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How To Draw: Yooyu
No Altador Cup would be complete without the participation of those skilled little Petpets known as Yooyus. Now you can create your very own Yooyu drawing in a few simple steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Begin with a large rounded shape, which will contain the Yooyu's facial features and torso.

Next, once you've cleared away the parts of the circular shape you don't need, draw two sets of fin-like shapes, which will serve as the Yooyu's arms and legs.

At this point, erase any additional lines you might not need and then draw in the Yooyu's ears and tail.

It's time to start filling in the Yooyu's facial features. Draw and fill in a pair of almond-shaped eyes, as well as the Yooyu's smile. Since the Yooyu is turned with its left side toward you, the Yooyu's left eye (on your right side) should be much larger than the right eye (which is on your left). Next, draw a wedge shape on the Yooyu's right arm (on your left), so that we see how the arm is curled in by showing its outer surface. Lastly, draw a line down the middle of the Yooyu's tail, which will serve as the border between the Yooyu's interior and exterior skin layers.


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