How to draw Captain Scarblade : Printable Version

The first step is to draw a small circle for his head. After you do that draw a rounded triangle for his body.

Now we will make him look a bit more like a pirate. Draw arms and circles for his hands. Now draw some lines down from the body to make his legs. Next draw a line and a half circle on his head for a hat. Give him a neck.

In this part you are going to add some details. Add a tall brim to his hat and some ties from his scarf. Now add some definition to his face by giving him a muzzle. Add a collar and a belt to his clothes. Now make one of his hands a fist.

Next finish adding a few more details to his hat. Give him a nose and a mouth on his muzzle. Now add some frills to his neck area. Next draw a couple of swords in his hands.

Now we are going to add a skull to his hat and give him an eye. After you are done drawing those, draw a couple of buckles on his body with belts. To make his weapons look a little more fierce try adding some chips and some swirls.

With this step we are going to give his clothes and face more details. Give him buttons, a mustache, and two sword scabards. Now to make his sword look a little bit more like a pirate sword add a skull and crossbone to both sides.

Now it is time to add a few more details including his scar, and a few lines to his clothes to make them look more realistic.

Now clean up any lines that aren't quite rights and you are done drawing Captain Scarblade!

If you want your Captain to look really mean try colouring him in with menacing colours.