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The Gruslen
The Gruslen may appear to be cute and harmless but if you anger them you could be in for a visit to the Neopian Hospital.

Click here for a printable version.

Draw a little nose shape at the end of your Gruslen's muzzle and then add in the eye. Gruslens do have two eyes, but you can only really see one in this view.

Now draw two tusks, one either side of your Gruslen's face. Next draw on your Gruslen's bushy tail.

In this step you will need to draw on the Gruslen's markings. They don't need to be exactly the same as these, as long as the pattern is similar.

Draw a small line down each paw to create toes and draw around your Gruslen's tail with a jagged line to make it look bushier. Inside the ear closest to you draw a small line.