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The Watcher (to a Maraquan Mynci)
By Larkspurlane

On the stormiest nights,
When the blustering gales
Thwart the commands of sea captains
To their crews, when port-holes are
Forced open by the sea-blast,
And sails, made disobedient by the wind,
Wildly unfurl,
He watches, blue-eyed, pink-scaled,
Swims into the storm, feels the
Warring winds that from every quarter
Hurl their attack and toss
The raging seas in mad turmoil.

The waves take the colour of the sand
That motion has swept up from the deep,
And the ship is tossed on wild turns of chance,
Now lifted mountain-high, now plunged
In circling walls of water.
The waves, lashed to frenzy by the storm,
Charge and leap high above the masts,
And now the caulking pitch fails,
Gaps in seams gape
And in floods the fatal sea.

He watches
Wave crash down on wave
And sea pile on sea as if
To reach the sky.

(The ill-fated ship's crew
Will awaken on a beach of hot sand,
And wonder what guiding hand,
Webbed and layered by scales of pale pink
Tugged them through the storm and
Pulled them to the safety of shore and land.)

The Mynci Defender
By Mamasimios

A bold Mynci Defender Gnome
Stands vigil outside my Neohome,
Securely settled in the loam
Of my formal front Neogarden.

But, I wonder, who does this gnome depict?
The Defenders of Neopia will not admit
He is among the official membership
Of those watching Neopians to guard them.

The wily Mynci species
When they climb down from the tall trees
Are more likely to be shifty
Than heroes true and brave.

From Valin and the Thieves Guild
To Hadrak in Darigan Citadel,
Even Arnold with his strength trials,
Are all rightly titled knaves.

The only other evidence
Of the Mynci Defender's presence
Is a vinyl toy whose existence
Is curiously difficult to prove.

I ask, "What is the mystery
Of the Mynci Defender's history?"
I hope it's not some Mynci trickery
Or my gnome I will remove!

The Facade of a Royal Mynci Girl
By Firedragon__master__

Encased in fog on mountain top
Lives Shenkuu, behold,
And within Lunar Temple doors
Lies soft beauty untold.
She gazes past with powdered face
Through piercing purple eyes.
She stays dressed up in scarlet robe,
Flowered regal disguise.
She moves with grace of river flow
And glides 'cross tiled floor.
She speaks in words as soft as silk
Present only in lore.
Her golden crown sits perfectly
Upon her upswept hair.
Yet royal Mynci reveals not
Her soul within her stare --
Like Shenkuu hidden in fog,
Her soul holds secrets yet.
Does mind hold many gleeful thoughts?
Or horrors she'd like forget?
Does royalty give happiness,
Or emptiness inside?
Pretend to be someone you're not
And hide yourself inside.
Royal girl of serenity,
You need not pretend more.
Your grace is flawless, your eyes bold --
Give up this endless chore.
Don't let royalty hold you back,
You're entitled to lots.
Just be the one you've longed to be,
Living with happy thoughts.

Hazim the Mynci Cleric
By Icesmith

Entangling frosts of icy glass
Pierce from his fingers and ablaze.
The restrictions of time and space they pass,
Creating in the air a malevolent haze.

He watches below with burning eyes,
His twisted smile releasing a howl.
His mind a myriad of destruction, so wise,
No care for civilisation, how foul.

His tail twitches with excitable pride,
And his robe in the moonlight does glimmer.
The forces of evil he does forever side,
His heart nothing but a hopeless shimmer.

Below his tower the world does sleep,
And with a wicked snarl he assaults.
Neopia surrounds him with a tortured weep,
As they prepare to suffer from the cleric's faults.

For once he had been a renowned keeper,
A cleric born high and praised well,
Until darkness had swarmed his heart, dug deeper,
And forced him to cast this almighty spell.

And now he stood with such unmatchable power,
And the victims of his darkness did tense,
As Hazim the Mynci stood atop his tower,
His presence simply far too intense.

The Volleyball
By Lily2b18

Bonk it up,
It goes higher, over
The net and lands on the sand
This game is now in your command.
A Turdle appears, but not to fear! It's your
Serve and you quickly swerve to avoid it. No
Sticky situations for you, my friend. The sun is
Setting and he keeps letting the ball fall more. It's
Eleven points to none, and you are almost done.
It's just one more point until the game is won!
You serve, you ace, and the look on his face
Is pure despair, but no fear, tomorrow
You will both be here for one more
Game of Mynci Volleyball.
Your serve!

Bananas the Mynci Way
By Anjie

For some who seek to emulate,
It's tough to find a start.
This tome's a guide to Mynci folk,
For them, this is an art.
Bananas are a favoured treat,
That few will let pass by.
And yet it's not the simple feat,
That most would dare imply!

The average Mynci spends his time,
Of these, in hot pursuit!
More valuable than gems, they seem,
Those golden, tasty fruit.
This book a guide on how to seek,
The best from every one.
Explaining ways to eat and peel,
And quick snacks on the run.

Handy tips for yellow peel
Are written in this guide.
Throw it on a shiny floor,
And watch it make one slide!
A Mynci friend will always claim,
A fact few can ignore.
That what's inside this merry book
Is priceless, that's for sure!

A way in which to hold the fruit,
In tail's curving loop.
How they'll serve as sweet dessert,
Or make banana soup!
Recipes and handy hints
To make each Mynci's day!
Bananas are the common theme,
And this? The Mynci way!

How to Bake a Gingerbread Mynci
By _Razcalz_

Brightly shines the morning sun,
For Mynci Day is here.
Celebrations all around,
With zest, the Myncis cheer.
But why go out into the crowd
When you can bake instead?
Learn to make a crunchy treat:
Mynci gingerbread!

Roll your dough out, first of all,
'Til thin but not too frail.
Take the slab and form a shape,
Mynci with ears and tail.
Two arms, two legs, and oval head,
Now place the dough on tray.
Plain is Mynci, so prepare
To decorate away.

Icing white is all you need,
(Have plenty of it, too.)
Spread it 'round gingerbread's edge,
The rest is up to you.
I suggest you add in eyes,
As well as nose and ears.
Dots for buttons, too, perhaps,
The sky's the limit here.

Gingerbread now should be baked,
Into the oven goes the tray.
Fifteen minutes should be best,
(Won't need to wait all day.)
Now you have your very own
Sweet Mynci baked good!
Gift it to the Myncis blithe,
Appreciate, they would!

By Iloenchen

A Mynci, his fur of blue colour,
Eyes hidden behind a black mask,
He sneaks unnoticed in darkness
Ready to fulfill every task.

You do not see him at night
Gliding over the ice,
Waiting in the deep snow,
His plan is not very nice.

Once you have turned around
And can't see him anymore,
He sneaks up on you from behind
And steals everything you wore.

He got Taelia's wand that way,
The faerie he did encase
In ice, she was locked away,
Could not get free from her case.

He will take what belongs to you,
Everything that you own and like,
Will steal it for his thieving boss,
Two thieves who are so much alike.

No matter how hard the mission,
No matter how much the price to pay,
The blue Mynci will succeed
Much to his victims' dismay.

Nobody has seen him these days,
Yet he is still around to steal.
Galem's fall did not pull him down,
He's still looking out for a good deal.

Hubert's Hot Dogs
By Cookybananas324

Hot dogs! Hot dogs!
Get 'em while they're hot!
Take a look
At what Hubert's got!

There's a Chilli Hot Dog,
If you're feeling chilly,
Or a Spotted Hot Dog
With its dots willy-nilly.

A Hot Dog with Onions
Will not make you cry.
Or perhaps you would like
A Hot Dog and Beans Pie?

A Grape Jam Hot Dog's
An unusual treat.
The Cookie Hot Dog
Is delicious and sweet.

There's a Spinach Hot Dog
If you want to be healthy,
Or a Diamond Hot Dog
If you're feeling wealthy.

There's a hot dog out there
To everyone's taste,
So head over to Hubert's --
There's no time to waste!

If you hunger for hot dogs,
You know where they'll be:
At the hot dog stand
Run by this Mynci.

The Maraquan Myncis
By Ilikecrazymonkeys1

Passing the ruins, wandering the sea,
Drifting away, swimming in glee,
Wild waves flowing, tides abound,
Ripples flourishing, a reckless sound.

Bracing the waves, roaming the path,
Departing deeper, in a vigorous wrath,
Spinning faster, depths unknown,
Water swirling, a trail is shown.

Leading the way, a placid sight,
Myncis glistening, until it's night.
Fumes storming, secrets are told,
Myncis praising, fights unfold.

Conflicts raging, waters splash,
Happy faces are gone in a flash.
Myncis struggling, tides pull in,
Currents in motion, giving a spin.

Energy rising, the party starts,
Myncis swimming, water parts.
Trees are swaying up above,
On this Mynci Day, full of love!

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