Reluctantly, they allowed her to show who she was.

Now if you see her, happy and joyful,
She will not mention looks or beauty,
For that faerie taught her many things, And little did she know her beauty had not disappeared at all:
It was an illusion to teach her a lesson.

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