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King Kelpbeard
This steadfast and stubborn Koi has ruled over Maraqua for many years and was responsible for rebuilding the city after its destruction. He also led the armies of Maraqua into battle again when the kingdom was attacked by Captain Scarblade. Now you can draw your very own portrait of this wise and noble Koi!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making a slightly flattened circle for the King's head. Next, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on it to serve as a guide when you draw his face. Then, make a large oval for Kelpbeard's body. Finally, add the King's tail to the back of his body shape.

Now, draw the King's arms. His right arm (which is on your left) is bent, and he's going to be holding his trident in his left hand (on your right), so his left arm should be raised. Lastly, add his fist to his left arm.

It's now time to give Kelpbeard his royal attire. Begin by drawing his crown on top of his head, and then start working on his robes. Be sure to give them plenty of thick fur trim. Finally, add his tail fin to the end of his tail.

Use the guide lines you made in the first step to draw the King's eyes. Next, begin adding some small fins to Kelpbeard's head. Then, put his trident in his left hand (which is on your right) and draw his right flipper (on your left) coming out of the sleeve of his robe.