Lady Frostbite
This arrogant blue Krawk rules the Darblats on an icy retreat south of Krawk Island. She's recently been causing trouble for the Defenders of Neopia with her frost magic and plans for global domination. Now, you can draw this chilly villain in just 12 easy steps!

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Start by drawing a circle for Lady Frostbite's head. Then, make a long, curving line that comes out of the bottom of the head circle. This line will serve as a guide when you're drawing the Krawk's body.

On the lower right side of the head shape, draw a small oval. This will be the end of Lady Frostbite's snout. Next, on the guide line you made earlier, draw a larger oval just below the Krawk's head for her upper body. Finally, draw another oval farther down on the guide line for Lady Frostbite's lower torso.

Now that you have the body shapes in place, you can erase the guide line. Next, connect the end of the Krawk's snout to her head shape with a pair of short lines. Then, draw a line coming from the left side of the upper body oval for Lady Frostbite's right arm (which is on your left). At this point, make another, shorter line coming from the oval you made for her snout. This will be her left arm, which is raised. Place a small circle on the end of her arms for her hands. Finally, draw two long, curved lines that begin at her lower body for her legs and add a flat oval to the ends of them to make her feet.

Next, connect the upper and lower parts of Lady Frostbite's body with a pair of short lines. Then, using the lines you made in the last step, draw the Krawk's legs and feet. Be sure to give her three claws on each foot.