How to draw a Techo : Printable Version

Begin by drawing two circular shapes, one above the other. Then join them together with two curved lines. You have just drawn your Techo's body.

Now give the head more shape by drawing a curved triangular shape off the top circle. Then join this curve to the body with a little line, like so.

Draw a curved line running through your Techo's body to create the belly. On either side of the bottom circle draw two leg shapes.

Then add you Techo's feet (these can be a bit tricky, so try to copy this drawing as closely as possible). Lastly draw a wiggly tail coming up from your Techo's bottom.

Your Techo is beginning to take shape. In this step you need to draw on the two arms, one on either side of the body.

Techos have almost almond shaped eyes that bulge outwards slightly. First draw the slight bulges on either side of the head, then draw on your basic eye shape. You should be left with something very similar to this.

Draw a small pupil inside each eye and add a few spotted markings on the head. Add fingers to your Techos hands (you will only be able to see two fingers on each in this pose. Finally draw a small swirl on each knee and elbow to form a wrinkle.

Simply erase all your extra lines and your Techo is now complete. If it didn't turn oout right the first time, try again as it really does get easier with a little practice.

If you want to give your Techo a really finished look, try adding some colour or shading.