The Gothic Usuki
This Usuki doll has a unique Gothic style! Now you can draw your very own portrait of this brand-new Usuki in just eight easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the Usuki's head and a large oval beneath it for the doll's body. Then, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the head circle, which will help you when you draw the Usuki's face.

Next, make a round shape around the bottom of the Usuki's head for her furry ruff of hair. Then, draw two small rounded shapes at the bottom of the Usuki's body for her feet.

It's now time to make the Usuki's large, fluffy tail.

Add the Usuki's long, pointed ears to the top of her head, and then draw her short arms on the body shape. Her left arm (which is on your right) will be only partly visible because she is turned.