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Frequently Asked Questions

Living with Less - FAQs
1) Who is Atsumi and what is 'Living with Less' about?

Atsumi is an ex-costumier from Shenkuu who likes to travel whenever she can. A few years back, while packing for one of her travels, she realized she had too many clothes that made choosing what to pack or even what to wear every day that much harder. Atsumi looked at the other areas of her life and was appalled to find that they were all similarly affected. She heard about Granny Hopbobbin’s charity drive and came with bags and bags of stuff to donate. Having done that, she went back home feeling lighter and happier. The following year, when she found herself back in Charity Corner with as many bags as the previous year, she had an epiphany. She realized that clutter donated to charity continued to be clutter; it merely changed hands!

She went home with a sinking feeling but inspiration struck Atsumi and she got down to creating a blueprint of a machine that would segregate the discarded items into things that could be reused and things that couldn’t be. It would then go ahead and recycle the junk pile. She then gave the blueprint to her brother who is a handy sort. He tinkered and perfected the design and made a machine which completely transformed her life! Motivated by the joy and success that it brought to her life, Atsumi decided to introduce the rest of the world to this machine that she named simply as the Declutter Machine. And this was how the movement, 'Living with Less' came into being.

2) Why should I discard?

Atsumi is here to teach us about the 'less is more' approach to living a life of contentment. Discarding the excess is a definite way of welcoming positivity into your lives. Take your extra possessions to the Declutter Machine and be rewarded with points for making the conscious choice of living with less. As a bonus, you can redeem these points for perks in the Perk Shop to further better your life.

3) How does the Declutter Machine work?

Load the tray with the items that you wish to discard by choosing them from your inventory and pull the lever by clicking on it. Once the machine does its magic, it will award you with points that you can redeem at the Perk Shop. The number of points you earn depends on the number and rarity of items you discard.

4) What will the Declutter Machine accept?

Absolutely anything! 'Living with Less' is about liberation so let go of anything and everything that doesn't fit your life anymore. Each NP item that you wish to remove from your life will add its share of happiness back into it by awarding you points that you can later redeem in the Perk Shop for something special. You can take it a step further, buy a Clutter Box from NC Mall and use it to discard your excess NC items too. At the end of the event, you will also receive a trophy as a token of appreciation for your participation!

5) How do I discard items that I no longer need?

Head to your inventory and click on the item that you wish to discard. Then, click on the discard button in the pop-up to put the item in the tray of the Declutter Machine. To complete the process, head over to the hub page and click on the lever on the machine. For NC items, complete Step 1 by buying a Clutter Box from the NC Mall and proceed to Step 2 to discard from your inventory. All items discarded will earn you points that you can later redeem at the Perk Shop.

6) I have decluttered my inventory but haven’t got any prizes in return. When can I expect them?

Initially, every item that you choose to discard will earn you points. Once the Perk Shop opens, you can redeem the points you have collected for perks that will bring joy and better your lives. This sounds like the perfect win-win situation to us!

7) Does the rarity of the items I discard affect the number of points I earn in return?

Yes, the higher the rarity of an item you discard, the higher will be the number of points you earn for it.

8) How many Neocash items can I discard with one Clutter Box?

You can donate 1 Neocash item with every Clutter Box that you buy.

9) For how long will the 'Living with Less' program be available?

The Living with Less program will start on the 6th of May at 10:00:00 NST and end on 27th of May at 23:59:59 NST.