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Frequently Asked Questions

Charity Corner 2020 – Saving Dacardia
1) What's Saving Dacardia all about?

A terrible storm has struck the reclusive islands of Dacardia, Granny Hopbobbin has organized a relief effort to bring supplies to the region. The Neopets there will need help to rebuild. She's enlisted Captain Rourke and the SS Primela for transport and the Giving Gadget from Atsumi. As a reward, she's gathered some fine prizes for generous donations.

2) Why should I donate?

On top of the warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping Neopets in need, there are many rewards. One Neopet's clutter is another Neopet's treasure. The Giving Gadget will convert all those bits and bobs you don't need and in return you'll get to shop for all kinds of fun prizes within the prize shop. Every Neopet wins! Also, at the end of the event, you will receive a trophy as a token of Granny Hopbobbin's appreciation.

3) How do I donate items?

Click on the Giving Gadget tray and that will bring you to your inventory where you can select items to donate to the cause. From there Select 'I don't need it' option then visit hub page to then donate your items. Another option is selecting the checklist page and choosing your items. You can either quick donate, where it will immediately grant you points, or take donations to the Giving Gadget to watch the magic happen yourself. Pull the lever to watch your items transform into helpful donations for those in need in Dacardia. Lastly, select the pickup slot to see how many points you have earned from your donation(s).

4) How does the "Giving Gadget" work?

It converts the items you'd like to donate into useful supplies for the cause as well as points. Go down your checklist and select anything from your inventory, big or small, and click the lever to activate the machine. Once the device has completed its magical process, it will award you your points. You can redeem those points at the prize shop.

5) How do the NC Donations work?

To take part in the NC donations, you'll need to purchase a Donation Box from the NC Mall. Activate it in your inventory and check what you'd like to donate. For this portion you must donate NC items to participate. From there you will earn donation badges which you can then spend at the Gift Shop.

6) What's available in the NP Prize Shop?

The NP shop has all kinds of new prizes and mystery capsules available. Whatever reward you choose!

7) What are the odds of getting rare items in the Mystery Capsules

Charity Corner Mystery Capsules grant one item of a specific rarity. The rarity ranges and chances are listed below:

Tier 1 - Ultra Rare

  • 1-84 : 85%
  • 85-89: 10%
  • 90-94: 4%
  • 95-99: 1%

Tier 2 - Rare

  • 1-74 : 85%
  • 75-84: 10%
  • 85-89: 3%
  • 90-94: 2%

Tier 3 - Common

  • 1-74 : 85%
  • 75-84: 10%
  • 85-89: 5%

8) What will the Giving Gadget accept?

Both NC and NP items can be donated. The rarer the item, the better the reward. So, choose wisely.

9) I've donated but didn't get any prizes yet. When can I expect them?

You will earn your points as soon as you donate items. So if you are unsure of the amount of points you have accumulated check the gift shop or your checklist where it lists your points at the top. At the end of the event everyone who participated will receive a trophy recognizing their valiant efforts!

10) Does the rarity of the item(s) I donate affect the points I earn?

Abso-Techo-tootely (...That means "yes")! The higher the rarity of an item you donate, the more points you earn.

11) Are there any perk rewards?

I'm afraid not. But Granny Hopbobbin is still here to offer rewards at the prize shop for your generosity.

12) I have points from last year, can I still use them?

Your leftover points have been brought into this year's Saving Dacardia event with some modifications.

The points were carried over in the following manner:

First 100 points - carried over as is

Next 101-1000 - reduced by 60%

Next 1001-5000 - reduced by 70%

5001-50,000 - reduced by 90%

50k+ - reduce by 99%

13) Can I still donate Snowballs?

Yes... however last year, it froze the gears of the "Living with Less" machine so Atsumi made some alterations. They're only worth one point, now.

14) How long will the 'Saving Dacardia' relief effort last?

'Saving Dacardia' will start September 14th and end on September 24th. The prize shop will be available during and after the event, so redeem your points at your own pace.