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All the Petpets

Here is a list of (nearly) all the Petpets your Neopet can adopt! Petpets are usually very expensive... but worth it! If you have a Petpet, they may also help you out in a Battledome fight! The RARE Petpets are not listed here.

A Whoot is a wise bird that will perch on your Neopets shoulder.  It has the uncanny ability to know when the Pant Devil is around...
Tigermice like taunting Neopets, pulling ears, and biting tails - so beware!
A Noil is a fluffy, bouncy companion who will follow your Neopet where he or she goes.
Felly floats in mid-air, and will follow your Neopet wherever he or she may go.
The Triffin is a very, very rare pet indeed. It can see things that nobody else can by using its magical third eye.
The Hornsby is a cross between two other species, we arent sure which.  They are sad, and prefer to be alone.
Carmas can catch food for your Neopet with their sticky tongue.  Whether your Neopet wants to eat it is another question.
A cute mongrel that delights in finding small treats for your Neopet!
This flightless Petpet is not very fond of the Ownow, but is very sweet and gentle.
This cheerful soul can use his large ears to float down from high places.
The Beekadoodle loves to fly around at speeds faster than any other pet around. It sings beautiful songs all day long.
Kookith are rectangular in shape, but very loyal, and very very cute.
Curious, mischievious and extremely fast, Babycas can be quite a handful to look after.
This little creature is known for the blat like sound that it makes when it is happy.
The Petpet you will never lose in the dark!