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A Teemyte
No matter what you do, this Petpet always looks sad... but that doesn't mean it doesn't like having its portrait drawn! Now you can create your very own picture of a Teemyte in just eight easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a large rounded shape for the Teemyte's head. Be sure to lightly sketch some crossed guidelines to help with drawing the Teemyte's facial features.

Draw the Teemyte's antennae on top of its head.

It's now time to start working on the Teemyte's face. Using the lines you sketched earlier, draw the Teemyte's huge, sad eyes. Add some curved lines inside of the eye shapes for the Teemyte's pupils and irises (the coloured part of its eyes). Then, make the Teemyte's sad, pouting mouth. Finally, draw some lines on the Teemyte's antennae.

Erase any extra lines you may have. Then, draw a short arm on either side of the Teemyte's head. Include the Teemyte's small, three-fingered hands at the end of its arms.


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