Neopets - How to draw a Gnorbu

How to draw a Gnorbu : Printable Version

Start by drawing a medium-sized circle for the Gnorbu's head. Then, slightly below the head circle, make a large rounded shape (kind of like a giant lima bean) for its body.

Using two short lines, connect the head circle to the body shape. Next, draw the Gnorbu's snout on the front of its head. Finally, add four short legs to the bottom of its body shape. Since your Gnorbu is turned to one side, two of its legs will be partially hidden.

It's now time to give your Gnorbu drawing some details! Add the Gnorbu's floppy ears to the top of its head and place its fluffy tail on the back of its body shape. Draw a nose at the front of the Gnorbu's snout and make two curved lines above the snout for the Gnorbu's brow ridges. Lastly, draw a long curved line on the Gnorbu's body shape for its rounded tummy and include a bit of furry texture behind its front leg.

Let's add some more detail to the Gnorbu's face. First, draw the Gnorbu's right eye (which is on your left side) under the brow ridge you made in the last step. The Gnorbu's other eye is hidden from sight because the Gnorbu is turned. Finish the Gnorbu's snout by adding a mouth beneath its nose. Next, make some curvy lines in the Gnorbu's ears and give it a large, fluffy mane.

Give your drawing that special Gnorbu touch by including the markings on your Gnorbu's hind and a friendly smile on its mouth. Then, draw two curved lines inside the eye shape to form the Gnorbu's pupil and iris (the coloured part of the eye). Finally, give the mane of your Gnorbu some more hairy texture.

Erase your extra lines and fill in the Gnorbu's pupil. Your drawing is almost complete!

Add some colour to your drawing using anything you'd like, from crayons to a computer program. Be sure to give your picture plenty of shading to make it look very realistic.