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Once a handsome Gelert, Bruno was twisted and mutated by the potion he bought from the evil Mr. Krawley. Though he now bears a monstrous form, Bruno still has a good heart and helped his sister Sophie save the citizens of Neovia. Now, you can draw a portrait of Bruno in just twelve easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a large circle for the upper part of Bruno's body. Then, make two much smaller ovals for his head and lower body. The head oval should overlap the large circle a bit, while the body oval should be below the large circle. Next, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the head oval; these will help you later on when you're drawing Bruno's face. Finally, make a line between Bruno's upper body and his lower body. This line will act as a guideline when you construct Bruno's body.

Create Bruno's collar by making a crescent moon shape along the top edge of the head oval. Then, on the bottom of the head oval, draw Bruno's snout.

Erase your extra lines. Next, draw the short sleeves of Bruno's shirt. His right sleeve (which is on your left) will be partly hidden by his head. Then, connect Bruno's upper body to his lower body with two lines.

It's now time to start working on Bruno's huge, muscular forearms. To do this, make two large rounded diamond shapes beneath his sleeves for his hands, and then add a curved crescent moon shape to the top of both of them for his forearms.