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Princess Amira
Follow these twelve easy steps to create your very own drawing of Sakhmet's beautiful and headstrong Princess Amira.

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a wide, oval-like shape for Amira's head. Next, sketch a pair of crossed lines in the center of the head shape, which will help you to place her facial features later on. Add two pointy ears to the top of Amira's head, and then create her neck by drawing a pair of slightly curved lines on the bottom of her head.

Next, draw Amira's shoulders, chest, and arms. Her shoulders are a little hunched, and her arms should be crossed over her chest. Also, make a curved line that runs between her shoulders, just below her neck, to create the neckline of her dress.

Now, give Amira some long Aisha ears. Draw a slightly curved line across her forehead for her fringe, and then make a few long, flowing lines that start at her head to form her veil and hair.

Amira's face needs a bit of detail, so give her two almond-shaped eyes and a mouth. Remember that her right eye (the one on your left) will be smaller than the other, because her head is turned. Next, add some texture to her fringe. To finish her ears, draw another, smaller, pointy ear shape inside the ears that you drew in the first step. Finally, on Amira's longer set of ears, add some ornamentation by making a long tube and a small ring on each ear.