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All the Petpets

Here is a list of (nearly) all the Petpets your Neopet can adopt! Petpets are usually very expensive... but worth it! If you have a Petpet, they may also help you out in a Battledome fight! The RARE Petpets are not listed here.

A fiery, fun friend for your Neopet.
Werhonds are aggressive Petpets, known for their powerful bite.
Incredibly nervous and super fast, your pet needs to really look after their Batterfly or it will simply fly away!
Schnelly may be cross-eyed, but shes not making faces at you! She loves to be held and will want nothing more than to curl up in your Neopets arms all day!
Its sticky and slimy and wants to be your pal!
Green Tentacle
There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes...
Mee-meep, take me home, I will be the perfect pal for your Neopet
Flouds just float around until they bump into something interesting.  Never feed them carrots.
Harris make very affectionate Petpets, providing you can stop them climbing the trees in the Faerie Queens garden.
This little pet pet wont stop shrieking until you feed it.  It can get very annoying at times.
Its older brothers Cumulo and Nimbus abandoned it as a child, so now its up to your Neopet to look after it!
Miamice hop along the clouds in Faerieland, but they secretly want to be adopted and loved!
Legend has it that a band of evil Korbats were transformed into mindless Barbats under a wicked curse.
A Pikis is a tiny floating bear who can show its emotion on its chest.  If it is happy then you can see a big red heart!
A chubby, cuddly ball of love that would make the perfect play mate for your Neopet.