Lilian Fairweather
The daughter of Professor Fairweather, Lilian is an accomplished scientist in her own right, who played a vital role in the exploration of the mysterious isle. Now you can draw your very own picture of this adventurous scholar by following these 11 simple steps!

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Start by drawing a circle for Lilian's head. Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the circle; these lines will help you later on when you're drawing her face. Next, make a long line (in the shape of a curvy "L") that starts at the bottom of her head.

Directly below Lilian's head, draw a large oval on the curvy line that you made in the last step. This oval will be Lilian's upper body. Now, make a smaller, wider oval beneath the large one.

Connect the two ovals you drew in the last step with a pair of short lines. Then, it's time to start working on Lilian's arms and legs. Draw two lines extending from each oval body shape. The lines connected to the lower shape should be longer, since they will form Lilian's legs. Additionally, the lines that will become her left arm and leg (the ones on your right) should be more curved.

Using the lines you made in the last step as guides, draw Lilian's arms and legs. Be sure to add her hands and a bit of furry texture to her arms. Her left hand, which is on your right, is curled into a fist.