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Neopets Poems

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Counting Blessings
By Yoyote

Another milestone, birthday number nine.
A fresh beginning will come in time.
Plots and fun, avatars and things,
It's time to reflect and count our blessings.

Dr. Sloth returned in the month of Sleeping --
Many days filled with thrill and beeping!
Saving Neopia, ending with a cheer,
It definitely was a highlight of the year.

The Pound was revamped, at long, long last;
Pets and owners matched up fast!
Abandoned pets cried, new owners cried,
Homes were found and tears were dried.

Avatars released? Hmm, just one.
Not very many, but better than none.
Those sunny Yooyu games relieved our blues,
And the Altador Cup went to the Roos.

There came a nice surprise called Key Quest
With its boards, minigames, and treasure chest.
One key, two keys, three keys, four,
Collect, collect, and get to the door!

The NC Mall had its first birthday,
With cute freebies in dazzling array.
It gave out goodies for Halloween too,
And dressed Neopia in a haunted hue.

Petpet Park appeared on the skyline,
Touting a chest with delights so fine.
Hinted at games in a small Petpet world,
Very soon to be unfurled.

Inflation ballooned the year throughout,
But players held on for the end of the drought.
For avatar items, retired treasures,
Paint brushes, weapons, unreachable pleasures.

There have been problems, but hope is ahead.
New paths open up for Neopia to tread.
Where we'll go, only time will tell...
But this Neopian wishes for all to be well.

Say the Names (Nine Years of Neopets)
By Larkspurlane

So, nine years,
Nine years, and in them
We have made our own mythology:
Say the names, then, and remember --
Say the names, and hear their echo
Sounding off of Terror Mountain's steep cliffs
Or reverberating, half-muted,
In Lutari Island's fog
Of wind and rain intermingled.

Say the names, say the names
And listen -- the Haunted Woods, Neovia,
A village on the brink of forest,
Twisted oak and woodland silence,
And the Black Pteri's dark wing --

Say the names, say the names,
And hear -- Tyrannia,
Small rock and mud huts, partially dissolved
By years upon years of rain, and the Plateau,
With stones the ages have laid atop one another,
A few of which still stand --

Say the names, say the names,
Kreludor, black moon deep-mined
Under the cold white fire of the stars --
Stars the Lost Desert too sees, first soft
In the distance, then sharper, quickening, as
Their light makes white marble of the sands.

Say the names, say them like a truth
And dream and dream --
Soft and rounded Faerieland,
Where to step is to plunge
Ankle-deep into a warm cloudy
Metamorphosis of snow --

Say the names and remember --
From old Maraqua, of which remains
Only a handful of sand and signposts broken,
To new-found Altador, where rocky islands break
Dawn's misty skyline --

Nine years of building a mythology
And a legend and a lore --
Say the names, say the names,
Names that ride the wind,
Jeran, Marak, Siyana, Garin,
Fyora, Cylara, Psellia, Illusen,
Say the names, and they are breathing,
Say the names, and their hearts keep beating,
Say the names.

Birthday Celebrations of Neopia!
By Anjie

The month of Storing had arrived,
Neopia had grown and thrived.
Another year had slipped away,
Thus celebrated, on this day.

In Meridell the castle gleamed,
Hung with streamers, so it seemed.
Fireworks burst in the night,
And bathed the realm in vivid light.

The clouds of Faerieland were changed,
In different colours now arranged.
A spell cast by the Faerie Queen,
A rainbow world, a magic scene.

In coldest reaches of far space,
The Station seemed a different place.
The Grundos blew up huge balloons
And, merry, wrote some birthday tunes.

The Haunted Woods did dwell with glee,
A banner hung from bleak Brain Tree.
In eerie letters did it state,
That all should seek to celebrate!

Within the peaks of icy land,
The Snow Faerie alone did stand.
She sculptured with each soft snowflake,
A massive, icy birthday cake!

On Mystery Island's humid shore,
Amongst Krawk Island's strange decor.
In furthest reach, most distant land,
Birthday joy was held and planned.

Neopia, another year!
In every realm, the pets shall cheer.
So those who journey, don't despair,
This celebration's everywhere.

Happy Birthday, We Join the Celebration
By Mamasimios

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
We join in the celebration.
None here could scarce forget
To mark your bright creation.

We pass the day with extra plays
Of favourite games and hope to spy
A shiny Birthday Goodie Bag
Falling to us from the sky.

And while our eyes are trained above
A giant slice of Birthday Cake
Tumbles down and we eat thereof
(For when it's chocolate, who would not partake?)

And what is this on every page?
The Birthday Sidebar is unlocked!
Then I went to the New Features page --
An avatar? That really rocked!

The Wheel of Excitement is free to spin
And so is digging for Buried Treasure.
Captain Threelegs offers free training
And the Concert Hall provides extra pleasure.

The Brain Tree has an increased reward,
And the Soup Faerie is more generous.
Random Events are more likely to award
Lavish gifts to the adventurous.

And so, Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Shake a tambourine! Raise three cheers!
Throw cookies, spin in pirouettes!
We wish you nine more happy years!

The History Of Neopia
By Spoonguardonline

So Neopia has reached its ninth birthday,
A grand achievement -- what else can I say?
But how did we get here? Hard to ascertain.
Let us go on a journey down Memory Lane.

Year One was the place where Neopia started,
Entering a world previously uncharted,
Across the globe were discovered strange races,
And Totems were needed to enter new places.

It moved on a bit when it came to Year Two,
With Flotsams and Solitaire and Dice A Roo.
The Battledome opened, and into the fray
Charged Dr. Frank Sloth and his Grundo army.

The world was expanding throughout Year Three,
(But Maraqua disappeared into the sea).
The first explorers visited Terror Mountain,
And the Rainbow Faerie opened up her fountain.

Turmoil was rife as we entered Year Four,
With the start of the Darigan/Meridell war.
Judge Hog started fighting back against the pests,
And white Lupes started their first Neoquests.

The theme was puzzles when it came to Year Five,
As we sought to find the Tombola guy alive.
Come Gadgadsbogen, the Pink Peachpa cooler,
Was consumed by Vik, or by Rufus or Jhuidah?

Year Six was the time for a wild adventure,
As the Ice Caves were explored by barmaid Hannah.
Betrayed by Kanrik and aided by Armin,
She saved Neopia, to the Bringer's chagrin.

Year Seven was brought in by Garin and Jacques,
Sailing the Pawkeet to Maraqua and back.
And time was lost in the Desert, one assumes,
Stuck in the Temple of 1000 Tombs.

Year Eight saw Neopia look to the sky,
As Finneus helped us with astronomy.
Tuan went to Shenkuu -- a long way to go,
Whilst Gilly got frightened in the Tale of Woe.

Come Y9, our game skills were put to the test,
As AAA proved that he wasn't the best.
We journeyed with Hugo and Lilian Fairweather,
To a lost island, on board the S. S. Primella.

A green-skinned old friend returned in Year Ten,
As he failed to take over Neopia again.
The Altador Cup had a third different victor,
As Roo Island left the Krawk Islanders bitter.

Through nine years of history, we reach present day.
We've seen wars, plots, puzzles -- it's quite a display.
But now that our retrospective look is through,
All that's left is to wish a great birthday to you!

Happy ninth birthday, Neopets!

The Soup Faerie's Birthday Wishes
By Stariell

I've been here since it all began,
And I've seen you come and go,
Pets of different shape and size,
With bank accounts both high and low.

I've fed you with asparagus soup,
(And watched some spit it out),
I've cared for your pets and watched,
As you learned all that Neopia's about.

I've stood here tending soup supplies,
As cities were built and as they fell,
I've seen the new Maraqua rise,
But watched the old destroyed, as well.

I watched them dig Qasala out
From beneath the Lost Desert's sand,
The discovery of hidden Shenkuu,
As well as Altador's noble lands.

A decade's worth of love and caring,
For all Neopia's poorest pets,
And ten birthday celebrations thrown,
Still I've not grown tired of it yet.
So why not visit me in the Marketplace,
If you might be passing by this way,
And join me for some birthday cake,
To celebrate your very first Neopian day.

You may not be hard-up for Neopoints,
But today I'd love to see you here,
To celebrate Neopet's special day,
With a slice of cake for every year!

Celebrations in Shenkuu
By _Razcalz_

Firecrackers detonate,
This special, special day.
Celebrations in Shenkuu,
Are getting under way.
'Tis marked on every calendar:
Birthday ninth is here!
One more candle 'pon the cake,
For you, Shenkuuans cheer!

Happy birthday, Neopets,
Now, let the fun begin!

Merchant town amongst the clouds
Does brim with noise today.
Crackling sounds as wicks ignite,
Fireworks astray.
They dance across the amber skies,
Splendid blazing hues.
Trailing sparks burst into forms
Of violet, yellow, blue.

Happy birthday, Neopets,
We celebrate with you!

Exotic Foods greets Neopians
With scrumptious treats for all.
Petpets and Restoratives,
Goods from stall to stall.
Thrilled well-wishers in the streets,
Shout joy to drifting clouds.
Lunar Temple stands above,
Shenkuu's excited crowds.

Happy birthday, Neopets,
Blow the candles, make a wish!

In busy streets, as Shenkuu cheers,
As mist and white clouds swirl;
As buyers hustle eagerly,
As fireworks do twirl;
We recall those past events,
In which we did partake.
This year is one we'll ne'er forget...
Enjoy your day! (Eat lots of cake!)

Happy Birthday, Neopets,
And here's to many more!

A Neopian Celebration
By Keikotoriyamacatnip

A time of celebration,
Another year so grand.
Presents, balloons galore,
Birthday cake at hand.

A party among parties,
Awaited every year.
Bringing all pets together,
To share the fun and cheer.

Pass around the gifts,
The party favours too.
From Meridell to Maraqua,
To the Islands of Mystery and Roo.

Remember the infamous cake,
Every year a new surprise.
Layered with tiers of icing,
Candy decorations and bow ties.

Colourful goodie bags abound,
Bursting with lovely treats.
Toys, balloons, tambourines,
And, of course, tons of sweets.

Raise balloons to the sky,
Watch them float away.
For today we celebrate
An amazing Neopian day.

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Congrats on another year.
It has been a real blast,
Filling lives with cheer.

The Birthday Cake
By Lily2b18

It's blue, it's green, it's pink, it's red,
It'll send all the sugar straight to your head.
It will make it impossible to go to bed,
It's the Neopets' Ninth Birthday cake.
It took hours to make, and it will have fed
So many Neopians, who still wait ahead.
If not cake, you can have ice cream instead,
Just make sure you don't get a bellyache.

The icing is sweet and the cake is so good
No matter how you felt, you'll be in a great mood.
You'll think, "What a great piece of food!"
And your happiness couldn't be greater,
So eat up, everyone! There's no need to brood,
There's plenty for all, no need to make a feud,
It's the best kind of cake, leading me to conclude,
Your stomach will thank you later.

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