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Perk Shop Preview

1. What happened to my leftover points from Charity Corner 2018?

Your leftover points have been brought into this year’s ‘Living with Less’ event with some modifications to suit the perks available this year and their prices.
The points were carried over in the following manner:
First 100 points – carried over as is
Next 900 points – reduced by 60%
Next 4,000 points – reduced by 70%
Next 45,000 points – reduced by 90%
Remaining points – reduced by 99%
You can see the total points carried over under ‘Carried Over Points’ in the Perk Shop Preview.

2. What are the site themes that I can get from 'Bring Back the Old Days'?

On activating this perk, you will be able to select one of the following site themes: Neoepts Purple
Valentine’s Day
Winter Holiday
Haunted Woods
Festival of Neggs
Daily Dare
Daily Dare: Chadley
Destroyed Faerie Festival
Monster Hunting
Mysterious Obelisk
Krawk Island
The Faeries’ Ruin
Atlas of the Ancients
Petpet Protection League
Tale of Woe
Cryodake’s Gaze
Curse of Maraqua
Treasure Keepers
Tis The Season
The Lost Heirloom
The Return of Dr. Sloth

3. What are the avatars that I can get from 'In a New Avatar'?

On activating this perk, you will randomly receive an avatar you don't have from the available options. Make sure to go through the list before activating this perk. Xweetok - Faerie
Pteri - Darigan
Grarrl - Darigan
Ruki - Desert
Peophin - Faerie
Tuskaninny - Relax
Ixi - Disco
Flotsam - Tough
Acara - Roberta of Brightvale
Quiggle - Mutant
Jubjub - Tyrannian
Yurble - Forefitor
Hissi - Ice
Lupe - King Altador
Kougra - Baby
Krawk - Island Fever
Chomby - Colourful
Uni - Nightsteed
Tonu - Mutant
Lenny - Mutant
Elephante - To War!
Aisha - Disco
Bruce - Mutant
Usul - Royal Boy
The Darkest Faerie
Faerie Pteri
Korbat - Royal
Korbat - Royal
Jetsam - Bah!
Bori - Grumpy
Grarrl - Galem Darkhand
Poogle - Pirate
Meerca - Halloween
Wocky - Camouflage
Peophin - Purple
Ixi - Sophie the Swamp Witch
Flotsam - Rainbow
Acara - Angry Prince
Kau - Starry
Baby Nimmo
Quiggle - Cheesy Grin
Moehog - Avast!
Clay - Ouch!
Who Me?
Captain Scarblade
Good or Bad?
Maraquan Chomby
Spotted Gelert
Baby Buzz
Fiery Pteri
Not for Wreathale
Colorful Korbat
Mutant Draik - Back Off!
Mutant Graveyard of Doom
Emo Usuki
Jeran - Hero
Kass Minion
Darigan Peophin
Baby Pteri - Cracked
Faellie - It's Alive
Battle Jubjub
Grundo Warehouse
Helpful Zafara
Dr. Death
Techo Master
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha
Defenders of Neopia - Lupe
Maraquan Krawk
Maraquan Krawk
Grey Faerie
Pirate! - Aisha
Pirate! - Shoyru
Pirate! - Krawk
Pirate! - Scorchio
Grundo - Faerie
Usukicon - Usuls
Usukicon – Shopkeeper
Happy Birthday!
Plastic Fir
Easter Cybunny
Quiguki April Fools Avatar
Valentine Chia
I *heart* Sloth
Seasonal Attack Pea
Buzz – Maraquan
Jazzmosis – Elephante
Jub Zambra
Yes Boy Ice-Cream
Nimmo – Emote

4. How does ‘Perk Me Up’ work?

When you buy a ‘Perk Me Up’ coupon, you will randomly get one of the following perks:
Prized Possessions
More for Less
Bring Back the Old Days (With this perk, you can choose the site theme you want)
Wanna Bet On It?
One More Time
Colour It Wild
Pile On
Can I Keep It?

5. How many ‘Perk Me Up’ coupons can I buy?

As many as you can afford.

6. If I buy 10 ‘Perk Me Up’ coupons, am I guaranteed each of the ‘Perk Me Up’ perks once?

No, some of the perks are more common than others.

7. Once I get one of the ‘Perk Me Up’ perks, is it removed from the possible outcomes the next time I buy a coupon?

Some of the ‘Perk Me Up’ perks are limited to once, twice or three times. If you get the same perk more times than it is allowed, you will receive an item from the exclusive item pool instead.

8. Which avatars are affected by the ‘Avatar Goldmine’ perk, and how much more likely am I to get one of those avatars?

Your chance of getting the following avatars is increased by 200% while this perk is active:
High Roller
Edna – Cackle!
Lever of Doom
Snowager – Rawr!

9. How many times can I use *insert perk name*?

The maximum number of times you can redeem a perk is indicated in the description for the perk.

10. Can I get a Petpet that is exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray from 'Zapped!'?

Yes you can.