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The Ghost Lupe
This Lupe is a restless ghost who haunts Mystery Island, seeking revenge. Now you can draw this enigmatic wayward spirit in twelve easy steps.

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the Ghost Lupe's head. Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the circle to help you draw his facial features later on. Then, make a large, tilted oval beneath and to the left of the circle for the Ghost Lupe's body.

Next, slightly extend the oval to form the back of the Ghost Lupe's body.

Erase your extra lines. Then, draw the Ghost Lupe's front legs by making two pairs of parallel lines that come from the front of his body shape. The Ghost Lupe's left foreleg (which is on your right) is raised a little and bent. Add small ovals to the end of each of his legs for his paws.

Finish drawing the Ghost Lupe's limbs by making his right back leg (on your left). To do this, make a rounded cone shape just below the back part of his body. To make his foot, add a slightly flattened oval to the end of the cone shape. The Ghost Lupe's left back leg is mostly hidden by his front legs, so you'll only need to make a few tiny indications to show that it is there.