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No Gift for Valentine's Day
By Mamasimios

You can keep your Heart Shaped Box of Toffee;
The candy gets stuck in my teeth.
Keep too your frosted Valentines Muffin;
You can feed it to the hungry Skeith.
Take back this Valentines Day Ring
And get up off your knees.
Discard the Sweetheart Flower Bouquet;
Its blossoms make me sneeze.
I covet not a Plushie Jewelery Box,
Desire no Heart Fruit Tree,
No Sweet Heart Negg, nor Valentines Bean Bag,
Not for me a Dr Sloth Heart Plushie.
I do not pine for a Pop-up Valentine,
Don't long for Loveberries.
A Sweetheart Scroll will leave me cold,
And Dark Chocolate Hearts? Puh-lease!
Don't you know it's you I love?
And not these gifts you bring?
Offer to me your friendship, heart,
I'll accept with thanksgiving.

A Yurble Farmer to His Land
By Larkspurlane

He gives his love to the rolling hills,
To the warm sunlight which on them spills,
To Meridell's grasslands, to its streams,
To the breeze, to the sky, to this idyllic scene,
To the highest hilltop meeting the dawn,
To crops that are to come, and those long gone.

He gives his love to Meridell's plains,
Whose riches and beauties his work unveils,
His plough is like the poet's strain,
His ripening fields tell lyrical tales
Of golden seas of grain and sweet hay bales.

Love to every inch of land,
To his wheat fields, ploughed by hand,
To his corn, to his vegetable plots dear,
To their rustling music that so few hear,
Sweet sound of reciprocal love,
So soft but so sincere.

Lord Darigan's Valentine's Day
By Soaringeagle25

No mushy cards or lacy doilies,
Pretty frills or lovely rhymes.
Sugary snacks would be banned
Along with hot cocoa at mealtimes.
Eating chocolate would be a crime
If Lord Darigan did Valentine's!

Squishy plushies or soft toys
Would be strictly prohibited.
Paper hearts would be burned,
And ANY mention of Cupid
Will cost you very hefty fines,
If Lord Darigan did Valentine's!

We'll wear black, red, and purple,
(And the best thing of all to think)
Our Great Lord Darigan would decree
It's OUTLAWED to possess anything pink!
Oh yes, it would be the greatest of times,
If LORD DARIGAN did Valentine's!!

A Valentine for Sophie the Swamp Witch
By Concertogreat_8

As I was rummaging in an unmarked shop,
A Grarrl glaring ("Buy, or chop-chop"),
I caught a glimpse of a red and pink card,
An edge of paper, with fancy gold yard.
It was sealed with a heart, big and red,
"Buy me, oh buy me!" it said.

An idea struck then and, I must confess,
It's prettier than the Queen of Heart's dress.
I wish that you would be my Valentine,
I hope that you will not this offer decline.
I've made a box of pretty coloured sweets,
I hope that your interest will arise in these treats,
It would do you good (I really wish you would)
To be my Valentine.

I found your house one day last week,
In a method similar to Kacheek Seek.
It's deep in the woods, but I often go far,
And I just happened to see your door ajar.

So I guarantee you I'll not be late,
If you agree I can join your plate.
I'm sorry you're grumpy, that I just can't help,
I wish I were a magician, or at least owned Kelp.

Of all the days in Neopia's calendar,
Some are stunning, some are sub-par,
And I, I really must confess,
I rather think this one's the best.
I'm not conceited much at all,
Even I like the Chocolate Ball.
Ruki Day is quite all right,
Kyrii and I are pretty tight,
But above all (please don't laugh)
I find I favour the Valentine's half.

So if you would, I'm mailing it now,
(A Mysterious Valentine's Card, wow!)
And I'd really be pleased as pie,
If you'd be so kind as to reply,
And would you, oh would you, Sophie, please,
Be my Valentine?

Valentine's Dinner
By Kittengriffin

I went down to the Meridell lakes,
With an old fishing rod in my hand,
I went to find some fish for a date,
With a good friend, you understand.

I went down to the Meridell lakes,
And do you know what I found?
I found a Grundo green as moss,
With Mortogs huddled all around.

I went down to the Grundo then,
Asked a question straight and true,
"What's with those Mortogs, lad?
Why do they stay so close to you?"

The Grundo smiled and waved a hand,
"The Mortogs," he said, happy and bright,
"The Mortogs are princesses in disguise,
Kiss one and she'll be yours day and night."

I raised my eyebrows, unbelieving,
But a Scorchio red and bold walked in,
Stepped straight up to a Mortog and knelt,
Kissed the creature right on the warty skin.

The Mortog shivered once, then twice,
And I watched, astounded at the sight,
It became a maiden dressed in blue,
An Aisha princess with a smile bright.

The Scorchio took her hand and led her off,
I turned to the Grundo and shook my head,
But I knelt for a Mortog, kissed it straight,
And the Mortog shivered, eyes going red.

I went down to the Meridell lakes,
To catch dinner for a Valentine's date,
And catch fish I did, with a Mortog's help,
'cause their burst bodies make great bait!

A Valentine for a Skeith
By Anjie

Puzzled had I long and hard,
Until my head did ache.
Perplexing was the issue here,
It kept me wide awake.
Valentine's, the sweetest day,
So rapid did draw near.
Yet what to buy my pet? No clue!
I just had no idea.

Bottle of Love? Tried that last year,
It didn't seem his thing.
Compose a tune? A fine idea.
Except... I cannot sing.
Cookies baked with love and care?
He does love food, it's true.
But cookies give him stomachaches,
Alas! Oh what to do?

That evening as I watched him play,
A thought sprung to my head.
My Skeith was green; I'd buy a brush,
He would be pink instead!
I saved and saved right through the month,
Then one day, slipped away.
I bough the brush and headed home,
So proud, I have to say!

Valentine's dawn slowly sprung,
I grinned, awoke with joy!
Picked up the package, wrapped in pink,
With glee none could destroy.
Presenting brush to my dear Skeith,
Went wrong, as you might dread.
He grabbed the brush and gave a grin,
Then swallowed it instead.

Eliv Thade's Valentine
By _Razcalz_

Valentine's Day approaches,
A day of hearts and pink.
Messages of love sent out,
In scripts of bright red ink.
Some may recall a curious tale,
Story from time long gone...
Of how I sent Eliv a card
On Valentine's Day's dawn.

Upon the card was message short,
Just one word: "Valantine."
Obviously, you can see
My spelling's far from fine.
With nervous heart, I travelled forth
To eerie Haunted Woods.
Card set down at barred door's foot,
While looming castle stood.

'Twas next day when I found out
Of how events evolved.
Eliv had thought my valentine
Was puzzle to be solved.
"Valantine" (sadly misspelled)
Is anagram of phrase:
"Eliv, an ant," Eliv Thade solved,
(Hardly three words of praise.)

Great indeed was Eliv's wrath,
Nailed shut his box of mail.
"No, no, I meant that not,"
I cried to no avail.
Valentine's Day tale ends here,
With lesson apparent.
Learn to spell, or else you'll not
Convey the "lurve" you meant!

Different Ways to Love
By Yoyote

"Love," says the keeper
of books in Brightvale, that land
where wisdom flows always deeper
into the patient, thoughtful hand,
"Love is a profound level of affection,
a concern for the well-being of another,
a connection, a reflection, an introspection,
a keen attention toward one another."

"Love?!" spits the villain
with a quick, elaborate swish
of a gloomy cloak that is frilled within
with the touch of a secret, broken wish.
"Love is a nuisance that never fails
to get in the way of my epic work!
Love is screams and stupid wails
that drive me doubtlessly berserk!"

"Ooh, wuv," says the baby
who hasn't hatched yet, or who
is learning to walk, to fly, maybe,
and to speak a simple word or two,
"Mommy wuv me. Daddy wuv me.
We all wiv in a lotta wuv.
I wuv you an' you wuv me.
Wuv... wuv... Me likes wuv!"

So I Give You This Heartatoe
By Precious_katuch14

I broke the Heart Keyring,
My Heart Cactus wouldn't grow.
This Dung Heart is reeking,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

I dropped the Dark Heart Mug,
The Icy Heart Candy melted a while ago.
Now I have to clean up my rug,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

This Chocolate Heart just oozed,
You deserve better, oh woe!
The Heart Cake was smooshed,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

The Heart Cookie was broken,
And caused quite a row.
But I still have some kind of token,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

That Chocolate Heart grew mould,
How could a shopkeeper sink so low?
It still managed to get sold.
So I give you this Heartatoe.

The Heart Waffles were burned,
Charred and blackened ever so.
Such a humiliating lesson I've learned,
So I give you this Heartatoe.

I could have given you something else,
But then all my luck had to go.
Now that things are going well,
I can give you this Heartatoe.

A Sonnet for Shoonee
By Iniuria

It was the fourteenth day of Awakening
And as they floated upon clouds above
In Faerieland the faeries' hearts did sing
To send to us a messenger of love.

So with friendship and affection to bestow,
The faeries sent a wing'd pink Kacheek,
One gifted with an arrow and a bow
That shows to seeking hearts those whom they seek.

Each year on this most favourable date
Her golden arrows fly from shining string.
Once struck your mind is cleared of all its hate;
In love you'll find you're hopelessly falling.

But to keep your heart your own do as I did --
I saw that Kacheek coming and I hid!

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