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Week 261
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Week 263

Every week we will be starting a new Story Telling competition - with great prizes! The current prize is 2000 NP, plus a rare item!!! This is how it works...

We start a story and you have to write the next few paragraphs. We will select the best submissions every day and put it on the site, and then you have to write the next one, all the way until the story finishes. Got it? Well, submit your paragraphs below!

Story Two Hundred Sixty Two Ends February 17

It was the twenty-first day of the Month of Collecting... or was it the twenty-third? If Neopoints made the world go 'round, then that might have explained why my world was at a complete standstill. I was no longer a Neopet of the moment.

The world didn’t need any more Neopets like me. The world needed beautiful faeries to save the day... knights with magic spells and long, sharp spears.

But not me.

I could hear the creaking of the sign on my wall -- "Dirk Gallant: Private Eye" -- weighing heavily on its rusty hinges. Its lettering barely showed through the layer of dust that I never bothered to wipe off. After all, no one came in here anymore. No one wanted to. No one needed to...

Before she showed up, the last offer I’d had was from an old Krawk looking for her lost Kadoatie. Not much of a mystery -- I found the yowling creature in a tree. Before her arrival, the last decent meal I'd had was a meaty pot pie from the kindly old Krawk.

Then she walked in, my first real customer in countless months. A commanding Aisha who didn’t have much to say, but did have the Neopoints to back up those few words. You know, the type who has it all -- riches, beauty, luxury. She said something about some sort of missing family heirloom. The job seemed simple enough, and she promised to compensate me well.

So I did what anyone else with common sense would have done -- I took up the case...

Author: Gum on my shoe
Date: Feb 10th
..."Mister Gallant?" Her voice was silk-smooth, with a power behind it that I couldn't place if I wanted to. "I have a job for you!"

With those simple words, the whole ordeal began. She spoke on in her fluid voice, telling with choice words and the jingle of Neopoints in her pocket what she required of me. I took up my notebook, used mostly for pointless doodles these days, and scratched out notes on what she needed. It's a wonder I could read those notes later. My handwriting was about as bad as my financial situation.

She finished, nodded at me, and departed.

"Good day, Mister Gallant."

I kept cool, but was seething inside with happiness. Now THIS was a real job.

I was up all night, deciphering my doodles from my notes and my notes from doodles. It all came to this:

The dame was a distant descendant of the famous Captain Xelqued, creator of the original Aisha Myriad. Now, this was nothing to be proud of; he was the one who stole the hidden tower's technology and magic. But his accomplishments were great, no matter what his motives were. He was a guy to be respected, him an' his partner Norbekk.

Here the details get sketchy. Apparently, if the girl was being honest, she had somehow acquired the original Aisha Myriad. Not only did it have the power of all the Hidden Tower items, but the slight error in its structure makes it much more dangerous. She had it under lock and key, but it wasn't enough. The Myriad was gone.

It being the original and all, the errors were to be expected. It was only after the Myriad disappeared that they found out about its destructive power.

In other words, this would be a case to remember.

I fell asleep that night counting Neopoints. This was my chance to get my world spinning again...

Author: i_like_banannas
Date: Feb 13th
...The next morning, I donned my fedora and trenchcoat and headed for Neopia Central. My client lived in the real fancy district. I guess you'd have to be rich to be the heir to the Aisha Myriad. I figured that'd be the place to start looking for clues.

Unfortunately, fancy homes doesn't mean fancy clues. She kept the Aisha Myriad in her safety deposit box (obviously) and kept her safety deposit box well hidden (also obviously). Behind a portrait of her great aunt Myrtle, to be exact. I must've searched that room top to bottom and all I found was a gold feather not far from the broken-in SDB. She didn't know any Lennies or Pteris and, from the looks of the steel door ripped off its hinges, the thief didn't have direct access to the box, denying him (or her) a clean getaway. They were able to sneak in quietly enough, but lost their patience when it came to PIN numbers.

When I left my client's house, all I had to go on was a smashed up door and a pretty feather souvenir. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Whoever stole the Aisha Myriad could do one of two things with it: use it for their own personal gain or sell it to the highest bidder. When it came to shady deals in the marketplace, there was only one person I knew I could count on.


A pretty little red Kyrii I knew from way back. She used to play a part in a counterfeit dubloon scan. She was desperate for Neopoints and ran in with the wrong crowd. I took pity on the girl and was able to help her out. She served her time and was now earning a living as soda jerk at the local juice bar.

Sometimes people told me I was too soft when it came to some criminals. What can I say? I'm a Yurble; we're known for having big hearts.

The place was practically empty when I walked in. There she was in her apron, cleaning the counter, humming a tune. When she saw me, she couldn't help but smile.

"Dirk Gallant," she said with a smirk. "One of these days, I knew you'd come walking back through my door."

"Hey there, Brandy," I said, taking a seat at the bar. "I need two things from you. First, a frosty glass of islandberry juice."

"And second?" she asked as she prepared my drink.

I placed my Neopoints on the counter. "I need some clues."

"Since when have you been clueless?"

"Cute. I'm on a big case, Brandy."

"Same song; second verse."

"It's for Sylvia Furlong. You know her?"

Brandy snorted a little as she put the drink on the counter. "That snobby Aisha related to that captain? Yeah, I've seen her a few times."

"She had something taken from her. You may have heard of it. The Aisha Myriad?"

Brandy dropped the glass she was cleaning, clearly stunned by statement. Yeah, she'd heard of it.

"So it's true," she said, reaching for a broom and dustpan. "It was taken..."

"You know something, Brandy?"

I saw Brandy bite her lip, like she was keeping something back. "Yesterday, some shady looking guys were talking about that. Ordered a few rounds of melon cordials. I didn't get too much, but they said something about the trading post."

Now I was getting somewhere. I pulled the feather out of my jacket. "Any of them have wings?"

Brandy studied my evidence. "There was a Lenny. Big strong one. His finger feathers were gold, but the rest of him was shadow. There was also a Mynci and a Bori with him, but I didn't get a good look at their colors."

I placed the feather back in my jacket. "You're the best, Brandy. Looks like I'm taking the next boat to Mystery Island."

Brandy grabbed my arm and gave me a look of warning. "I'd be careful if I were you, Dirk. Those guys looked bad. Real bad. I owe you for getting me back on the right track. Promise me you won't be careless."

Such an angel. I can't imagine why she'd ever gotten into a life of crime in the first place. I patted her hand reasurringly. "Don't worry, Brandy. I'm a detective. Sometimes we gotta stick our necks out for what's right."

Just as I was about to leave, Brandy called back. "Hey Dirk. You forgot your drink."

I smiled back. "I didn't order it for me." As Brandy enjoyed her refreshment, I headed for the docks to catch the next boat...

Author: bitsy_dj
Date: Feb 14th
...Getting to the docks was not the hard part. Tracking the pets in question down was the hard part.

Anyone who just waltzes around a dock asking who went where is going to get noticed. Places like that are crawling with all sorts of shady, desperate sorts. You know, guys who’d rat you out just as soon as look at you -- or worse. So, either you try and keep away from these types, or... you use them.

Just stand in a noticeable spot and flash a few Neopoints, and, bingo, you have yourself a personal servant.

I noticed a scruffy-looking Cybunny had caught my eye from across a heap of old sacks. I nodded and strolled into the nearest pub, finding myself a table that was just private enough to give us some talking space, but not shoved off in some dark, smelly corner. You get noticed by hanging around in the shadows.

About five minutes later the Cybunny came in and sat down in front of me. “Whatcha need, guv’nor?” his eyes darted to my hands, and then back up to my face.

“I need some information,” was my reply. “I’m looking for a Lenny. Mostly black, with yellow feathers on his fingers. He may be with a Mynci, a Bori, or both. Think you can handle that?”

The Cybunny grinned at me. I don’t know what it is about sailors, but sooner or later they get teeth the same color as the yellow-brown timbers in the ships they sail on. “’Course I can. Just slip me a few ‘points and I’ll--” he reached towards me.

“A little now, a little later,” I tossed him a coin. “Hurry it up. I need to know what boat they’re on, and where they’re going.”

He nodded, “Be right back with you, guv,” and winked at me. Then he was gone.

Now, not a lot of people know this, but being a detective sometimes means waiting. Walking, talking, and waiting are what you do most of the time when you’re on a case. I ordered something to drink and a really nasty-smelling porridge of some kind to make myself look natural, and looked at that feather every now and then.

Pretty stupid to leave a clue as big as this behind. I don’t know why, but I got an uneasy feeling in my gut.

I thought on this a little bit, but decided not to come to conclusions until I’d gotten more information. And, as luck would have it, I didn’t have to wait much longer after that. As soon as I had tucked that feather away for what had to have been the fiftieth time, I looked up and saw that bad-breathed Cybunny coming right towards me...

Author: kyuukon
Date: Feb 14th
..."So, where were we, now?" he began, flashing a grin that made my stomach crawl. And it wasn't just because of the timber-hued decay that jutted out of his slimy gums, either -- there was a crafty glint in his eyes that set my instincts on red alert. The guy looked pretty old, but definitely not weak or senile. He could still pull a dirty trick or two, given enough motivation. I'd keep my eyes on him -- that was for sure. "Ah, yes -- that Lenny you were looking for. Friend o' yours, guv?" he asked, drawing my mind back to the conversation.

"I suppose you could say that," I began cautiously, but quickly decided to dump the tactic. Sure, very convincing story -- he was my friend, and I didn't even know his name. "Actually, FRIEND is the wrong word. I'm more like... a customer of his." The words sounded good, and it must have been the right thing to say, because it got the old-timer talking.

"Ah, I see," he said, the gleam in his eyes growing brighter. "I heard he was selling off some high-priced trinket he'd laid his fingers on -- said something about meeting a client of his." I looked at him expectantly, but he suddenly glanced sharply at my pocket. "I can't say I remember much besides that."

It was a scene that had been played out a thousand times on all four corners of Neopia, and although I detested the charade with every quill on my body I reached into that pocket he was eyeing and pulled out a handful of Neopoints. "Does that jog your memory any?" I asked, and a greedy smirk twisted his weathered face. Oh, well. In this business, you do what you have to.

"I seem to recall he was awful smug about having gotten this thing -- real proud of himself," the Cybunny went on, and when he hesitated I narrowed my eyes, and he seemed to think better of leaving it at that. A hip-check from a Yurble can get some incredible results. "He said this customer of his was to be meeting him on some little scrap of land a short skip west of here," he added, "but you would already know that."

"Actually, he was stingy on the details. Almost like he was hiding from someone, afraid I might say too much." Playing ignorant, I squinted at the Cybunny. "Almost makes me think I'm dealing with a crook."

To my surprise, the old seaman threw back his head and laughed. "I wont deny that I've been in shady a couple times myself, and I know the type. You'd do well to keep your wits about you, lad."

Startled by the old fellow's candor, I decided to try to take advantage of his sudden humorous mood. "I take it you've pulled a few tricks from your sleeve in your day," I said, playing on his ego. An informant's pride can be a splendid ally. "You could probably see through that fellow pretty well. What would you see coming from him?"

The Cybunny paused to think, long enough for me to take the hint. Sliding another few Neopoints toward him, I gave him a meaningful look and waited. I certainly hoped that he would be willing to oblige me this time -- Neopoints were not a commodity I had in any great amount. "Yer liable to get a poor deal with that one," the old-timer finally said, "and you'd do well to watch your back." Looking at me shrewdly, he added, "Although I daresay you had an inkling that you might be looking for trouble when you got into this."

I nodded, and my informant fell silent. Apparently I had gotten all the information he was able or willing to give me. "Thank you for your help," I said politely, getting up from my chair. As an afterthought I turned to him and added, "Do you know of anywhere I could hire a boat? Whatever you say about his integrity, I have a deal coming my way and I don't intend to miss it."

A twinkle lit up the old Cybunny's eyes. "Aye, that can be managed. In fact, I believe I could take you there myself -- for the proper price."

As I reached into my pocket and pulled out the last of the Neopoints I had brought with me, I wondered why I felt like I had just sold myself to Jhudora. Maybe it was the knowledge that I had just stepped impulsively over the edge of a cliff, off on a fool's errand. What if the REAL client was already there, or close enough that he would arrive while I was in mid-bargain? What if the Lenny thief already knew what his client looked like, and would call my bluff the moment he laid eyes on me? Even if I could effectively play the part of the customer, I had no cash with which to purchase a marvel like the Myriad, and I could hardly hope to fight for it, alone, unarmed, and probably outnumbered. And what if the Cybunny had been lying all along, or had mistakenly given me information regarding the wrong Neopet?

This last one didn't sound likely, since not many people will try to do business on a miniature island that practically nobody knows about. Which left only three options, it seemed: 1, the Lenny thief was stupid and was accidentally leaving an obvious trail which practically begged to be followed; 2, the trail had been left on purpose, to distract me while the deal was made -- or worse, while the hooligan decided to wreak some sort of havoc with one of the most dangerous weapons in existence; or 3, that I was about to walk right into a trap.

The thought of that last one sent a shiver down my spiky back, mostly because it seemed so sickeningly likely. That feather he left, and the fact that he had left such an obvious trail was just too good to be good, although it sounded strange when I mentally worded it that way.

Besides, hadn't Brandy said something about the Trading Post? Maybe I was on a Snowbunny trail after all.

But I was committed, and there was nothing I could do except to follow that smirking old Cybunny up the ramp and onto a dingy old fishing boat, wondering all the while if I had just made the biggest mistake of my life...

Author: sarahleeadvent
Date: Feb 15th
...I followed the Cybunny up the ramp. I looked all over the deck. If there was one word that descibed this boat it would absoulutely be:


Sailors' clothes and faerie sandwiches were scattered all over the deck. Kelp was hung all over the steering wheel, and bananas peels were just everywhere. The boat had the distant smell of dung.

The Cybunny shrugged. "So, guvna' what excactly is the Lenny gonna give you?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Things." I replied, with a stern face.

"So, you don't want to tell me? Fine," the Cybunny grumpily said, eyeing me. He walked up to the wheel, looked back, and gave me a deep smirk. "By the way, my name is Elywyn," he introduced.

He could've been telling me his wrong name. For all I know, he could be working with the Lenny. In fact, he could even be the client. I couldn't trust any of these shady characters.

"Anyway, we sail on to the island! You can take a seat, guvna'," Elywyn stated.

"No thanks." I mumbled. Elywyn pulled up the anchor and started to sail. Plenty of time to think. I pulled the feather out of my pocket. Meanwhile, Elywyn began to whistle.

I studied it. The end looked like it was torn off of the Lenny, not so much fallen from the Lenny. A shiver went through my spine again. The Aisha Myriad was a powerful weapon; what if the thieves wanted to trade it for something even more powerful? Something that could take over all of Neopia? So many questions raced through my mind.

"Guvna', what's your name?" Elywyn suddenly asked.

I thought for a moment. It would be best to lie. But, then what if he told the Lenny and they knew I wasn't the client because of my made-up name? "Leo." I replied, hoping that I wouldn't spoil the case.

"A nice name." he complimented.

I was silent. "How much longer?" I asked.

Elywyn looked at the sea. "A half hour." he replied. My spine tingled with sensation. Fear and excitement crossed my mind at the same time. I looked at the sea. "The sea is beautiful today," Elywyn said. I nodded. I started to think again. Maybe the Lenny had an alibi, or a password of some sort. Theives are tricky. They can look so innocent, or they could trick and fool you right off the market. Anyway, it was too late to turn back now, because I could already see the thin strip of land where my quarry supposedly lay...

Author: walibyroo
Date: Feb 15th
..."The sea is beautiful today," he had said.

Upon reflection, this sad piece of irony is amusing, even to the point of laughter. At the time, however, my mind was quite preoccupied with the effort to keep my mouth very firmly closed.

If I had been a sailor, I would have noted the pale tendrils of red that gathered on the horizon, the colors soft and fleeting like those of dusk. Perhaps in another lifetime I would have recognised the ominous signs they brought, but, being a detective rather than a meteorologist, I was content to marvel at their beauty. The coarse wood of the boat felt cool against my back, the sunlight played across my face, and the salt air filled me with a wonderful sense of simple existance. For a while, I forgot the troubles that had driven me onward.

It didn't last very long.

Roughly twenty minutes into our journey -- I could see the defining lines that shaped the shoreline's jagged slopes -- the sky was overcome with great steel clouds. Beneath me, the delicate construction of timber groaned as foam licked its sides. Blue lost its brilliance to a cruel iron-grey, flecked with tongues of white.

Elywyn busied himself performing some unknown task in the rigging. It was then that I realized something was wrong OTHER than the fact that our vessel was actively being torn apart. As a detective, it is important that I am able to read the most subtle of behaviors and facial expressions. With no intention of bragging, I can comfortably say that I am exceptionally good at this, and my skill gives me my (generally) sought-out reputation.

The aforementioned skill was absoultely unnecessary, however. Elywyn, contrary to someone who was being tossed about like a rag doll in the middle of the open sea, wore an exceptionally wide-toothed grin. Not exactly inconspicuous.

Crouched and soaked to the bone, my matted fur clinging to my skin, I fought off waves of nausea. Of course, it made sense; Elywyn was an experienced sailor. There wasn't any chance he'd get caught in a storm so close to shore, unless he had other motives. Still, I could only hope for the best and play along with whatever game he had in mind. It was that or drown, and I preferred the former over the latter.

Land was close now. If it had been calmer I could have leapt out and swam the remaining distance, but in this weather I didn't dare. Instead, Elywyn brought us closer to the churning sand until, with a grinding shudder, the boat came to rest against the beach. The Cybunny swung down from the rigging, roaring, "All right, time to go!" His voice was weak and distant, like a small buzzing insect.

I slid off the side of the vessel, knee-deep in sand, and hastily scrambled away from the cresting waves. The water that fell from the heavens was more likely to be thrown from buckets than rain, and the sheets distorted my vision, blurring the contours of the island. However, as I narrowed my eyes and looked around, one thing became pain-stakingly clear -- someone else was here...

Author: keikala
Date: Feb 16th
...My eyes narrowed as the quills on the back of my neck twitched. Three thieves and their clients were meeting on this Neopia forsaken rock and not a single boat, neither the smallest dingy nor the largest yacht, was moored to the dock. Suspicions raced through my mind. Didn’t Elywyn say they were already there?

Then, before I could even think of the most clichéd 'fishy business' remark, Elywyn suddenly spoke... from directly behind me. How could I have let him sneak up on me?

"Thanks fer the coin, guvna'," he cackled, his voice no longer warm and friendly.

It was then that something hit me in the back of my head.

* * * * *

It was dark when I finally came to. Boy, it wasn’t pretty. My head throbbed like a pair of bongos played by some out of tune Mynci and to make things worse I couldn’t move my arms and legs.

Or was it because I was tied up? Yes, that’s a rope all right, I decided after a quick examination. Jigging my paws only made the knots tighter so I gave up and started taking note of my surroundings. As my head cleared I began to notice things around me. It wasn’t night after all. The dark belly of a cave, no doubt the same cave I saw on the way to the island, loomed all around me. Far to the left the red-tinged seas peeped in through the yawning cave mouth.

And when I looked to the right I couldn’t help but let out a gasp. Lying against a rock beside me, bound just like I was, was a shadow Lenny, seemingly unconscious. The thing that caught my eye however were the gold tipped feathers stuck out at odd angles between the bindings.

"The Lenny?" I said aloud, trying to wiggle myself into a sitting position. "But how --?"

"Simple. The hero stuck his beak in where it didn't belong so Madam asked me to take care of him, mate."

I looked past the prone Lenny to the source of the voice and saw a Cybunny leaning against the slimy cave wall, nonchalantly examining himself in a hand mirror. But it wasn’t Elywyn, it couldn’t be. The Cybunny before me was well-groomed and meticulously dressed in crisp trenchcoat and matching fedora. My eyes narrowed. There was something about him that seemed awfully familiar. "Who are you?"

The Cybunny put down his mirror and mimed a pained face. "I'm hurt, mate, hurt you don't remember me. Of course, you couldn’t spot me even if I had yellow teeth and rags, eh guvna'?"

That voice. I cursed myself for not noticing it sooner. I shot the Cybunny an acid glare.

"Hello cousin ..."

Author: scarrift
Date: Feb 16th
"Oh so you haven't forgotten," Jebril said with a laugh. I'd forgotten how annoying his laugh is; the evil laugh he used to practice for hours on end when we were young. Even before we had our falling out, he wanted to be a famous villian. Now it seemed he was finally going to achieve his goal.

"Are you surprised to see me, cuz'?" he asked, "Did you think ol' Jebril was gone for good?" That laugh again. "But I told you I'd be back, didn't I? Did you think you'd gotten rid of me for good?"

"Now wait a minute..." This guy sure could hold a grudge, but of course I knew that already. What I didn't know was how any of this related to my case. I had a feeling I'd better find out quickly.

"Wait a minute?" Jebril snickered, and I recalled that his natural laugh was even worse than his invented one, "Did you 'wait a minute' when you sent me to jail? I don't think so, Dirk."

Ok, now is probably where I should explain who Jebril is and how he got this grudge against me. Unfortunately, two far more important things happened at just that moment that prevented me from reflecting on the past.

The first one was that Jebril pulled out a wicked looking knife.

The second was that the Lenny leapt to his feet and pulled a knife of his own from between his feathers.

Before I could grasp what had just happened, the mysterious Lenny had put himself between me and my cousin.

"Get out of here." he said calmly, "Get back to the Furlong house as fast as you can. I'll hold him off."

"Wha--" This was a bit over my head. First my prodigal cousin shows up and now my prime suspect turns out to be my savior. I wasn't sure what to do.

"This was a set up; you've got to stop her!" The Lenny kept his eyes glued on Jebril as he slowly backed up, pushing me along with him, "She's planning on using the Aisha Myriad!"

"I don't... who is?" I know, I know; I'm hardly the rarest Negg in the pile, but this was a complete surprise for me.

"Who do you think? The Lenny snapped back, "Sylvia Furlong -- the one who gave you this case! Haven't you figured out anything?"

"Well..." So maybe I wasn't at my peak performance right now.

"Just get out of here," The Lenny said angrily, "I don't have time to explain things to you. Get to the house and see if you can be of any use. I just hope you can get there in time..."

Author: hideyho987
Date: Feb 17th
...“There’s no need.” There was a hush as Sylvia stepped out of the shadows, still looking every bit as composed and classy as when I had first met her. “Hello, Dirk.”

“Miss Furlong,” I said coolly, hiding my shock.

“It’s really a pity we had to meet like this again. Justice-seekers like you have a knack to get dragged into these things.”

“What can I say. The straight road is the narrowest one.”

“And that road allowed you to serve us two purposes, Mr. Gallant,” the Aisha said calmly. “I needed a pet of your instincts to search him down for me,” here she nodded to the Lenny, “so Jebril here could just follow you and get you both out of my hair. And it just so happened that Jebril coincidentally held a grudge against someone who’d be perfect for the job.”

“You tried to frame me!” the Lenny said angrily. “I’ve always been onto you, Sylvia. There few in the world who could keep the Myriad without being tempted to use it. You’re just as weak as the rest.”

“Or perhaps I know better,” Sylvia said. “Don’t you ever get tired of playing such a hero?”

“Don’t you ever get tired of doing a spoiled heiress’s dirty work?” I spat at Jebril.

He gave me a wide grin. “You never knew when to pick your battles, Dirk, even when we were young. Guess that’s why you’re a private eye. You all think you could take on anything.”

“It’s been lovely, gentlemen,” Sylvia said, inclining her head haughtily, “but I’m afraid we must be going.” And she began to slip into the shadows.

That’s when I saw an opportunity. A foolish one, true, but I was backed against a wall. I could see a momentary glimpse of silver in the direction Sylvia was headed -- the Myriad. With a cry, I sprinted past her, and as Jebril whirled around to get me, the Lenny jumped on him from behind and the two engaged in a wrestling match. I barely had time to push the shocked Aisha aside before I landed on the Myriad and slammed my paws down on it.

For a second, nothing happened.

Then the cave began to rumble.

Rocks began to crash to the ground, as the silver Myriad trembled furiously from its spot. Survival instinct kicked in, and the four of us shoved each other aside as we scrambled out. Once out on the stormy beach, we turned, gasping for breath, as we watched the cave slowly collapse upon itself with a mighty roar.

The first to speak was the Lenny. "That was some risk you took there, buddy. Could've blown up all of Neopia. Luckily, it was just a cave."

Sylvia gasped in the ensuing silence. Then she shrieked. “The Myriad! No!” She began to scramble back towards the ruins, but the Lenny stopped her with a strong, gold-tipped wing. He gestured toward Jebril, who was now seething against a Mynci and a Bori that had appeared, and held her arms tightly. “It’s gone, Miss Furlong. I, Chief Inspector Havert, arrest you in the name of Queen Fyora, for attempting to use the Myriad for harm...”

* * * * *

I sat morosely in my office, staring at the gold medal of bravery Havert had later presented to me.

I wish he had given me Neopoints instead.

Ah well, life was that. At least I had gotten a good exciting case under my belt. Couldn’t say when the next one would be. With that, I flipped the medal into my pocket with a wan smile, put on my hat, and headed out the door.

Perhaps a glass of islandberry juice would do me good.

The End

Author: the_indefatigable
Date: Feb 17th

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