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The Mouldy Potato
Okay, so... I picked something a bit more difficult than last time. I have totally been practising my art skills for, like, the past two days in preparation so I'm pretty sure I can do it. *fingers crossed*

Click here for a printable version.

First, draw the outside bit of the potato. It's shaped kinda funny but not at all like the Pet Rock. Two completely different things!

And look! I didn't have to erase this time because I'm pretty good at this now. :D

Next are the lumpy things. I don't know what those are but they're there so we have to draw them. You'll probably be tempted to draw extra lumpies. Don't! Believe me; it's not worth the risk.

That's all the drawing there is! Cool, right? Stare at your masterpiece for a bit and perhaps show your friends and family how awesome it is. That's what I did.

The face is there just to show how to stare at it. You can draw it if you want, but then you should erase it since it's not part of the potato. *nod*

Colouring time! So again, we start with the shading. I learned some advanced techniques from an intern. You just make lots of circles for those freckle things. ^_^