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Torakor the Grarrl Gladiator
This mighty Grarrl is one of Altador's Twelve Heroes, known as the Gladiator for his exploits in battle. Though Torakor is a brave, implacable warrior, he is proof that physical strength must be matched by one's strength of character in order to be truly great. Why not honour this courageous Grarrl by drawing your very own portrait of him?

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the Grarrl's head. Then, make an upside-down "T" shape underneath the head circle

Now, on the upper left side of the "T" shape, draw a line for Torakor's right forearm and then a long curved line for the shape of his shoulders. Then, on either side of the horizontal part of the "T" shape, draw the Grarrl's legs. Finally, make another long curving line above his legs. This will become his tail.

Next, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the head circle to help you place the Grarrl's facial features later on. Then, draw his large shield and sketch in the shapes of his left hand (which is on your right) and his feet.

It's now time to begin working on Torakor's head. Give his head a bit more shape, and add the crest of his helmet on top. Also, draw two small oval shapes on his face for his brow ridges. Next, fill out the Grarrl's mighty tail and divide his left hand and his feet into separate claws.