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A Puppyblew
This precocious puppy will fetch anything that is thrown for it, so why not include a flying disc when you make your very own Puppyblew drawing?

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a large circle for the Puppyblew's head.

On the bottom edge of the circle, make a small jellybean-like shape for the Puppyblew's body.

It's now time to draw the Puppyblew's legs. Draw its two front legs, and then, on the back half of its body, make two ovals for the Puppyblew's back leg and haunch. Its other back leg won't be visible, because the Puppyblew is turned.

Make a small, flat oval along the bottom of the head shape for the Puppyblew's snout. Next, add an ear to either side of its head.


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