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Frequently Asked Questions

Altador Cup Staff Tournament FAQ

1) Do I have to be logged in to participate in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament?

Yes, in order for your selections in each round to be saved to our database, you must be logged in to the site.

2) Do I have to choose a new team every round?

Nope! When a new round starts, you'll be able to choose between changing your team and keeping the one you already have. To keep your current team, just click the "Keep Team" button.

3) Do I have to play in the Altador Cup Tournament in order to participate in the Staff Tournament?

Nope, you can choose to only participate in the Staff Tournament if you'd like. However, you may be missing out on cool prizes, and you'll definitely make us cry if you don't play the Altador Cup.

4) Do I have to select a full team of staff members every time?

Yes. You must choose two Forwards, two Defenders, and one Goalie for each round.

5) How are Staff Tournament winners determined?

Every round, each staff member will spend 30 minutes playing the four Altador Cup games. Their wins will be calculated based on how many points they score in those games.

6) I chose my team, but when I went back to the Staff Tournament page, they were gone. What happened?

Be sure to click the "Change Team" button after making your selections, otherwise your choices won't be saved to our database.
7) I went to the Staff Tournament page, but I can't make any changes to my team.

The deadline for making changes to your team may have passed. You can only make new selections until the end of the round.

8) What will the prizes be?

You'll receive Neopoint prizes each week for participating in the Staff Tournament, and at the end of the Altador Cup, the Staff Tournament Prize Shop will open, where you can exchange prize shop points for prizes.

9) When will the Staff Tournament Prize Shop open?

The Staff Tournament Prize Shop will open on Saturday, July 1st, after all of the results have been tallied.

10) What is the 'Star Player'?

In each round, one staffer will be nominated the Star Player for that round. The criteria for this selection may vary each time - it could be the top scorer one round, attitude the next round and consistency the round after that. You job is to guess the Star Player for each round. You may need to change your lineup in order to make the right guess. The Star Player will be announced along with the scores for each round. If you had guessed correctly, you will get a bonus prize for that round.

11) How much time do I have to select my team for each round?

For the first round of the tournament you'll be able to select your team and make changes until 23:59:59 NST on 12th June. The results of the first round will be announced on same time. We will share schedule for next rounds shortly.

12) When does the Altador Cup Staff Tournament take place?

The Altador Cup Staff Tournament will begin on June 8th 10 AM NST. We will announce the schedule for event shortly.