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Though this Gelert thief deceived Hannah, he eventually regained her trust by helping to cure the Usul after she was cursed. Kanrik is now the leader of the Thieves Guild, due to his defeat of the evil Galem Darkhand. Now you can draw your very own portrait of this brave (if somewhat underhanded) Gelert!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for Kanrik's head. Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on it to help you draw his face later on. Then, make two large shapes for his upper and lower body. Draw a line on the shape you made for his lower body to form his legs, and then connect his head and body shapes with short lines.

Next, begin drawing Kanrik's arms. Start with two circles on the upper body shape for his shoulders. Then, make two smaller circles for his elbows. Finally, add a circle for his right hand (which is on your left) and an oval for his left hand, and then connect his shoulders, elbows, and hands with short lines. As you're doing this, keep in mind that Kanrik's right arm (on your left) is bent and his hand is raised.

It's now time to add Kanrik's long Gelert ears and tail to your drawing.

Begin to make Kanrik's clothing by adding his belt to his waist and across his chest.