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A Sklyde
Now you can draw this poor bony Petpet from the Haunted Woods in just 10 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the Sklyde's head. Next, make a long, wavy line that connects to the top right side of the circle. This line will be the Sklyde's spine and tail.

Now, draw another long, wavy line that starts at the bottom right side of the circle. This line will complete the Sklyde's tail and body.

Let's start working on your Sklyde's legs. To make its right foreleg (which will be on your left), draw a pair of lines coming out from the bottom of the head circle. Then, make a foot shape at the end of the lines. The Sklyde's left foreleg (the one on your right) will be more complex, since more of it is showing. Start by making a leaf-like shape that slightly overlaps the Sklyde's body. Then, make a small circle slightly below and to the right of the leaf shape for the Sklyde's leg joint. Below the joint, draw a foot shape. Finally, connect the leaf shape, the joint, and the foot shape with pairs of short lines.

The Sklyde's back legs are larger than its forelegs, so they will be more complicated. To create its left back leg (the one on your right), make a small circle underneath the back of the Sklyde's body for its knee. Then, draw another, smaller circle to the right and slightly above the other circle. Beneath both circles, make a large foot shape. To complete the leg, connect the two circles and the foot shape to the Sklyde's body with more pairs of short lines. The Sklyde's back right leg is barely visible, so just draw a large foot shape underneath its body and the hint of a leg behind its left foreleg.


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